To All Dominants

I know at times it seems I am pretty hard on those in the lifestyle, mainly other Dominants . A dear friend pointed that out to me the other day.

The fact is there are many that I do respect , there are many who stand true to their word. There are many who truly care about their relationship.

But and there is always a but with me. There are a handful and there always will be a handful of who I will call total fakes. The predator , the abuser. This will never change.

When I come off kinda hard please do not think I am pointing the finger in one direction because I am not.

At one time I was the abuser, I stayed on the hunt, and only looking for those who were submissive, get my rocks off and hit the road. I would say I spent a good several years picking up and using and just tossing to the side. I did not care about their feelings, or needs they were there for one purpose. Sex and nothing more. I did not care about the after effects or what I did to them mentally or verbally.Once I learned the game and I only had to follow my rules, it was game on, my game, I did not have to share the rules, I got my way and that is all I cared about.

On any giving day I could hit the mall and just watch. Picking a submissive out of a crowd is like picking an orange our of a basket of apples, yes that easy. Walk up strike up a conversation and twenty minutes later we were in my car, and she was sucking my cock. I would blow my load open the passenger door and say thank you good bye.

There are a lot more real Dominants than there are fakes, but just the few that can turn your day into a total nightmare.

Most of these fake Dominants are those who are married. They will tell you their wife knows, they will tell you their wife says it is okay because they are not into the kink, but they will never let you talk to their wife, nor will you ever know where they live or work. Or to you he may not be a fake, you may prefer those Dominants who are married, you may get off on just being an object, or you may prefer married men because there is no commitment , that can be a safety net for you.

What is it that makes a fake Dominant, well that is something you the submissive will have to determine , only you will know, only you will be able to tell. If you are new to the lifestyle it may take you longer to figure it out.

Only you knows what will make you happy, only you really knows what kind of relationship you need.

So it is not all Dominants I come down on. I am not perfect as much as I would like to think so, I am far from it. The one thing I have going for me, is I am able to be me. I do not have to live a double life, I do not have to sneak around behind my partners back. I do not have to worry about unwanted text or calls , nor do I have to worry about someone showing up at my house.


8 Responses to “To All Dominants”

  1. Rubber Bound Princess Says:

    well said. I tried posting something similar to this in Fetlife and was hounded with abuse. A true dominant has the subs interests at heart the whole time. Master.

    • I would be more than happy to post in the group you did. Thank you for doing that.
      You could clearly see who was real and who was not

      • Rubber Bound Princess Says:

        I was just trying to give some advice to a “Sub” who had been with 7 dominants in 3 months. I was just trying to say be careful as she didn’t really know the difference between a Sadist or a Master. I sometimes wonder if some people are clueless. You try and help people who are new to the scene and so called dominants hurl abuse at you. I would say that they were the predators !!!

      • Many new ones do not have a clue, and many get hurt physically and mentally.

        The truth is they very seldom listen. I have known women who have been raped more than once who still continue on a destructive path.

  2. littlebopeep12 Says:

    Well put. It is very freeing to simply be who you are within your relationship without the fear of being abandoned. That part took a long time. Relationships built on lies and secrets Will always fail. Thank you again.

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