I could Never Change

I am who I am , I am who and what I need to be. I have in the past tried to change, but it never works. I have been to a shrink trying to find out what makes me think the way I do, only to find out she had more problems than I thought I did.

I spent many years seeking acceptance from others, when in fact there was no need. It just hit me one day. Why do I really give a fuck as far as what others think about me. They do not put food on my table, pay my bills. Who are they to judge, most cannot even run their own home.

In most vanilla relationships men are cowards, they bow down in fear of not getting any pussy. A lot of women hold whats between their legs as a power move, like playing chess, the whole relationship is a game, and if you do not know the rules you the male will never win.

Most women are submissive, but the male is to dumb to see what he has, so he spends most of his time fighting and arguing trying to get his way.  If he really knew his partner and cared about her needs, and knew how to control his anger, life would be good. He is fighting a lost cause.

Dominants are different in most ways, some not so extreme, while others have kinks and fetishes that not many slaves can fill the need. On the other side some slaves have needs and fetishes that not many Doms can fill. That is why it is important to find the right one. Spend time communicating talking about your needs, and what you expect.

Because once in the relationship you the Dom cannot change up the rules. You have to stick to your word. Just as a slave or submissive is replaceable so are Dominants, but we take things for granted once we feel comfortable in the relationship. That is when we start to lose control, once the relationship starts to unwind you the dominant can almost never regain control. That is why it is very important to stay true to who and what we are.

Okay so over the years I have somewhat changed , from a Sadist who really had no limits at all, to more of a mild M’s relationship. You can be a Sadist and not be a Dominant, just as you can be a Masochist and not be a Slave.

The control factor is what I needed, I knew exactly what I wanted and needed and I stuck to my search. Because if you bend even just a little you will never be happy.

It took sometime for me to learn the difference between being in control and being controlling and yes there is a huge difference, being controlling is where the abuse factor comes in. Calling someone a stupid Bitch out of anger gets you nowhere fast. The words shut up should never come from a Doms mouth, nor calling someone stupid. That has never worked and it never will.

You get into arguments you scream and yell call your submissive everything in the book, then you want your cock sucked, really? Words cut deep, and almost never heal. You cannot abuse what you have and expect her to open her legs and enjoy it.

It is a very long process, at one time I had a very bad temper, and today it stands true I do have a very bad temper. The difference being Arianna has never seen it nor will she ever unless she is out with me and someone pisses me off.

You cannot go through life being someone your not, spending your whole life being unhappy in a relationship. The vanilla wife who craves to be face fucked, or just to have her ass taken , only because they do not have the communication, or her spouse is to close minded to except such behavior

You have to live your life the way you need to not want to, nor can you live your life trying to please others who are not waking up next to you, this includes family and friends.

Fuck what Others think.



3 Responses to “I could Never Change”

  1. Don’t ever change!!

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