What Can You Do For Me

You are in the process of taking the biggest step in your life. You are going to submit, you are going to give your body and mind. You are going to allow someone to tie you up and just use you. You are about to embark on a new travel, you are going to see what the other side of the world looks like in the world of BDSM.

Lets put several things aside for now, sex, sucking cock, bondage, all the kink and lets concentrate on six words and only six words. These words are very important.

What Can You Do For Me. These are words you should not be afraid to ask, those six words are probably the most important words you could ask.

As you ask you will see the jaw drop open, and a moment of complete silence, a look of disrespect because you have just called a Dom out.

If you met online most of the topic has been whether he wants you or not, are you worthy of being his submissive or slave, are you real, are you serious?

Most of you are to shy or scared to ask such a question, but this is clearly your right. After all chances are on the first meeting your going to let him take you to a motel room tie you up and just use you. You may like it or you may not but you will take what ever is giving.

I have got a lot of negative feed back about the waiting period, so I am going to skip that. Having a session on the first meeting is up to you. It is all based on choices and consequences nothing more.

What Can You Do For Me?I am not speaking financially, although it is good if he has some type of income coming in. What Can You Do For Me? I am speaking in terms of stability, comfort , structure , communication , the feeling of being safe, being number one, treated with full respect, respecting your limits. Being not afraid to speak your mind when things are going south.

What is your time limit when it comes to giving you a collar? What do I have to do to earn a collar? How many have you collared ? What happened to those relationships? Can I contact any of them?

Are you bringing any Drama to the table? Are you married ? Are there any problems with your Ex? Is there a reason why I would not be able to go out with you and your friends? Who do you know in the lifestyle? Can I meet them?

What makes you a Dominant ? Why do you want an M’s lifestyle? What would our everyday life consist of? What are your limits?  Do you have anger issues? if so why ? What do you consider abuse ?

The most important thing is to say what is on your mind instead of just thinking it, you have to get everything out in the open. Say what is on your mind right then. Because if you just sit there and agree with everything, then you have to face the consequences alone.

I come down hard on Married Dominants or those who think they are Dominant. Their wife wont suck cock or take it up the ass, so you are now the one who will fill his void. While you go home alone he will go home as if nothing happened, and crawl in bed with the wife he says he does not love. While you are at home alone he is banging his wife. You will spend your birthdays alone, you will not go on vacations. You will wait for days for that call, or text. If you do get a call it is for phone sex or he wants you to send pics or a video. Again consequences.

The married cheating Dominant cannot control or run his own home, you are filling that void, now he has someone he an use once or twice a month, and again he will crawl in bed with his wife and kiss her good night. You once again will go home alone and WAIT. That is what your suppose to do is just WAIT.

If your into married men and you do not mind the above then have at it.

If your not happy in a marriage get the fuck out, leave, kids or no kids. Take your loss, be who you are and who you want to be.

Okay enough on Married men who cannot control their home.

WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME, those are the words you should be thing and asking.


5 Responses to “What Can You Do For Me”

  1. Sir, I love what you are doing to help new subs/slaves. This advice, and much of what I’ve read from you in the past month comes down to respect. I think so many of these girls that go looking for this lifestyle don’t respect themselves, and what you tell them in each of these pieces is “YOU MUST respect yourself”. This was my favorite post so far, because, yes, it is the sub’s job to always please and submit to her Dom, but it is HIS job to take care of her. He will never respect her if she doesn’t respect herself.

    I may lurk in this community, admiring from afar what I may never have, but as I continue to build on my submission in the hopes of guiding my Husband to take up his Dominance, you help remind me of the most important part of this lifestyle: it’s still a relationship, and the most important part of ANY relationship is mutual respect. You have to communicate, you have to play your part, but if there is no respect, you will not navigate those things effectively.

    So, Thank You, Sir. What you do here is important.

    • Thank you for your kind words. If you have noticed Out of 266 or so followers only a small hand full are men maybe 3% the rest are women.

      Pussy is not in shortage, go to a bar pick someone up your both wanting the same thing do it and part ways.
      Dont lead someone down a false path of hope just to get your rocks off. 20 years ago I was guilty of the same, but today you see married men well into their 40’s and 50’s acting out.
      As a submissive or slave you always want to be number one.
      I wish you and your family a kick ass new year vile style.

  2. As always and excellent and insightful post.

  3. Ok, I’m coping and saving this for future reference. I have a feeling I don’t need your permission for that

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