Why The Dominant Is Single

I am going to touch on this a little more. Yesterday I was watching training Videos of Grant Cardone an awesome motivational speaker. I have been watching his video’s for about 10 hours over a period of two days. It seems no matter what I am doing or watching I somehow find a way to relate it to the lifestyle. I see Hear something that is said, or I am just observing things around me, but everything comes back to the way I live.

The one word that came to mind and it really stood out was commit , commit means everything. The Dominant reaching that point of commitment and truly meaning it.

When a Submissive or Slave meets a new potential partner they already have an idea or see in their mind how they see their selves living in a D’s or M’s relationship. Most already have a plan and what kind of Dom they are looking for.

The Submissive or Slave expresses their needs and how they want to live. They see how they want to live from day to day. They see how they want to serve and be treated.

Treated is another key word. While some see being treated as a princess such as a baby girl, the Submissive see’s living somewhat a strict life, while the Slave wants to give up most everything. Some do not like being called names while some crave. Some do not enjoy humiliation, while others crave it, some do not like pain, while it is a need for others. So every Submissive or Slave is different. Looks, height, weight, habits, personality’s, everyone is different.

If a Dominant finds the perfect Submissive or Slave and everything is going good, and as planned, but it begins to crumble and it falls apart it is because of one word. Commitment . With Commitment comes a few other words as well. Truthful , Honest , and the ability to stay consistent, then attitude. The Dominants attitude also sets the foundation. Staying positive means the world. There should be no negativity .Coming home work should stay at work. If you do not like where your working it is okay to express those feelings but to come home and spend an hour bitching, that is not good. I recently changed employers. Arianna knew I was displeased and I shared why, but as far as really bringing my work home I left it there at work.. The Dominant must remain positive at all times.

What happens is you the Dominant rubs off on the Submissive or Slave. Even to include what you believe. They will adapt to their surroundings.

Without putting that first word into motion Commit, there is noway the relationship can form. It will never grow and it will remain stagnant.

You can have the best communication in the world. She could suck the most amazing cock, have the best pussy you have ever had, cook the best food you have ever eating, follow your rules to a T, but if your not ready for that one word Commit, it will never work.

I would imagine there are those who are Submissive who are afraid of that one word as well, but for the most I think that lays on the Dominants shoulders..

So after you have met and you have asked your list of questions, and shared any concerns. The last and final questions come up.

Are you willing to give me 100% of yourself, no questions asked ? Will you be there for me no matter what ? Will you take care of me to the terms we have agreed on ? Will you be loyal to me ? That goes if your not in a poly relationship. Will you be fair ? Will you have open communication ? Last but not least ARE YOU READY TO COMMIT.

Commitment .



3 Responses to “Why The Dominant Is Single”

  1. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:

    This blog is awesome

  2. I LOVE the key words idea here.. When I have difficulty writing, I will sometime write down key words, then the flesh of what I want to say just fills in around those key words almost by itself.

    These key words are spot on… Treated, Truthful , Honest , Consistent, Positive, Communication, and finally.. ready to Commit?

    You really have a way of pulling it all together..

  3. Love is very important too, but some people in today’s world, kinky, or vanilla, it doesn’t matter, they act as if love is a thing of the past, why? I was talking to a fellow kinkster on face book, or she said she was kinky anyway, when I told her that love was just as important in a D/s, M/s relationship, as a vanilla relationship, she went off on me, telling me how love ruined relationships, and Love had no place in kink, now that doesn’t make any sense at all. If my Master didn’t love me, and I didn’t love my Master, do you think I’d be letting him dominate, and lord over me, or let him do the things to me that he does. Hell No! I’m a slave, but only to a man that reciprocates my love for him, and because we love each other, he’s not just my Master, he’s my best friend, my soulmate, my Husband. Love makes all the difference in the world, and with love comes, trust, commitment, friendship. When you love someone, with your whole heart you’ll do anything for them, try to please them more than you would ever dream of pleasing anyone. Without love, it’s just kink, and while kink is fun and exciting I think it would feel lonely, and empty after a while.

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