Anal Sex

Someone made a comment and asked me about using condoms during anal sex, they also mentioned about the use of enemas which is a good practice, if you enjoy lots of anal play. She was the first one I have ever heard speak about anal play and be safe about it. As far as the condoms go if you were not in a committed relationship or you had multiple partners then I could see using them , but even with wearing a condom most of the time if your having anal sex the condom will break anyway. As long as both are clean and your a monogamous couple I would not worry about spreading anything to each other. It is not to say it cannot happen because anything is possible but highly unlikely.

I am a huge fan of ATM we all know what that is so there is no need to go into any great detail.

I have also stated that when it comes to anal sex it is the most submissive act a female can do. The most private part of her body. At that point she has given everything.

I love pulling Arianna to the edge of the bed while fucking, one I can see her lips folding in and out which is a huge turn on. More so being able to push her legs back just a little, and I am right there.

I love this position because as I am sliding in I can see her pussy lips moving inwards. Then once I am all the way in I start pumping real slow, again watching her pussy lips folding in and out. Then I set up for the kill. I put both legs on my shoulders and It is game on. I pound like there is no tomorrow, like it is the last piece of ass I am going to get.

This is the set up for my famous ATM as I am pounding away and I dump my cum in her ass, I pull out grab her by her hair and put her on her knees and I continue fucking until everything is gone. Wow blood just rushed down so fast I got dizzy, just from the thoughts of it…..

I do love anal sex and that is or was a break or make it when meeting someone new. If they refused anal then our conversation was over. Because I refuse to bend, just as everyone of you should.

Anal sex is not an everyday need for me, but I know it is there for my taking.




42 Responses to “Anal Sex”

  1. God, I wish my husband weren’t such a prude.

  2. Lovely imagery. ❤

  3. Reblogged this on the Master's Slave and commented:
    Slave training Lesson number 2 …hahaha

  4. I agree anal is the summum bonum of submissiveness. Like you I don’t need it every day yet it is great to know I can have it whenever I want. And simply take it. To set things straight, Princess likes anal very much too and sometimes she even begs me to take her that way.
    Condoms? No as we are a monogamous couple and when we are only fucking in bed. When we play I use a condom though. Princess is tied up (rope, cuffs or/and plastic foil) and thus I can’t leave her unattended while I refresh before taking her in a different way.

  5. At the beginning I did not like anal sex, but I was forced to get used to, even to cum in that way 🙂
    We do not use condoms, but after anal no return in the pussy 😉

  6. Good thing I’m already a mute, or I’d be choking while trying to swallow and talk at same time.

  7. Dear Vile,
    Holy shit this post made me wet. I know how you feel. As a Dominate female I must say I Love Pegging my Husband.
    I’m able to feel everything, and although I don’t shoot a load I do feel as if I’m ejaculating and its F*^&ing AMAZING. Its great to have a male sub and I’m in the process on writing a post.
    Your Friend,

  8. Oh I wanted to mention from a previous comment. I personally like my Ruger P89 9mm. However I really enjoy shooting our AK47 : )

  9. Gosh I have always wanted to try anal… I’ve never approached Daddy on it…. May need to :p

  10. It would be a deal breaker for me too Sir! It’s a must have for this kitten! 😀

  11. phoenixasubbie Says:

    I have never looked at it as the ultimate in submission to my man.. but simply a meeting of his desires… and mine


  12. LittleBoPeep Says:

    Vile… You KNOW how much I love and need anal, the ultimate act of submission…When I am hauled to the edge of huge bed and lifted by Sir’s cuffs.. It is one of the greatest gifts we give each other. 🙂

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