The Collar And The Disrespect

The Collar literately  has no meaning any longer. The Collar today means nothing. As a Matter of fact many of you have or are wearing a collar someone else may have worn.

I had Arianna’s collar made. I took her measurements , made a call, and the gentleman told me about 10 days. He did have a few in stock but that is not what I wanted. I wanted one that no one else had touched except his.  I had it made about a half in smaller than what he had in stock. When I received it in the mail I opened it and I was like WOW. It did have some imperfections but that is what made it special.

Dom Wolf is the guy’s name, he spent time with me on the phone several times. I explained I did not want a collar, I wanted The Collar. I wanted something that stood out but also something that could be worn to work, If your in the lifestyle and you see it then you know what it is. Here is the website,    Mr Wolf does some awesome work.

Arianna was at work one day I believe she was getting lunch. She was standing next to a woman and they just looked at each other and pointed, pretty much speechless.

I did not buy from Enternity because I always like helping out the small business man, Ive always been that way. I will pay a dollar more for something if I can get it from the small guy. Even going out to eat we very seldom eat at a chain.

Why would you as a Dom go to an adult book store and purchase a cheap leather or fake leather collar, something that a hundred people has touched.

Okay if you were going to get married would you buy your bride to be a ring from a flea market ? I would think not, nor would she appreciate it very much.

The Collar has a very deep meaning, it is a commitment , what is suppose to be a long lasting commitment. You are saying you want her to be your Baby Girl, your Submissive, or your Slave and there should be no strings attached.

You the female the Baby Girl , the submissive or the Slave if you except such a thing. You need to go to the Doctor and get a shot of timetobeawoman. I hear those shots work well sometimes you need several of them.

If you are offered such a collar you should be the most offended woman on the planet. You should by all rights be speechless.

You being collard, wearing a collar means you have earned it. A collar just giving to you, it has no meaning at all, it means absolutely nothing. You know what it does at that moment and time ? It makes you feel special, it makes you feel wanted, needed, you now feel owned

Most collars are giving out on the first meet, that means he now has the right to fuck you, you have to suck his cock, pretty much what ever he wants. You are now collard. The rest of the collars are giving out within the first week, then a few within a month.

Let me tell you something in a months time you have earned nothing, notta. There is noway in the world you could of earned the right to wear a collar.

Actually the training process is never ending, we change and evolve , we are changing, we have different needs, we want to explore new frontiers expand.

Do not allow someone to try and give you a collar if you think it is to soon. The Dominant should know you inside , out, and on the first meet he knows nothing.



21 Responses to “The Collar And The Disrespect”

  1. annabianca2014 Says:

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    Very interesting

  2. Blade and Kajira Says:

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    A good post. Thank you. I completely agree. A collar should have meaning and feeling behind it. Not just another piece of jewelry. My kajira’s only “collar” thus far is a ring that I’ve given her that was mine for many many years and has a LOT of significance and history in my life, which I now share with her. Any other collar will come later in our relationship.

    – Blade

  3. Garrick's Kitten Slave Says:

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    I have worn a collar once and it was given to me after a little more than a month. I remember thinking at the time that it was to soon but agreed because he saw it as a TEMP/training collar. I remember never looking at it and feeling that it in itself was special or even that if reflected me as a person…it just was.

    Reading this post gave me the clarification that I have always tried to find when thinking back to that experience. I don’t want a collar just so a Dom/Daddy can get whatever he feels he is entitled to. I want a collar that he has picked out just for me made for me and because he wants something that will not only represent his ownership to others in the life style but also to me when I look in the mirror.

    When I go to events and I see those wearing collars I always love how different they are but also the look of pride that crosses her face when she see’s me starting at it. I love to hear how their collar was presented and hear the love in her voice when speaking of her Master/Sir/Daddy.

    As the post says…you wouldn’t give an engagement ring to someone on a first date so why a collar…people need to leave things alone they have no understanding or respect for.

  4. It’s ironic that You posted this and W/we ordered mine today. He let me pick it. It will be delivered to me. I will keep it safe till He is ready to give it to me. This will be my first collar and even though I’m excited I will not push or rush Him into giving it to me till He is ready. We’ve been together close to 4 months. Call me an old soul but when He does give it to me I hope to the both of U/us it will mean and symbolize what it’s always been intended to.

  5. phoenixasubbie Says:

    I agree…. but “You the female the Baby Girl , the submissive or the Slave if you except such a thing. You need to go to the Doctor and get a shot of timetobeawoman. I hear those shots work well sometimes you need several of them.”

    Huh? Maybe I’m tired but I don’t get it. ?

  6. This piece perfectly worded something very sad about how many Doms view collars, and by extent their sub.
    It reminded me of a sub friend I have, her Dom broke up with her and demanded all “his” stuff back, including her collar and also a school uniform he had given her. She said she understood returning the collar, but the fact that he wanted the uniform as well told her that he wanted to use it for another sub, and why would the collar be different in that case? I thought the whole situation was extremely degrading. I wonder if the next girl knew she wasn’t the first to wear those things…

  7. shewhoserves Says:

    i was very blessed to have had my collar custom made for me as well. Although i was able to chose the style that would be easiest for me to wear 24/7, i, as is fitting, had no say in color. i wear chainmaile that was custom crafted by a local smith and was touched by none but the crafter and Sir. i do wear a wedding ring but as i am a chef i take my ring off while working. my collar never comes off. EVER. i have belonged to Him for a very long time and just recently chose to accept a collar for everyday wear. When i say a very long time, i mean 5+ years. Because i serve Him alone, i am worthy of such a stunning symbol of His love.

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