Those Whiny Words , I Wish I Could Be A Better Dom

I can just picture it in my mind. I had a new found friend who contacted me on Fetlife asking for a little advice, not that she really needed it because she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. As I was reading these words I read really stuck out.

I Wish I could be a better Dom , Master , or Daddy. Those have to be the most pathetic words I have ever heard come out of not just a Doms mouth but a Mans mouth.

Now who is the Whiny little bitch , those words are a last ditch effort because he has lost or is losing control in a situation. He has done something he has no control over. He is sitting there with his elbows on his knees his hands covering his face, saying I wish I could be a better Dom or Daddy.

What is happening is there are little flash cards scrolling through his mind on what he should do next, how to regain control. Ahhh here is the card. I am going to play the self pity card. I am going to make the submissive or slave feel guilty.

Either you are Dominant, either you are a Daddy Dom , either you are a Master OR your not, there is no in between. Either you have control or you do not, it is really very simple.

If we as Dominants have made a mistake, then own up to it. We are not perfect as much as we would like to think. Yes it is true I Vile do make mistakes, far and few , and when I do I fix it. I may even make a few Mistakes while in the process, but I fix it. If by chance I am ever wrong which is like an asteroid landing in my front yard at 3.15am killing my slaves flower pot with daisy’s, The first thing I do is admit my wrong doing, then I explain what I am going to do to fix it.

Maybe it would be cool if there were a Master Reference guide, pocket size so we could run to the bathroom room and scroll through the chapters so we could find ways to fix a screw up, or even a lie.

Let me tell you something, women forget nothing, women delete nothing, so if your going to lie, be sure to remember the lie you just told, because if you tell one lie, you have to tell several more to cover that one up.

I remember when yahoo messenger came to life, WOW the greatest thing since the slice of bread, also the worse thing. I had been chatting with this slave eh maybe a year, and I said something and she was quick to correct me, but I stood my ground, until she copied and pasted a conversation we had some either months earlier. What the fuck, this bitch has saved everything we have ever talked about, yea noway to deny anything it was right there in black and white. Women forget nothing. A Woman can quote you word for word about something you said twenty years ago.

The last ditch effort to regain control the self pity move, because your getting your ass kicked in chess. That is what life is a game of chess , every move is a strategic move. We have full control over the out come of our life.

Okay sometimes those words do work, your in love, now he has made you feel guilty. You are the one who did something wrong. The cards have been turned, now it is your fault because he fucked up. He can now put his little Fifty Shades pocket guide up, he crossed the hurdle. He has survived this ordeal.

Do you or have you fell for this self pity move, have you fell for the guilt trip, because he is the one who fucked up, or you caught him fucking someone else. After all he was just fucking her, he makes love to you. Or you found out he was married after being in the relationship for six months, now he is in the process of losing a piece of ass. What is the greatest fear ? The fear of loss yes indeed. Now he will say or do anything to regain control.

The self pity card is very addictive, if it worked once he will continue to be used until it does not work any longer. The bad news is there are other victims who will fall for this card.

I wish I could be a better Dom. Those words are the words of a little Bitch.



14 Responses to “Those Whiny Words , I Wish I Could Be A Better Dom”

  1. Double Leo Says:

    I love how you just come right out with it! Thanks Vile 🙂

  2. Double Leo Says:

    Reblogged this on Somewhere between Submissive and Slave and commented:
    How many times have I felt bad for a Daddy/Dom I was talking to and given him another chance because of this BS card? It is one thing to make a mistake and learn from it, its another to just sit down, throw your hands in the air and admit defeat. Who needs a Dom Guide, we have Vile and he is the next best thing in my book!

  3. I’m pretty lucky not to have to worry about this but I am glad you are making it clear. It is a trap.

  4. Damn I love your intense honesty… I think you’re right… How can they be Dominant without being Dominant. Lol and well we (women, especially submissive women) don’t forget anything. So yeah… You’re right self pity is unattractive to me, because I am submissive and have a lot of issues and have dealt with lots of self pity. I’m not gonna look for a hopeless “Dom” I want a real Dom. Who knows where He stands and where He’s going and taking me. Isn’t that the point???

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