Shut Up And Fuck Her

What is so special about the lifestyle is we are all different, we all come from different DNA, well unless your from West Virgina. Bad joke I know.Every Dominant is different we all have a different approach, we all act different, we train different, we have different needs, and wants. We come from different parts of the world, different cultures. We grew up with different back grounds. Most of all we look for different things when it comes to a slave or submissive.So what I am going to do is point out four other Dominant and you will clearly be able to see the difference, if your not already following them. We are all different in every sense. The way we speak, the way we put words down, and our thoughts on relationships are very different.I am sure our rules differ, our protocols differ. The thing is we are five Dominants and Masters who take the lifestyle very serious. Another thing is we are all in a relationship. Most are settled in and some are just getting to that point.If you submissive’s and Slaves would just pay attention and read. Reading is the easy part, taking it all in and putting it to good use is the hard part.Just as I was speaking last night at the MAST meeting. I am a Mother fucker to live with or so it would seem. I am strict, I do not give in I refuse to give in. If you can survive 90 days with me, you can live with any Dominant or Master. One or two things would happen. You would leave a new woman, a proud woman, a woman ready to face the world and find that special one, or it would BREAK you.Those words SHUT UP AND FUCK HER I mean that. a Happy Slave is a well used Slave, using all three holes. Spanking , tying up, probing holes with objects. In my eye a Slave has three pussy’s I am sure you guessed which holes. All holes and they are for my use when ever I have the want, no questions asked.The first is someone I have a great deal of respect for that would be Joseph McNamara, calm cool and collective, and he deeply cares for his submissive Gemini. He stands true to the lifestyle. His words are somewhat deep, but very structured. second would be southern Sir and he dear submissive Kayla, who at one time I was hoping her name was Traci, but it did not turn out that way. Southern Sir and I again are very different, we both have different styles, we train different, we treat ours much different, but in the end we want the same. That is for ours to succeed.Then we have Sir franco bolli Who is in a newly found relationship with his Princess. They are both seeking their way with each other but I am sure they will find a happy medium. Sir Bolli is more Sensitive than the other four of us, but that is in no way a bad thing. That just means he enjoys expressing his feelings and thoughts more. My hat goes off to both of them.Another I am getting to know is Check out his blog you will see the same he does seem very genuine and most sincere.Then comes okay I have added more than five. but I cannot forget about I believe he is called Mynx’s Sir on word press. The two are on a journey and have a long way to go, but with the path they are on they will be there in no time.I do not expect everyone to agree with me, if you did then something would be wrong, bad wrong. We are all different, all from different parts of the world, but the bottom line is we all want the same out of life.I do not envy those married men who spend their afternoon trying to warm up to their wife in hopes of getting a little at night. Or her causing an argument so she can avoid having sex. You men dug your own grave by cowering  down and giving in, your you no does mean no. The truth is if you would just man up, and take the lead things would be so much better Today I had Arianna in what I call a sexually broken position. Hand cuffs, ankle cuffs, ear plugs in. Blindfold, then I use clear body wrap to go over the mask to make sure she could not see. I placed her on the bed on her side. Rope around the back of her neck down to the ankle cuffs, pulled her legs into her stomach turned her around so her ass was hanging a little off of the bed. Lubed up the 4in butt plug slid it in and I just just back and looked. I looked at what I owned. I then walked up slid my cock in and fucked like it was New Years all over again. I used the flogger a little but I do need a better one. I also used a snake bite kit for the nipples, you leave them on for 10 minutes and they grow three times the normal size.Although sex is not the core of a BDSM relationship and it is just the tip of ours, even at 51 I love to fuck.We do have it made. href=””>Image




21 Responses to “Shut Up And Fuck Her”

  1. Mynx's Sir Says:

    You are a Man among Men Vile-

    I’m guessing you meant Mynx and I? And yes, a short distance on our journey (less than 2 years) and forever to go! As they used to say, “stay tuned sports fans, we’ll have new film at 11:00pm!” I think all of us remember that one, yes?

    Thanks for the nod Vile, much appreciated as are your excellent posts! Keep ’em ‘coming’…

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

  2. A very good post showing different Dominants with different behaviors but one common thread – they are all very committed to being the best Master they can be and for helping their sub/slave succeed.
    Sir Marcus (mastermsdg), my Master, is indeed very genuine and very sincere. We are learning this path together and relish every moment of it. Learning new things about ourselves and each other and every minute growing ever closer. It truly is a wonderful life and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
    You know from a submissive perspective I have to say – it’s easy being a fucktoy and giving it up whenever and however Master wants it, when He is doing His best to be a good Dominant in return. Actually, damn near makes a girl horny all the time….. 😉

  3. Sir, thank you for the mention.
    It is amazing to see how different each and everyone can be while walking this path.
    None are wrong, yet each works in their own way.

  4. Vile, as long as your body lets you, your NEVER TOO OLD for sex.
    I know a 68 year old that could give a few young ones a run for their money

  5. phoenixasubbie Says:

    I follow all of you, and yes the styles are different…. but you are correct, the overwhelming similarity is there in respect and love. All great examples for new Doms/Masters as well as submissives/slaves on how it can be.

  6. Thank You so much for the mention here Vile. 👍

    And Yes We are all different and I might add Human too with feelings and flavors often unique.

    And when you find that certain someone in this Life-Style we share that meets your ideals and yearnings, your partner will enhance your understanding and appreciation of each other and the wonderful, coveted Life-Style that drew you together in the first place. And from there, the Bonded Trust that equates this wonderful Life-Style will grow in Love and Devotion for and with each other… 🌟

  7. I clearly missed this post. I think very highly of you and thank you for the honor of being mentioned my friend.

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