So I want to write a book

Everybody wants to write a book today. I have even been asked why I don’t move to a site so I could start making some money. Well its not money that I am interested in. Although I do like money, but if I did that then it becomes a Job, it becomes something I have to do. Blogging is a release for me, it is where I can go and be me. I can share my thoughts and my life experiences, although there are somethings I have not shared because I am not to happy about some of my past. It is not that I ever hurt anyone because I have never crossed that line, and I never did anything that was not asked of me, just somethings I am not proud of. This was when I first became active in the lifestyle.

Thekinkyworldofvile this is where I can come and hide in my own little world, fuck I can be me, not that I worry what others think, it is just a release.

What the collar means, how you earn a collar and know it is just not giving to you.

Rules and protocols and what they mean…………

I am also against abuse in case you have not caught on yet, but I am sure many of you know this already. I am against any type of abuse when it comes to women, in the lifestyle or no. It does not matter where you are from, it does not matter what your color is, it does not matter if your gay, straight or Bi. You are still humans…..

I preach against stupid, I preach against stupid everyday. Most men think I spend much of my time bashing them and that is not the truth. I do however Bash those who are married to vanilla women and you cant get your wife to suck your cock so you hunt out those who will. You have to do so because you cannot run your own home. Your really not a man, and you never comment. Almost 200.000 visitors and 5.000 comments and not one man has left a comment to justify why he fucks around on his wife and family. Or how you sit at the dinner table and look at your child in the eye, knowing what your doing behind their back. Okay enough of that because I am getting upset here.

Over 800 post and a couple of re-blogs and I have so much more I want to talk about, so much more I want to cover, and what I am trying to do is reach out to those who are new to the lifestyle and maybe just maybe I can lead you down the right path, so you do not have to experience the abuse so many have. Physical abuse is bad , but mental abuse is a Mother Fucker, it stays with you for years, and the scars are much deeper, bones heal mental not so much. The constant mind fuck abuse. Then once out of that relationship your now scared like a puppy who was beaten.

So I want to write a book, not so much for profit, but to maybe try to let people into my world a bit more. Maybe allow others to see a different side of me.

Talk more about my travels my first interactions with BDSM , how I knew I was different as a teen, my relationships , training , and how training is different depending on the submissive or the slave. Because what works for one does not work for the other. What to look out for when it comes to looking for a Dom, or when meeting a Dom. Safety when it comes to play, even impact play where to hit and where to not hit. I could cover so much.

Someone was suppose to help me, because number one I do not have a clue on where to start. She has some family problems come up and family comes first. Someone else was recommended but she now has her hands full with a huge move coming up, and last but no least my writing skills are not the best.

A kinky book, covering everything from anal sex, to fisting, face fucking, bondage, control, how to train who knows where it could go.

Spotting a predator, being able to spot a fake Dom from the beginning, how to avoid all the heartache it could be a book that never ends.

I guess what I am looking for is a co-writer, someone who is willing to step in and help. Not a long book I was thinking like 1500 pages or so maybe a little longer… Short story

Any Idea ?

ImageWhat a way for me to start out a book. Once upon a time, by Vile


25 Responses to “So I want to write a book”

  1. Sounds like a great book, and I’m sure it would prove to be useful to many. Hope you find someone to co-author. Having an agent find someone to write with you may be something to consider.

    Currently I have four books on the market, but my contract states I can only work with my publishing house until I have met all my writing obligations.

  2. I’m try to compose sensually erotic poetry with quotes and photos and short stories….quickies if you know what I mean… In a classic beautiful “hard” cover.

  3. Dearest Vile,
    I have such Respect for You. I like your attitude, the way you think and the way you express yourself.
    I personally think its an Awesome idea to compose a book outlining the inner workings of everything within the BDSM lifestyle. I support you in your endeavor, and if their is anything I can do to assist you Please let me know. It would be a Delight and Pleasure.
    Oh btw Please give Arianna a hug for me : )
    Your Friend,

  4. It may sound silly, but I am delighted when people create! Quite by accident I bumped into your blog and happy to read your quality posts. I hope I did a lot of silly with my very bad English.
    I myself want to someday write a book, because I have a huge urge to write, it makes me calm (Marquis de Sade: D).

  5. I am convinced you have much to tell, that you can add so much to the lifestyle. You have great ideas and an interesting vision. May I recommend you start your book about you, who you are, how you discovered yourself, your journey and experiences.

  6. Kathy Lewis Says:

    We’ll I think a book would be a fabulous idea. I know there is a writers group in your area that is having a workshop in June. You might be able to network and get pointers. Go to for more info.


  7. I’ll buy your kinky book, for sure, Sir. It’s sounds like what you really need is an editor. Someone to clean it up and help you organize it, but the thoughts, ideas, stories, etc. will be yours.

  8. 1500 pages is anything but little…1500 words is a long blog post. 150 pages, maybe? It’s less about the length and more about figuring out the goal of the book (what message you want to convey) and then take however many pages are necessary to tell the story (but 1500 is still too many). 🙂

    That being said, if I can help in some way, I’m happy to – regardless of the move. 🙂

  9. Vile,
    Your book is already written. Bloggers turn their blogs into best sellers all the time. Justin Halpern, Allie Brosh, Heather Armstrong to name a few. (the first two are friggin hilarious). Like all good authors, you’ll need an editor. But a professional one may not cost much if you give them credit on the cover or offer a percentage of the royalties. And you’ve probably already done this but just in case: decide who your favorite, published authors are and find out who their editors are. They don’t necessarily have to be in the community as long as they are excellent. If they won’t edit, they’ll tell you and you can move on. But seriously consider just “cleaning up” what you’ve got. Good luck! (and why are my responses always so damn long?) 🙂

  10. “tips, drips, lips and tricks, licks, dicks of the trade”, I ❤ ❤ ❤ it!! This girl will appreciate a personally signed copy please my friend, SIr Vile…

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