On Your Back Now And Spread

That is a lot of control those words On Your Back And Spread , just as On Your Knees Now. It is true not every man would even think of using those words.In fact not every woman would even get pleasure following those words. Most women in a vanilla relationship would tell their partner to fuck off.

I know I had a friend a couple of years ago we have since had a fallen out, I was invited over for dinner. I hated going over because of the cat smell. They had like nine cats and they used cedar shavings for litter, but she never cleaned the box. They also had several birds and the cages were just disgusting and she did not work. Anyway we were in the kitchen talking and he was telling me about the lack of sex , and I told him go in the living room tell her to get on her knees and suck your cock.

Wow her she comes running. What did you say? I said well you must of heard me or else you would not be in here. She said I do not do that. I said well that sucks that is what you are for, you don’t do anything else the lease you could do is blow him every now and then, if you did he wouldn’t be paying a hooker every week to blow him. OOpps I said to much the hooker part kinda slipped out, So I graciously made my exit I thought it would be best if just the two of them were alone.

Okay so she would not give head, strike one, strike two anal was off limits, and she had migraines almost daily, so poor fred was left to the lotion bottle and his hand. ahhh and the hooker he saw once a week. Really turning to a hooker for a little head.

I am not saying there is something wrong with that profession because there is not, we all do what we need to do in life and what we want. So I never look down on anyone. I am not just speaking of any hooker I am talking about a ten dollar hooker. If your going to do something like that pickup the yellow pages, use google, not someone looking for their next rock, who has not eaten in days or not even showered, that is just eewwww.

The thing is he knew this before they got married she did not give head , he knew the ass was off limits so he should man up and deal with it.

I would think having this much control over their partner would put them in a different state of mind.It would seem the respect level would go through the roof, just knowing that all you had to do as their Dominant or owner is snap your finger and it was done. .

I love standing up and pulling Arianna to the edge of the bed, she has these huge lips, and watching me slide in and out really gets me off, watching the lips fold in and out, pussy lips has always been a huge fetish of mine. Or have her get on top her back to me so I can spread her ass open and watch me slide in and out. The same with eating her out, I can feel my tongue slowly part the lips WOW.

When it comes to control its just not about sex, but having total control over someone. Now you really have to think before you act, because a wrong decision could be the fall of two and not just one, but knowing if you as the owner makes a mistake you are still supported, that my friend makes a huge difference.

I will admit that everyday is a new rush for me, I look forward to tomorrow already, our morning coffee together, our long talks. , her kneeling at the door when I arrive home and staying in that position until I say come here. We do have a very unique relationship, and it is one I wish everyone could experience on one level or another. . No arguing, no disagreements. Even when we talk things out and we may change our minds on something it is still not a disagreement.

Someone who is willing to just lay down and spread just so you can get off, and the submissive gets more pleasure knowing their owner has been pleased. There is no other feeling.



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  1. That sounds so good dreamy

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