Tomorrow The Collaring Process And Why The Daddy Dom And Baby Girl Is Not Included

I am going to walk you through what I think the collaring process is.

I am also going to give my reasons why a Baby girl should not be collared.

I’ve been down and out had a few teeth pulled and ended up with a bad infection.

Much love

18 Responses to “Tomorrow The Collaring Process And Why The Daddy Dom And Baby Girl Is Not Included”

  1. shewhoserves Says:

    Oh so sorry to hear about Your illness. There is nothing worse than dental pain. Here is to speedy healing and no more infection.

  2. phoenixasubbie Says:

    Great timing. I was just telling Peep today that lots of Daddies don’t collar babygirls

    Feel better

  3. Looking forward to reading…

  4. Sorry you aren’t well!

    I’m definitely interested in reading what you have to say because SSir and I have briefly discussed collaring and I’m DEFINITELY a babygirl.

  5. Ugh! Feel better.

  6. Get well soon and take care. Looking forward to your post.

  7. Ugh, it’s bad enough having to have a few teeth pulled, getting an infection on top of that is too much! Hope you feel better soon.

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts on collaring.

  8. Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather, hope you are doing better.

  9. Ouch , hope you’ll feel better soon!

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