Viles Dating Service

I have been thinking about this. I have come up with an awesome idea.

I could start a live video dating service. I was approached by someone this am.

Very low cost as low as 2.00 for chat and live video. No nudity sorry no membership fees you pay for what you want and if the dude pisses you off you just exit poof pull a fucking casper.

A very easy way for submissives and slaves to meet new partners.


22 Responses to “Viles Dating Service”

  1. Lol isn’t that what most dating sites are??? Or is it strictly for subs and Doms??

  2. I could imagine the rigorous screening process.

  3. Dear Vile,
    Brilliant. Wishing You All the Best in Your Endeavor.

  4. Vile’s Dating Service

    A place where you can meet that Master, Dominant, Slave or submissive of your dreams and find that certain someone who captivates your imagination and engages your eros…

    If you hit it off, you can pursue what may be perhaps a life-style that until now you have only dreamed of…

    And if you don’t meet your match and when you have had enough, just push the delete button and poof… your angst and displeasure is uniquely de-tethered and you are free to move on to spank or to submit another day…

    Vile’s Dating Service – Find your BDSM partner today…

  5. LOL Joseph seems to like it. He’s even written your site description. There is so much to do for this site. Screening and profiles and having someone create the pages, as well as a host site that can hold all the data.

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