Are You Looking To Meet A Dom

Your a new Submissive or Slave a you recently became interested in the BDSM lifestyle. You have done your research , you have read blogs, been in chat rooms and stil no luck.

Fetlife can be an awesome site. You can learn a lot from the different groups, tons of information made available to you for no cost, unless you want to Donate so you can watch video’s

Then comes at one time Alt was a very good site to meet singles. That was before computers became so popular, I am going back some ten years. Now the site consist of mainly spam, and those Doms who are lurking in the dark for their next victim.

Then the one that is used the most today is Mostly spam I have seen men spend a lot of money , sending money to females they have never met for a ticket so they can come and live as a Slave. Willing to do what ever they want a no limits Slave, and these dudes fall for it. They never even get to speak to there new Slave. and they never show up.

If every Dom was real you met on collarme or ALT there would not be any single Slaves. What need would there be for these sites to stay in business.

Unfortunately there are not very many who are true to the lifestyle. They see women who are submissive as a weak target, being needy, and yes an easy Lay.

Most not all but most who are submissive or a slave come with some emotional problems, some baggage , which can really be pretty minor under the right Dom. Note I did not say all had emotional problems.

Those who do a man picks up quick on what you share with him, and he will play on your emotions , and most of the time you will fall for his game. Playing a game can be fun if you know the rules. If you do not know the rules your going to lose every time.

Fetlife can be a place to meet a Dominant but you do not try to meet scanning through profiles. You never want to be the first one to make contact.

Fetlife is huge it covers the world, it covers the US, it covers each state even the state you live in and chances are either your city or a city close to you.

This is when you start going through Submissive profiles, Slave profiles even better those who are already in established relationships. These are the ones you want to befriend.  Most you will meet chances are will already be active in the local community, that is step two.

Once you have made several friends you begin to communicate asking questions, you can never ask enough and the only dumb question asked is the one you don’t ask .

I can almost guarantee they will know another Dom or their will know someone who is single. This is how you weed out all the bad. Don’t get me wrong every Dominant you meet on Collarme is not fake but the majority falls under that fake mode.

Being introduced by someone already in the lifestyle takes out a lot of the negative. He is already known, and you will be told who to stay away from and who is safe. Meeting someone off of ALT or Collarme you have no idea about the Dom except what he has told you.

Now comes the time to put your big girl dress on, and hit up a few munchs. They will welcome you with open arms, you will feel like family, and they will treat you like family most of all they will respect you. Again you have already met a Submissive who is active in the local community chances are you would meet them there or they could even pick you up.

You stay at the Submissive’s side and she will take care of you as well as her Dom. They would not let any harm come to you.

Okay this seems like a lot of work, it seems like hours and hours of searching, but if you add up all the dates you have been on, the time spent chatting, and talking on the phone. You would not spend near as much time making friends with other Subs and Slaves.

Your one goal is to find the one. Why would you not go the extra mile? Why would you not put time and effort in your search.

A Munch is a gathering of like minded people. Most are held in a public setting, like restaurants. No sex, no nudity. Some do have play parties after, but that does not mean you have to take part. The key is to always be safe and aware of your surroundings.

Take your time and you will find the one.



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