The Female Submissive

We have got it made. We have the world at our finger tips. We have what is known as the greatest partner known to man kind. We want for nothing. They the submissive will hand their mind and body over to us on a golden platter.

We as Dominants have something that most men around the world only dream of. As a matter of fact if we were to sit down and explain our relationship, they would bust out laughing. They would truly think you are joking.

We have the greatest communicators of all time. We have someone who really listens to us, when we as men speak. That is priceless in its self.

I am not sure about others but all I have to do is point at my cock, and guess what Arianna is doing? The word no does not come out of her mouth. Then again neither does cum.

I am not sure about other Doms, but all I have to do is tell Arianna to spread, not a word. If I tell her to lube my cock she knows what is next. She then ask me with lube or her mouth. What do you want me to wear? It is up to me, yes I got it like that.

Lets set sex aside for a minute not to long because I want to cover some stuff. We have a partner who looks up to us, we have a partner who depends on us. We have a partner who expects us to drop what we are doing and be there. We have a partner who knows they can come to us and talk about anything, and everything , and not be judged or laughed at.

We have a partner who will crawl to us and be proud of what they are doing. We have a partner who has the desire and want to please. We have a partner who wants you the Dominant to use them for your own pleasure.

We have a partner who wants you to use every hole, you can be gentle or you can try and fuck her brains out. She the submissive gets pleasure just from those acts.

While fucking you can pull their hair, smack their face, most you can choke till they almost pass out. We as Dominants can do just about anything, and the Submissive gets pleasure out of knowing they have pleased.

The Submissive will kneel before you, and be proud of what they are doing. They will kneel and show just how humble they are. Showing they are ready to serve.

Those of you who are vanilla, tell your wife to put her cock sucker to work and see where that gets you. I am guessing the couch for the night.

The fact is we are a small breed. We are very few when you look at the total population .

This lifestyle is not a game. We are alive and real. The truth is we as a Dominant only have to give back so little. There are very few things that are expected in return, and we get everything.

The submissive will give and give , and continue to give when there is nothing left.

Sometime ago I had taken in a few subs and a slave not all at once, but those who were abuse or down on their luck. A month would go by and I would just let them chill, get their head together, then came a job, and paying their way, a car if they needed no I did not buy, then finely a place of their own. No I did not get anything in return, nor did I want anything in return. I got the satisfaction of watching them grow and grow daily.

Being to scared to come out of their room, to finely cooking and cleaning. Taking care of there selves, Watching them pack their things and then driving off. That was such a High. I would just think wow you did something that made a difference.

These were humans, women, submissive’s and slaves who gave their all, and tried so hard to be who they were. Instead they ended up just being used, and hurt.

If you as a Dominant sit down and think about everything that is giving to us on a platter. I believe more of us would be more greatful.

Just my thoughts.


18 Responses to “The Female Submissive”

  1. I just love the way your mind works. Very well said.

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    The Female Submissive from the marvelous mind of Vile

  3. bladewrythe Says:

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    Love this post….

  4. phoenixasubbie Says:

    Thank you Vile. You’re right. It takes so very little to please a submissive woman and receive back abundantly. So easy to abuse or take for granted this power.

  5. It’s common manners…someone gives you a gift, you say “thank you”. Some people just don’t get that. Great blog.

  6. Perfectly perfect devoted life. xo

  7. BabyGirlReborn Says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!! It is so wonderfully written and expressed so well. To know that I have pleased Daddy…makes everything worth it!

  8. BabyGirlReborn Says:

    Reblogged this on BabyGirlReborn and commented:
    This is such a wonderful post and awesome to hear from a Dom how much his submisives desire to please him means to him.

    Personally, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my Daddy. If he asked it of me, it will be done because letting Daddy down would break my heart.

    Daddy knows this and because he is such a wonderful and awesome Dom does not use his super power against me.

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