If You Can’t Trust

In our lifestyle trust is probably 95% of the relationship. Trust is the building of a relationship. Trust is being tied down spread eagle and knowing your not going to be hurt.

The words you can trust me, those are and can be very misleading I think when someone uses those words that is a huge flag. That is why I believe trust is earned and it is earned from getting to know someone inside and out

That is why or I use to be shocked when a submissive would meet a Dominant and on the first date allow someone to tie you up. That is not trust that is being dumb.

If you cannot trust the one your with , and you always have thoughts in your head that should not be there, why be with someone ? Because even when your together you still have these thoughts looming in your head.

If your with someone who has cheated before be it male or female they will do it again. Just like when a man hits a woman out of anger and he promises not to do it again, the fact is he will. There are no if’s and’s or but’s about it he will and each time it will get worse.

Trust does not happen over night, trust is like building a bridge. Depending on how many times you have been hurt depends on the amount of time it takes to build a new bridge. It takes one fuck up to make a bridge collapse, and a long time to rebuild.

There are a lot of things in life I do not understand, one I have talked about is the married man who has a family and he has to find a submissive to suck his cock because his wife wont .

The other thing I do not understand is the submissive who sees the married so called Dom and sucking his cock after he has fucked his wife. If you think your the only one he is banging besides his wife then you are way out there. I am speaking from experience , I have done the same thing, well I take that back when I was married I remained loyal even though it just sucked ass. At one time I was stringing 4 or 5 along making each one believe they were special, when in fact none of them were. I had someone come over almost nightly and suck and fuck me then go home. So I am speaking as a male. Do not think your that special, that your the only one he is cheating on his wife with.

You do not have to agree with me, you can say I am wrong or I do not know what the fuck I am talking about, or maybe you can show me a different point of view. I am open minded. The one I think about is the wife stuck at home taking care of the kids.

So even being in such a relationship how can you fully trust ? How can you fully give yourself? How can you bild on such a relationship knowing that it could end at anytime?

Your in cuffs, blindfolded, ball gag , on bed legs spread, butt plug in. You are fair game and there is nothing you can do except lay there and take what ever is giving. If your in a relationship things tend to be much different, but if your just meeting someone think about the possibility’s. Think of the different outcomes that could happen, like when they show you different ways a movie could of ended. You are the star of the movie.

Living in a D’s world or more so an M’s world, you are putting your life in someones hands. You are giving up most if not all control of your life. Someone who is going to give you rules, make most of your decisions .

Arianna brought something up last night before going to bed. We talk every night once we get relaxed. She wants to give up more control, she wants or needs to be restrained more, less move ability, more restriction on where she can sit or be allowed with in the home. Remember we are talking about a Slave and not a Submissive. We also know as we grown within a relationship we change and our needs change as well. Keeping an open mind is very important. Also if something is implemented and it looks like things are not going as planned, then we should change things up.

This is the trust I am speaking about, and the trust that is needed. Trust is everything.

If we are going to control someone we need to be fair. We need to be upfront and honest about what is expected. If we are honest and keep our word as a Dominant, the submissive will give everything they have, no questions asked. If we as Dominants show we care and we are putting them first, the submissive will give all they have. If we are truthful, and we live by the truth the submissive will give everything they have.

The submissive will give, and give, and give until there is nothing left to give, but the giving will continue if they are getting something back in return.



5 Responses to “If You Can’t Trust”

  1. littlebopeep12 Says:

    Trust, once betrayed, is tenfold harder to regain, and then maintain. It takes nearly superhuman effort, with no guarantee that you will ever regain what you have lost. It is always easier to just walk away. To have regained my trust would speak VOLUMES about someone’s character. Not everyone would be willing to put so much on the line, but the rewards are more than I could ever express in words.

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