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The Collar And The Disrespect

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The Collar literately  has no meaning any longer. The Collar today means nothing. As a Matter of fact many of you have or are wearing a collar someone else may have worn.

I had Arianna’s collar made. I took her measurements , made a call, and the gentleman told me about 10 days. He did have a few in stock but that is not what I wanted. I wanted one that no one else had touched except his.  I had it made about a half in smaller than what he had in stock. When I received it in the mail I opened it and I was like WOW. It did have some imperfections but that is what made it special.

Dom Wolf is the guy’s name, he spent time with me on the phone several times. I explained I did not want a collar, I wanted The Collar. I wanted something that stood out but also something that could be worn to work, If your in the lifestyle and you see it then you know what it is. Here is the website,    Mr Wolf does some awesome work.

Arianna was at work one day I believe she was getting lunch. She was standing next to a woman and they just looked at each other and pointed, pretty much speechless.

I did not buy from Enternity because I always like helping out the small business man, Ive always been that way. I will pay a dollar more for something if I can get it from the small guy. Even going out to eat we very seldom eat at a chain.

Why would you as a Dom go to an adult book store and purchase a cheap leather or fake leather collar, something that a hundred people has touched.

Okay if you were going to get married would you buy your bride to be a ring from a flea market ? I would think not, nor would she appreciate it very much.

The Collar has a very deep meaning, it is a commitment , what is suppose to be a long lasting commitment. You are saying you want her to be your Baby Girl, your Submissive, or your Slave and there should be no strings attached.

You the female the Baby Girl , the submissive or the Slave if you except such a thing. You need to go to the Doctor and get a shot of timetobeawoman. I hear those shots work well sometimes you need several of them.

If you are offered such a collar you should be the most offended woman on the planet. You should by all rights be speechless.

You being collard, wearing a collar means you have earned it. A collar just giving to you, it has no meaning at all, it means absolutely nothing. You know what it does at that moment and time ? It makes you feel special, it makes you feel wanted, needed, you now feel owned

Most collars are giving out on the first meet, that means he now has the right to fuck you, you have to suck his cock, pretty much what ever he wants. You are now collard. The rest of the collars are giving out within the first week, then a few within a month.

Let me tell you something in a months time you have earned nothing, notta. There is noway in the world you could of earned the right to wear a collar.

Actually the training process is never ending, we change and evolve , we are changing, we have different needs, we want to explore new frontiers expand.

Do not allow someone to try and give you a collar if you think it is to soon. The Dominant should know you inside , out, and on the first meet he knows nothing.



You Cannot Just Bring Another Bitch Into Your Home

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I have talked a lot about poly living and Triad. This is something Arianna have been talking about. The key word talking.

I have seen this done many times. Even in a Master Slave relationship. The Master just walks in with another slave and says here you go she is now part of our home, or she is spending the night as we are all going to play.

I had a Master not long ago tell me he was fed up with his slave because of her attitude when he brought home another slave. Well I can see where the attitude would come into play at.

I said in my last post that there is no room for negotiation, well in this case there would be. It is something the Master, the Dominant or the Daddy has to do, before bringing in another. There has to be a valid reason, and needing more flavor is not a valid reason.

Okay so you have a female cat at home. Your cat has had the run of the house. Then one day you bring in another female cat. Guess what is going to happen? They are going to fight and will continue to fight until one submits, and then there will be times the queen cat will strike. You the cat has just invaded the other cats territory , you have disrupted their whole process, you have disrupted her whole way of life.

I have seen this done many many times and it has never worked, the Dominant has a revolving door. A female Slave, submissive or Baby Girl is very territorial , and they will do what ever they can to protect their home.

So you the third has a few choices this is not something you asked for, this is not something you wanted, surely you do not need it. The only way you can possible gain any ground is to show your submission to the head female.

I am not saying you have to sleep with her, have sex but you will have to show your submission. You will have to kneel and ask to be excepted. If she does no grant you permission, then you leave. Why would you cause her the grief, why would you cause trouble in her life, it was not something she asked for. She was there first. You invaded her place, you invaded her space.

If the Dom is married the number one will when the argument every time, no questions asked. She is the head cat and she is the head cat for a reason, the second cat will never win.

There is some reason a Dominant thinks he is the power above, he has the right to do anything and everything he wants to, after all he is the Master. I am sorry to tell you that is not the way it works.

You are in control of what you have, your submissive, if you go out of your way to meet another sub, slave or baby girl, and just decide you want to bring her home, you do not have that right.

You could end up losing everything, you could end up losing both.

So you want to bring in another. First you have to have a valid reason. You have to be able to explain why it is a need. Second you have to introduce, this is done on neutral grounds never at home. Remember the cat thing. You have to meet and talk, you have to let the two get to know each other, that part is the most important. The two must like each other, and get along. Then the first has to agree to let another in.

The female cat is now willing to share her space. You the third you have to be willing to serve both and be willing to submit to both, you have now invaded someones space. You do not have to serve both, but you must fully submit to both.

If the Dominant is married he will remain married, once the drama becomes to much, once the arguing hits that level to the point he cannot take it any longer you will be gone.

Finely you have no right to complain, you have no right to ask for any privileges you have no right to ask for anything.  It is not your domain.

This is something that has to be negotiated and it is something all three have to come to an agreement on. If the number one says no, no matter what the Dominant says the answer is no because if you do your life will be a living hell, and in the end she will win, she is there for a reason, and no matter what your told, she will always be there for a reason.

That is like the married Dom cheating on his wife. He is not going to leave her. He is just finding someone to suck his cock because his wife wont, other than that he is happy. shrugs.

Why put yourself through all that abuse.

You must I repeat must follow the number ones rules and protocols, you do not have any say. Remember you are in her home. Again she will win any battle, she was there first and will be there last.

If the Dominant is not already in control, you you have entered a losing battle. She will Dominant both. If he cannot control her he will not be able to control anything.

You have to meet on neutral ground, this shows the submissive of the house respect. This is the first step in showing your submission.

Until you make things right with number one, it will never be okay. It is her home and you have to respect the fact that she was first, if you are not wanted and she will not except you. Leave



Anger Issues

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We become accustomed to our titles. A title that is giving to us by our partner. One thing I never demanded Arianna call me anything not even Sir. It was her who wanted to call me Master.

One of the few skills we have is the ability to communicate . This is our greatest gift. Another great gift we have is the ability to analyze problems and situations that come up. Another great gift we have is the ability to think things through and make sure we cover all choices and consequences. Another great asset we have is the ability to show compassion, we show we care. Another great asset we have is the ability to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. . The main thing that makes a great Dom, Master Or Daddy is the ability to control our temper.

A good Dominant , Master or Daddy should be able to run his home, his rules, his guidelines.  He is an authoritative figure within the home. He should be able to insure things run smoothly and if they are not he should be able to fix.

If is our job to take care of our property. We make and made promises that the grass is greener on the other side. We promised the bowl of gold at the end of the rainbow.

We as Dominants have only a few responsibility’s. Take care of ours. Provide a good home, a stable home. A Home Full of love and caring. We must provide security, we must provide communication, we must provide understanding.

The one thing you as the Dominant, Master Or Daddy must be able to show is control. You must remain in control at all times, if you have a serious lack of control you have no business being part of the lifestyle. We set the pace, we set the example, that is why we are followed.

If you cannot control your temper you have no control at all., if you are unable to have control, you have no place in the lifestyle. We are supposed to be looked up to, we are suppose to lead.

We as Dominants need to have the ability to provide a good home, at the least help, do our share. We need to be able to provide that security.

Communicate we need to be able to communicate, on any level, be it goofy or serious. We need to listen.

If we say we are going to do something, then it should be done.

If we put the submissive in a bad situation then we need to be able to fix it, and fix it right then..

You cannot have anger issues, and claim to be a Dominant, if you cannot run your home, you are not a Dominant.

There is a lot more to the lifestyle than just getting pussy or telling someone what to do.


Training Your Slave Humiliation is needed

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You meet and you get to know each other, and you are both ready. You have already talked about your likes as well as your dislikes. Being in a Master and Slave relationship there is really no negotiation, so it is much different than living in a D’s or Domestic Discipline relationship.

The Master explains what he needs and wants the Slave either agrees or she does not. In most cases the Master will not bend so it is very important that the Slave has a clear understanding of what their relationship will be like.

The training I have never been one to explain what will take place or when. Most of the time once the training begins and the Slave really has no idea she has already started her new life.

As your training progresses the Slave will begin to adapt. Your looking at maybe two weeks before you see any real progress.

You the Master must remain calm and cool throughout the entire process. You must be able to maintain complete control of your anger and emotions, anger has no place within the lifestyle.

While getting to know each other you both share what is expected, although there is no negotiation to Master must be clear and upfront., and everything must be explained in great detail, even when it comes to rules and protocols. The Master needs to go into such detail so when finished there are no questions, and there is a clear understanding what is expected from the Slave.

In my world the training process is like a long road of mind fuck. Never knowing what to expect, when or where. Most of the time you can train your Slave and she has no clue.

At the start of training the Slave may notice somethings , she may see how she is adjusting, and soon her train of thought will begin to change.

If the Master begins with positive reinforcement then in most cases the resistance factor will be very low, but if your only pointing out the bad then it may rise to a higher level.

The idea is not to want to punish, the idea is to keep from any type of punishment. This is done with clear communication, and being able to understand your Slave. You have to know how far you can push and when to back off. Although you may go into the relationship with very few limits, those limits in place must be respected. If you surpass those limits you have allowed you will lose all trust, and the training is now at a total stand still.

The Mind Fuck Training, everyday should be something new, even if you just change things up a little. . The idea behind not explaining what is going to happen during the Training process is to keep the Slave thinking. If you keep that frame of mind they will follow, they will observe, and they will take in.

One of the first things I do is limit the Slaves space within the home. I walk the Slave through the house and tell her where she is allowed to sit or stand. In the beginning furniture is never allowed. You are taking something away that the slave is use to. Even dining at times I had Arianna sit next to me on the floor and I would feed her myself. I controlled what she ate and how much, I controlled what she drank and how much. The entire training process is about control.

About a week into the process I start adding times, adding time I mean what time to go to bed, what time to take a shower, what time to eat, everything has a time, and everything must be on time. This is a control thing. Being in control is remaining consistent , on a daily basis, an hourly bases, and by the minute.

Humiliation plays a huge part in the training of your Slave, although I do not condone any type of abuse, and some forms of humiliation is abuse in my eyes. I believe some humiliation is needed in the training process. Most females are not use to being exposed. This is why I limit the time clothes can be worn, again it is a time thing, everything has a time. Slave positions I do not use often but during training I feel they are very important, this brings the humiliation factor in, again most are not use to being fully exposed.

The inspection position I call is on knees head down the slave reaches around and spreads her ass open. Fully exposed. This is the time you become vocal. Speak about how much you enjoy seeing her in this position. Speak about how hard it would be for you to be a slave you could never see yourself in such a position. That is position number two. One is on back legs spread the slave pulling her pussy open. You the Master sitting on the couch or a chair, again being vocal.

The use of slave positions and being vocal puts the slave in a very humble state of mind, I did the positions almost daily, and at the same time, again everything has a time. This is not something you are sharing with the slave but time means everything.

Use your Slave and use on a regular basis. Now is the time you do not care about aftercare, the word aftercare should not even come up. If the Slave should bring it up, the question should be ignored. You the Master you do not have to explain yourself, the Slave has to do the explaining. Remember we are speaking of a Master Slave relationship not a D’s. The D’s relationship everything is planned out before hand.

Use your Slave and use regularly without question or telling the Slave what is going to happen. On your knees open mouth. I truly enjoy face fucking, I think with me it is a control thing. On your knees hands behind back NOW as I push my cock in I instruct her to stay still and just hold it. Once I am hard I start to pump her mouth, just like I am fucking her pussy. Don’t swallow let it just flow from your mouth just drool. five maybe ten minutes just stop and walk away instructing the slave to get up . Say nothing about cleaning up, just carry on as if nothing happened. Go to the bedroom, position number one. Pull to the edge of the bed, again becoming vocal. Tell the Slave how much you admire her, slide your cock in and just fuck like there is no tomorrow, dump your load, pull her by the hair on the floor instruct to suck you clean, once done just walk away leaving the Slave there to gather her thoughts on just what happened. Anal sex do not ask you take, of course you may choose to use lube or use their mouth for lube, do not ask take what is yours.

Do not allow your Slave to cum without your permission. Remember you now own. The Slave is for your pleasure. You control everything. The Slave should only be allowed when permission is asked and granted.

Having the Slave in a very humble state of mind along with humiliation, allows you to continue, and continue with the least resistance. Again you never explain yourself.

Names the calling of names in my training process is very important. Just as never being exposed or humiliated, the same would go with the calling of names, again this is a Master Slave relationship.

If the Slave is sitting on the floor simply walk by snap your fingers. Follow me whore, follow me slut. Once she begins to follow and she will. Stop wait, snap fingers follow me whore. On your knees hands behind back. Yes my favorite. Face fuck finish and walk away.

As your progress in the first week you want to start implementing rules. Remember every rule must have a meaning, every rule is meant to improve the Slave on a daily basis, and every rule has a time, again time means everything. Protocols are also part of the training process. How to stand, walk, talk, with whom you may talk to, when and where. Service position standing legs shoulder width apart hands behind back.

Again being consistent is the key and it is the only key that will allow you to open each door. You being consistent will make your slave consistent, you being consistent will allow your slave to retain what you are teaching.

At night once the Slave ask you permission to enter the bed. You talk about what has happened that day. This should be the slaves time. The slave should be able to express their feeling about what has happened. How they feel about what happened.

If you the Master during any part of the training you let your emotions get in the way you will fail. The Slave will spot this and see this as a weakness. Weak is not what we want to be seen as.

You are changing their entire thought process, as I have posted before a type of mind modification. You are training someone to fit your needs and wants

Time is the biggest factor everything has a time. if bedtime is 9.30 then bedtime is 9.30 every night. If shower time is 5.30 then shower time is 5.30 everyday. Time is the most important factor. The thing is in most cases the slave will never catch on, or even think about it, but everything will fall into place, and things will be done without a thought.

The ninety day factor, ninety days tells everything. This is the I want this or fuck you I am leaving. If they choose to leave chances are they will return in a short time. Why is this? You have changed their entire thought process, this falls back to the mind modification. Things on the outside are not as simple as they once were, their world now looks different, they no longer have that structure.

I know some of you women are thinking what the fuck? Does this really happen? Indeed it does. Remember every Master has a different process, some training is not as extensive, some training does not go as deep, some training has no humiliation.

I can tell you this when we are out this is more so at a local function, a Munch or A MasT meeting people are amazed at how Arianna carry’s herself, how she acts, how she speaks, how she dresses. How she follows my protocols. If asked a question she looks at me waiting for approval before speaking

The same training would not go for a submissive or a Baby Girl. There is a different mindset. I have been with a submissive, I was a Daddy for seven years. The training and care is much different. We are talking about a Slave and only a Slave.

Once you are past that ninety day number you can let up some, you can now let aftercare in the picture some, but you have to remain consistent I cannot stress that enough. You must stick to your word, you must be truthful at all times. If you say your going to do something then do it. If your going to punish you must explain why, and you must have a VALID reason.

Your Slave must be allowed to have contact with family at all times. The Slave should be allowed free time after the first week. I can assure you they will need a breather.

Remind on a regular bases you own them, be it just in general conversation or while using sexually. You own them they are owned property. After each rule have the words You Are Owned. Those words will have a great effect. Remember we are visual.

If your in a LDR relationship you must still have a VALID reason when you punish, not being able to send a video with your submissive masturbating is not a VALID reason.

Everything you do has to have a VALID reason.

A submissive or Baby girl has rights. They have the right to what was promised, they have the right to be treated the way they were promised, and they have the right to walk away.

A man, a Dom, A Master Or A Daddy if you cannot keep your word that is abuse. If you lie that is abuse, if you punish without a Valid reason that is abuse. If you cannot control your temper that is abuse, screaming and yelling that is abuse. If you give nothing in return that is abuse. If you are like any of the above you have no place within the lifestyle and you are a piece of shit.

Just wanted to add that has nothing to do with training, but in a way it could I suppose




Who Runs Your House

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Here lately I have heard some a couple of submissives about fighting and arguing within the home. Promises being made and promises being broken.

If your a Dominant a Master a Daddy and you cannot control your bitch, you need to rethink your place in the lifestyle.

Sometime ago I was speaking with a Daddy M we are somewhat friends but nothing close. He was telling me how him and his baby girl were always fighting. Now this is a big dude and out weighs me by a 100 lbs, and a foot taller, and when he finished talking I told him he was the bitch. The look on his face was he wanted to kill me, and I was just waiting.

I call it like I see it. We are suppose to be different. We are suppose to be in control. As a Dominant or a male for that matter we have two things we have to take care of. Our woman and our house.

You the Dominant your suppose to have control, your suppose to be in control, after all that is the word you spread. That is what you promise. That is what the submissive or slave expects, and I can tell you they do not ask for much.

A Slave, Submissive or Baby Girl does not ask for much, and I will run it down a little. A stable environment, security, communication, attention that is number one. Being told the truth. Guidance, and structure, that really sums it up.

We all goof up , sometime ago I made a mistake, and when I was confronted I let Arianna speak her mind I knew she had to vent. She vented and we moved on.

That is a huge difference than standing toe to toe and arguing. I have spoken about this before and no one can give me a valid reason why two people should argue.

If you the Dominant maintains control and you are who you say you are there is no arguing. The problem is most or some do not have the proper communication skills, or maybe they prefer not to communicate, or maybe they do not know how.

If you cannot control your woman why would you have more than one. If you cannot keep your home up, why would you have more than one, if you cannot control your temper why would you bring another in.

Don’t get me wrong I love Arianna with everything I am, but she follows in every aspect, and she is the Bitch of the house, she is my bitch. I use the term bitch very loosely so do not take it personal. I said the same thing at a MasT meeting not long ago there has to be a Bitch in the house and Jaws dropped open just total silence, and I mean that.

The one thing I do not do although I may use words like slut, my whore what ever you should never use any pet names or names period out of anger.

If your the Dominant and you want the control, then show you have control, because if your controlling you control nothing, and as long as your controlling you never will control anything not even your life.

We are suppose to make life as simple as we can for ours, we are suppose to make things better. Ours depends on us. We are suppose to provide comfort a safe zone. A SAFE ZONE

That is what we do, that is what we are suppose to do Daddy M we talk some and I just cannot understand his way of thinking, but the one thing he does is he thinks with his cock, not with his brain. His relationships are based on sex and sex alone. That is his reason for wanting a poly relationship. Him sneaking behind his girls back to back some other chick please.

Grow some balls, or if your in doubt reach down and feel make sure their still there.

When you enter a relationship there must be a clear understanding of what is going to take place. If you the Dominant paints a picture of total bliss then you better be able to provide that same picture.

Run your house, run your life, if your not happy get the fuck out, don’t ruin someone else’s life because yours is fucked up. If you make a promise then keep it. Broken promises only go so far then your fucking rope will break, and you wake up alone.

Being a Dominant is not hard, being who you are is not hard, being truthful is not hard, That is something I do not understand people lying. I know a dude named R who lies if you just ask a simple question, and he knows I know he is not telling the truth, I do not fucking get it.

To lie to your woman, that is some fucked up shit. To give false hopes. You are playing with someones life, you are playing with someones emotions, feelings and their mind


I get Busy Sometimes

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I just made a post and when I was doing what little editing I do, I noticed I had our comments that I had not approved. I am not sure how I missed that.

It is not something I do on purpose. Between working 60 hours a week, taking care of Arianna and blogging, taking her out when we are off, yea so anyway it make take a day or so before I catch it.

If you leave a comment or your reblogging something which is something I really appreciate do not get upset if it takes me a day or so, it is not something I mean to do.

I truly appreciate everyone who drops in, even when anonymous.

If you should have questions and you do not want to post them in public you can reach me at my private email

So I want to thank everyone you all mean a lot to me.

Much Love


Poly Vs Triad

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The word Triad just hit me like a rock. Arianna was looking at different groups on fetlife and pointed a couple out to me and the word Triad came up.

So in the past when I spoke about me living in a poly relationship that was not correct, we were poly. When Chong brought up the idea I was totally against it, but after hearing her thoughts on it I finely agreed, then came Beth. We did not get along to well at all. Although she followed my rules you could still tell there was tension. Beth was for Chong. They were like sisters, they done everything together, shopping, movies, flea markets, they were inseparable.

In six months time I guess I had not spoken a dozen words to beth she just yanked my chain wrong, but I tolerated her because it was a need for Chong.

As time went by we became closer , but she still got on my nerves, and then finely I guess after a year we became friends, but we never had sex, and I will explain why.

Chong who stood barely 5ft tall and weighed about 100lbs, beth was somewhere between 5 ‘5 and 5 ‘ 6 and around 145 or so kinda thick. Very beautiful, long blonde hair, dark tan,she has an awesome build,  but there was something that just irked me.

Sometime went by going into the 5th year Beth started to warm up to me, and that irked me even more, I remember telling her several times if she would shut up it would do the world a favor.

Then came the time where she started to stir the pot, she started to blame small stuff on chong, but I saw right through her, now all of a sudden Beth wanted to be number one. The happiest day was when I was waving goodby to her, hoping she was driving to Alaska then catching a boat and ending up somewhere in Siberia getting a job ice fishing or something.

So we never fucked although seeing her run around the house nude all the time, I was missing something, and that was the connection. I was never able to connect with her , I am speaking on all levels.

If I cannot make that connection nothing will happen. That includes even having a session. I have tried and have been willing to try again but just could never follow through. That is why I just cannot have sex with just anyone, I have to have that connection. It is not something I can explain, but something clicks.

So now the Triad thing , before I got divorced there was a couple that lived across the street well three. A man and two women, my ex wife had been over talking to them and found out the couple had been married for 15 years and the other woman had been with them for 8 yrs. They were loyal to each other, no one stepped out of their circle. They were happy and content, if they went anyplace it was all three with the exception of work. Even doing yard work all three were outside. So that worked.

Triad is three living together like poly in the BDSM world but they are closed to anyone else, there is no sharing. You work as one, a team. So I believe if anything was to take place it would be more of a Triad. I have not made up my mind as of yet, I am still putting everything together in my head. The two main things you have to look at is choices and consequences. What is the good and the bad ? How can it help and how could it be bad.

Poly on the other hand in the lifestyle is a wide open door. In the lifestyle I am not even sure if there is a definition for poly, because it branches off in so many areas. Being poly in many cases does not mean you are loyal to anyone person, and in most cases the poly family does not even live together.

The people I know in the local community here have a revolving door, submissive’s and slaves come and go. I find that it is almost impossible to form any type of family unity.

Even at MasT meeting I am very vocal about what I believe in, and at times I am sure I even offend some, but I am going to me and live the way I want not the way people think I should. I may not agree with the way someone lives but it is really none of my business, just don’t stick your nose in mine.

Poly I suppose works for many, being with who you want and answering to one that being the Dominant, and I have my thoughts on that as well.

If you do not live together , if you are not able to reach out and put your hand on your slaves shoulder you really have no control. If you are not together in the physical , you really have no control, you may think you have control but you do not. It does not matter what your being told, and you have no way of knowing what the other is doing.

That is the reason most LDR relationships do not work, and if they do work it is only for a short time, over the phone or the computer you can only exert so much control , but if you are not together and able to reach out and touch you truly have no control.. Some LDR’s do work but very few, more so if there are no plans in either one making that move. If you want to be someplace or with someone just fucking do it, career or not.

Would I want another Slave? Not a chance in Hell, don’t get me wrong I love what I have right now. I love the dynamics of our relationship we both fit like a glove, but to take on another slave , yea I know I am not there. A Submissive yes a Baby Girl yes, but I could not take on another slave.

I will explain why it would make it easier for a submissive or Baby Girl to move in. Who ever it was just as a slave or submissive has to do when moving in with a Dominant, they are the ones who has to adapt. They have to be willing to adapt to the new home, the rules and protocols.

It is hard to explain even though the tird is just that the third you cannot treat as such you have to treat as an equal with the understanding that Arianna is number one, it may seem confusing but it is really not.

Now is a Triad really conducive ? Is there really a need? Do you have to bring in a third ? Last can it work? We do not live in a Vanilla world , nor do the people who read my blog, or maybe there are few who read my blog and are thinking what the fuck is he talking about? I can see that but anyway.

If you know your slave inside and out and you see and feel their emotions, their feelings then you are able to tell if something is wrong or missing. Being a Slave in the lifestyle when it comes to making friends, I mean really close friends it is not an easy task, and it has happened more than once where Arianna has made friends or thought she did only to find out she is on the outside looking in.

The main reason this happens is Arianna is a Slave a real Slave, she lives her life as a slave. She finds it hard to relate to those who are not, she does not understand how someone in a D’s relationship could tell their Master no, or speak out of place, or act like a child in public, she cannot relate.

Is a third the answer I do not know, this is something I am giving a lot of thought. It will take sometime to come to any type of conclusion. To find someone will take time, it will not be rushed, and who knows we may not ever find someone who will fit.

You the Dominant, you the Master your first and only concern should be yours. Yours should come first no matter what. You should have the need to drop what ever your doing at the drop of a pin and fix what ever needs to be fixed, even if they just need to talk.

Now what we have to offer if something should ever come up. We can offer a very loving home. A nice home, we have a beautiful home. It is an older home built in the 40’s I believe. Hardwood floors through out except the kitchen and the florida room. We can off stability, no drama, no fighting. We can make you feel wanted and needed. We would be there for you, as you would be for us

Arianna having someone to hang out with shopping, movies, flea markets. We moved here because Arianna loves the downtown we have here it looks like something out of the 50’s a small town, very well lit up at night.

We only moved here because it was a need for Arianna, that is what I do I take care of mine.

I am no different for any other Dominant we just all have different ideas, we expect different things we want different things we need different things.

I have not come across anyone I would consider at this time, and as I stated it will be a long process. If Arianna just happens to come across someone I would consider but I have the final say. If I make an offer I make it one time, I stand firm on that, and Arianna or no one will persuade me, Because I run my house. My house My Bitch, my rules.

Just my thoughts. I hope everyone has a kick ass weekend.

Much Love