Erotic Black and White

I have said before Pictures in Black and White tell so much more of a story. I love erotic photography . Dressed or nude Back and White truly brings out the picture.

Image Feed her and she will grow.

Image Just waiting for her next command, keep your word and the world is the limit.

Image Talk communication is the real key to a growing relationship

Image You must Discipline when needed say what you mean , mean what you say.

ImageIf you lead she will follow.

Image Again feed her, feed her your thoughts, your needs your wants. She will crave to please.

Image She will wait for you.

Image Guide her down the right path and she will forever be humble.


13 Responses to “Erotic Black and White”

  1. Black & white has something timeless that suits well for this kind of photography. Thank you for sharing.

  2. oceanswater Says:

    I absolutely love pics in black and white!!

  3. Wonderful words of wisdom to go with the beautiful images. Thank you!

  4. I have to ask. Why is it the women that are naked and why are the men usually clothed? Why do we hardly see the mens faces?

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