The Slave

Sitting on the couch watching TV relaxing and your Slave is at your feet. The Slaves only concern is you their Master. Their mind is constantly churning on how or what they can do to please you.  Your life is drama free, no arguing, no fighting, no yelling at each other. You the Master are in your own little world.

The Slave is content when being used, the Slave feels needed when they are being used, and not just in a sexual manner , maybe being used is the wrong word ? I can say their main goal is to please. You have a partner for life as long as we stand and walk the path we promised.

We took a trip up to St Augustine yesterday to meet with another Dominant. Him and I seem to be on somewhat the same page as I am when it comes to an M’s relationship. He has wanted to pick out minds for sometime but with my work, I rarely have time to really get out anyplace.

We parked by the old fort and walked across the street to an Irish pub the setting was okay a little loud for my taste, the food was nothing to brag about but the company was good.

The Dominant we met who happens to be single as well I am guessing maybe mid 30’s is single for the same reason I was for so long. Neither of us would or will settle for less. When you settle for less it never works, it works for that moment and time.

Arianna had made the comment the other day , she said she wanted to feel more submissive. I said you are already there. She said why don’t I see it. Well you live it everyday, every hour, every minute. You have grown accustomed to my ways, you have adapted to my ways, you have adapted to my rules and protocols.

If the relationship is not kept in check the slave can get a vanilla feeling, this is something we all want to avoid. It could be a sign of losing control as well. As Dominants we tend to get to comfortable in a relationship, so it is very important to keep a close eye one what is going on.

You may love and care for but there has to be a fine line. I am speaking from experience from a past relationship. While in a relationship with a slave, I let my feelings get in the way, because I no longer punished her, nor did I enforce rules. In the end I was no longer the Dominant she had known, and I was no longer who she needed. Love or no love, when it comes to an M’s relationship we are talking a whole different ballgame.

The Dominant we met yesterday had brought up one word I had used at the MasT meeting and that was consistency , being consistent on a hourly basis, a daily basis, weekly,and monthly, meaning 24/7 . Once you put something in place you have to maintain what ever was put into place, rules , protocols, dress code, eating habits what ever it is, you have to remain consistent.

If you the Dominant or Master are in full control this is really no task, you are not adding anything extra to what you are trying to accomplish . All you have to do is keep an eye on your surroundings.

If a rules is broken or maybe a slip up on a certain protocol, it does not constitute punishment, we are human we do forget, shit happens, but then again we are visual. A rule is broken and the first thing we want to do is beat our property. Why ? Because we can, and I suppose you could get a high off of hit, or maybe it will make your chest look bigger. Why was the rule broken? Was it on purpose ? Did the slave really forget ? These are things you have to sit down and talk about before handing out any type of punishment.  Beating your slave is not always the answer, pain is not always the answer. Most of the time scolding like their a child is just as effective , or taking something away.

In the beginning of the M’s relationship you put rules in place. You limit the space where the slave can stand or sit. Up until recently Arianna had not been able to sit on the furniture. You take away everything that was available to them when they wanted it before the relationship. The only thing you cannot take away is family and friends. The slave must be able to have outside contact, but on a limited bases, until you have reached what I call a safe point within your M’s relationship 90 to 120 days.

Before either agree to such a relationship you both need to have a plan and questions. The Master or Owner. How far do you want to take your submission? How much control do you want to give up? How do you see yourself as a slave?

The Slave to Master or Owner. How are you going to take care of me ? Are you going to treat me fair ? Are you going to change your rules to fit your needs ? Are you going to be faithful ? Am I going to be the only one or will there be others ? If there are others how am I going to be number one? How will I get the attention I need ?

There are truly a thousand questions to be asked from both parties. These are questions that should be thought out before even meeting someone, and you should not be afraid to ask anything. After all you are about to put your life and body to someone.

If you do not get the answers your looking for simply get up and leave you owe no one anything. Do not agree to anything unless you feel 100% things can go your way, and your needs can be fulfilled , not your wants I could careless , your wants come later.

As Arianna was explaining her submission to the other Dominant he just looked at her, when she finished he looked at me and said you have hit the lottery , I said you think ? I know I hit the power ball.

You as the slave you have to hash out your limits, your hard limits, soft and maybe’s although being a slave I could not see why limits would even come up, with the exception of the norm. No broken bones , no cutting unless that is your thing, no blood, no kids, no scat again unless that is your thing.

Limits with me are nonnegotiable with the exception of the norm, other than that nothing is negotiable the key word NOTHING. It is and will be my way.

An object this may be hard for some, or some may not be able to grasp the idea. At times your slave my slave is an object, an object for my pleasure. At times when I lay Arianna down and she is spread I see a hole. I see a hole I am going to pump until I blow my load. When she is on her knees I see a cock sucker. I love telling her how good my cock looks in her mouth, more so when I am holding her head and I am pumping away and I feel her gagging. Or when I am on top, and my hand is around her throat and I am telling her how good her pussy is, and that I own her. The feeling of being completely owned is the key and that is by the daily reinforcement of the Dominants consistency.

The collaring of a Slave is very serious, and something that should be giving much thought. You would not expect a Dominant to collar you on the first meeting even within the first month or two. It takes longer than that to truly get to know someone. Remember the first 60 to 90 days people are on their best behavior , then the true colors tend to come out. After you agree to enter such a relationship usually it takes about 90 days for a fantasy to wear off on either side. The 90 day mark will tell if the potential owner is serious about the lifestyle or not. So beware if the Dom wants to offer a collar to soon. Some will use the collar as leverage to gain what they really want and that is in your pants.

If you should have to punish, the Dominant should explain what rule was broken, and why you are going to be punished. After the punishment is complete positive reinforcement is needed just like after care, and explain the consequences once again. That is something that should be pointed out in the beginning of a relationship some of the rules you expect to be followed, the choices and consequences. There is no way you give fully give all your rules when you first meet, you as the Dominant have no way of knowing what areas need improvement. Rules are meant for self improvement and nothing more. Taking away bad habits and implementing good habits.

Yes at times you need to treat your slave as an object as cruel as it may sound. The rewards the slave reaps from such treatment is truly a story in its self. I am sure the feeling of being owned is a feeling unlike any other just as the feeling of owning a slave. It is a rush a good rush.

I have gone over in the past about my training process, some or most may not be as extreme as I am. Some may not want the type of control I have. Some may not want the responsibility I have.

My training process is how I do things and I can tell you from my own experience my way does work. It may not fit every Slave but I stood my ground and firm about who and what I wanted, and like most of the time I got my way. I am not being cocky I am being truthful.

You may see my way of training as unconventional and what works for me may not work for others, but I have laid the ground work. In the end you have to have your own plan. Also my way or Viles way is just my opinion and nothing more.

But if you want a slave, the key is just to stick to your word, be honest and truthful and everything will fall into the right place.

Arianna knows her place with in the home and out of the home. She is a best friend, a wife a Domestic slave and a sex slave all rolled up into one. You can have the same thing if you are true to the lifestyle.

If you implement rules , make sure the rules can be followed without stress, make sure your rules are realistic. A rule is not sending  you a video of the slave anal training, that is not a rule, that is a rule so you can jack off while watching. Rules are meant to help. The worshiping your cock will follow without a rule.

What we have is what most men can only dream of. We have what so many other do not understand but in many ways they envy us. Deep down they want what we have but they do not want the responsibility.

The word OWN is really very deep. To say you OWN someone, and to have someone give you 100%. To be able to fully control someone’s life, and knowing that one wrong decision could effect both of you , that is heavy, but the relationship is like no other.

The slave will give without question, the slave will give without thought. The slave has the need to please and get pleasure from pleasing. The slave is not selfish, and when giving something they will take proudly even if you only spent a dollar on it.  When asked if you say the word NO that is what it means. There will be no arguing, the slave knows there is a good reason. The Slave knows you as the owner has their best interest in mind, and that their needs will be met

The Slave will strive for perfection in anything they do, be it cleaning, cooking or dressing up when you go out. The Slave wants to look their best. The Slave needs to feel beautiful for their owner. The Slave wants their owner to be proud.

We as Dominants see each Slave in a different prospective, we are all different and we all have different needs. To find someone who shares the same quality’s, and wants is very important. The Master really has to do very little because the Slave will adapt to their surroundings if they are taking care of.

I am a proud Owner.



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