A Slave Is High Maintenance

Have you ever owned a Porsche, or another exotic sports car, maybe a Hot rod. I have owned two a 1969 Cougar GT Eliminator, and a 1978 Camaro Z28 . My Cougar I was always under the hood adjusting the carburetors due to the weather changes, adjusting the Timing, the points I did everything myself because I wanted perfection. I loved being under the hood. 428 cubic inch’s with 335 horsepower.

Every Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn bucket in hand, wax and I would spend a half a day cleaner her up. I would take each tire off so I could clean and polish the mag wheels. Spent an hour just on the chrome. I was always doing something. The car was very high Maintenance.

Well a Slave is High Maintenance as well but in different ways. We have to keep a check on them. At times they do need a tuneup . We make sure the slave is always running perfect.

Just like our old cars we always listened to make sure it was running its best. The same should go with our slave.. If anything was to misfire we would stop and check what was wrong, again the same with our slave.

Our communication is the tuneup, keep them tuned up and they will run forever no questions asked.

The more we communicate with the more we pay attention to, you can actually feel the bond grow, and it will grow and grow, until the two of you are inseparable

Inseparable that is what I have always wanted. I would think most would want the same.

Okay maybe I had a fun analogy but I made my point.




16 Responses to “A Slave Is High Maintenance”

  1. I think I’m more of a ’61 Lincoln with suicide doors. Looks normal on the outside, but there are lots of surprises. 😀 Even though I’m actually a ’64. 🙂

  2. Love Classic cars, I miss my 1978 Cortina GE. 😦

  3. Good analogy. I remember when.

  4. People are high maintenance full stop… why should a slave be any different? There is a school of thought that says that the more attention, love and trust you lavish upon a person, the more you may receive in return… it’s worth a shot, right?

  5. Holy crap I have finally found a car junky ^_^ I grew up in Detroit, so every summer it was the Woodward ave car show with the Hot hot rods and at night it was the sweet rice burners 🙂 I’m glad arianna has a good Dom to know when to listen and take care of her 🙂

    • Yes I am a car Junkie I love old cars Arianna not so much. Next year I will be looking for an old car, I have pinned it down to several. A 1973 Toyota Celica GT.
      A 1977 carmaro Z28 , or a 73 Montego. I have not made up my mind as of yet, I am leaning towards the celica

      • Omg get the celica… My dad had one while I was growing up. We come from a line of street racers lol he ended up totalling it in a race one year :,'( (it was supposed to be mine) but it’s a beauty!!!!! Totally worth it and sooooo sexy to drive in

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