Who Runs Your House

Here lately I have heard some a couple of submissives about fighting and arguing within the home. Promises being made and promises being broken.

If your a Dominant a Master a Daddy and you cannot control your bitch, you need to rethink your place in the lifestyle.

Sometime ago I was speaking with a Daddy M we are somewhat friends but nothing close. He was telling me how him and his baby girl were always fighting. Now this is a big dude and out weighs me by a 100 lbs, and a foot taller, and when he finished talking I told him he was the bitch. The look on his face was he wanted to kill me, and I was just waiting.

I call it like I see it. We are suppose to be different. We are suppose to be in control. As a Dominant or a male for that matter we have two things we have to take care of. Our woman and our house.

You the Dominant your suppose to have control, your suppose to be in control, after all that is the word you spread. That is what you promise. That is what the submissive or slave expects, and I can tell you they do not ask for much.

A Slave, Submissive or Baby Girl does not ask for much, and I will run it down a little. A stable environment, security, communication, attention that is number one. Being told the truth. Guidance, and structure, that really sums it up.

We all goof up , sometime ago I made a mistake, and when I was confronted I let Arianna speak her mind I knew she had to vent. She vented and we moved on.

That is a huge difference than standing toe to toe and arguing. I have spoken about this before and no one can give me a valid reason why two people should argue.

If you the Dominant maintains control and you are who you say you are there is no arguing. The problem is most or some do not have the proper communication skills, or maybe they prefer not to communicate, or maybe they do not know how.

If you cannot control your woman why would you have more than one. If you cannot keep your home up, why would you have more than one, if you cannot control your temper why would you bring another in.

Don’t get me wrong I love Arianna with everything I am, but she follows in every aspect, and she is the Bitch of the house, she is my bitch. I use the term bitch very loosely so do not take it personal. I said the same thing at a MasT meeting not long ago there has to be a Bitch in the house and Jaws dropped open just total silence, and I mean that.

The one thing I do not do although I may use words like slut, my whore what ever you should never use any pet names or names period out of anger.

If your the Dominant and you want the control, then show you have control, because if your controlling you control nothing, and as long as your controlling you never will control anything not even your life.

We are suppose to make life as simple as we can for ours, we are suppose to make things better. Ours depends on us. We are suppose to provide comfort a safe zone. A SAFE ZONE

That is what we do, that is what we are suppose to do Daddy M we talk some and I just cannot understand his way of thinking, but the one thing he does is he thinks with his cock, not with his brain. His relationships are based on sex and sex alone. That is his reason for wanting a poly relationship. Him sneaking behind his girls back to back some other chick please.

Grow some balls, or if your in doubt reach down and feel make sure their still there.

When you enter a relationship there must be a clear understanding of what is going to take place. If you the Dominant paints a picture of total bliss then you better be able to provide that same picture.

Run your house, run your life, if your not happy get the fuck out, don’t ruin someone else’s life because yours is fucked up. If you make a promise then keep it. Broken promises only go so far then your fucking rope will break, and you wake up alone.

Being a Dominant is not hard, being who you are is not hard, being truthful is not hard, That is something I do not understand people lying. I know a dude named R who lies if you just ask a simple question, and he knows I know he is not telling the truth, I do not fucking get it.

To lie to your woman, that is some fucked up shit. To give false hopes. You are playing with someones life, you are playing with someones emotions, feelings and their mind


5 Responses to “Who Runs Your House”

  1. Garrick's Kitten Slave Says:

    Reblogged this on Garrick's Kitten Slave and commented:
    This is such a good post that I had to share!

  2. Garrick's Kitten Slave Says:

    I don’t even remember how I found your blog but from the first time I read your posts I knew I liked how you thought. Today I realized that you remind me of the Dom’s in my family and I love how you tell it like it is…THANK YOU!!!

  3. I am about the truth and nothing but the truth
    Like me or hate me I will still sleep at night.
    Thank you for dropping in.

  4. And this post is the reason I have so much respect for you. Your words guide me

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