Being A Dominant Is An Art

Some twenty years ago I was talking to a Slave and she made the comment I am a blank canvas just paint me. I was like what the fuck are you talking about. I just want the pussy so I can move on.That is all I cared about and nothing more. I wanted to use and move on to the next.

Today I understand those words, and looking back if I was just not thinking with my cock, well who knows. Today I am in a good place. I am very happy and content.

A blank canvas is a good place to start. You can paint your vision. You can pint your life. You the Dominant are in full control of what you paint, and if you paint well, then your submissive will surely follow.

Before you can begin to paint though there are steps you have to take before the first stroke of the brush, you have to have a clear vision. In order to have a clear and understanding vision you have to know the one you are painting. You have to know them inside and out. It is kinda like being nano , your tiny and you ar able to enter ones brain and it is like your walking around. You have to have a full understanding of who you are going to paint.

Put the BDSM aside for a few , you want to know the submissive as a person, their likes, dislikes but more so their needs. You have to know what makes them think the way they do. What makes them happy, what makes them sad or angry. You are going to be painting all of this. You are going to take this blank canvas and your going to paint your life. Your going to paint something that fits your needs and wants. You are going to mold the perfect submissive.

If while being in the nano mode if you skip anything your painting will not be complete. You have to want to take on such a task. You can buy a painting and hang it on the wall, and admire it, but to paint and complete yourself is a total new admiration . You can say Yea I did that. I molded my submissive, I painted her. She is a true sign of perfection.

If we are not able to access such information, what is the point? Being a Dominant that is what we do we get inside their brain. We do this so we can gain control, we have to know what makes them tick, and we have to learn to control, without control it is a losing battle.

Then comes the negotiation because most of the time the submissive will add their input. The submissive has needs as well. so while painting we must consider everything, it surely cannot be a one way street, even a slave gives and should be able to give their thoughts.

Being a Dominant is an art, but it is an art that very few can Master, it is an art that very few want to follow through with, and it is an art that very few want to complete. You only paint half of the picture and you wonder why things are not working out. It is failing because you did not complete the painting.

Complete what you start and you can have anything and everything you ever wanted.



24 Responses to “Being A Dominant Is An Art”

  1. So true… Clearly, you are da Vinci and Arianna is your Mona Lisa?!

    Great post my friend!

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

  2. LittleBoPeep Says:

    Loving this analogy. Sir finished a canvas Friday night, and enjoyed his work immensely. The feeling subs get from this attention and appreciation is priceless. Thank you again for a great post.

  3. annabianca2014 Says:

    Reblogged this on Finding Me and commented:
    This is some good advice and i bet not many have thought of it quite like that. Thank You For sharing your thoughts

  4. Blade and Kajira Says:

    Reblogged this on ThoughtsOfSir and commented:
    Thank you for posting this. I completely agree with everything you said, particularly the “know your submissive as a person”. I feel that this can be one of the most crucial aspects of a relationship. If we the Dominant do not know, I mean really. truly KNOW or submissive, then we in reality do not have the control we desire nor ultimately do we gain the true devotion of our submissive. I also believe this is an ever ongoing process. We must constantly be “knowing” her as person as human nature shows people will change over time. We never stop growing. As we grow, our needs change and we must each adapt to these ever shifting patterns… but I’m rambling, lol. Thanks again for sharing this. Puts things into a welcome perspective for me.

    – Blade

  5. BabyGirlReborn Says:

    Such a beautiful post!!! Sums up my Sir’s approach so well I had to share it with him. Thank you!!!

  6. I love this post. I am in the beginning steps of becoming a slave and I feel like this is a great approach to training. I too am a blank canvas, waiting to be painted into a great work of art.

  7. This is really well put!! Thanks Mr Vile 🙂

  8. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:

    I love this blog

  9. missagathaarmstrong Says:

    it is elegant and sexy. it is the most exquisite piece of art. it is thorough and intense. with love and patience comes Blissful blind trust and a place where all desires are filled and no judgements made. where nothing is hidden.

    it is not easy … and there are times when it is so very hard.
    x such exquisite art …

  10. missagathaarmstrong Says:

    I have always thought of you and Your dearest as art … You write always so beautifully and so much from. You heart …

    I suspect that as a slave … we have it kinda easy .. but our beloved Master … well that is a different story… They are remarkable creatures.

  11. I often refer to my slave as “She who is my canvas”. Before I read this, I never heard another Dominant use this term. It never ceases to amaze me, how often I hear my own thoughts in your blogs. It describes for me the creative process, which is more art than science, of being a Dominant. Wonderful stuff here..

    • We are a canvas , my thoughts are although we are Dominant , it is the slave who creates who we are? Without a Slave we are just a Dominant male looking.

      • That thought my friend, treads on dangerous ground for me. It took me a very long time to be able to see that I had value with or without a slave. It’s easier to feel Dominant with a slave.. they are an outward manifestation of your greatness. Ah.. but without a slave, it can be difficult to project that same confidence.. Yes, on some levels the slave makes the Master, but not your base core.that you must find yourself.

        I would wager if you had no slave.. bear with me a moment.. you would still be that cocky fucker who had the balls to walk up to any woman and be completely your Dominant self, that is the part you found, and made of yourself.. I will never again judge my worth, by my relationships.

    • Who are we without property ? Once we enter a relationship and the training begins not only does the slave go through changes , but we begin to change inside, we go through small changes know it or not.

      If you sit down and relax maybe with some good scotch and let your mind wonder it is the slave who makes the Master, without we are just man , we can say Dominant but that is just a personality trait.

      When we create the slave the slave creates us, that does not mean our needs or wants change but our train of thought does..

      Think about it

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