Your Body Is A Commodity

That is a funny way to look at this but it is true. Your Mouth, your pussy and ass is a great commodity. All three are in high demand. All three are high on the males list, more so the Dominant because he or we want full control over what is under your clothes.

Okay once you first meet your new potential Dom from the time you shake hands, the bell rings just like it does in New York when wall street opens. The more impressed he is or how bad he wants you, the more valuable you become. Maybe he does not want a relationship maybe he just wants his cock sucked your stock is soaring through the roof.

Yea when you first meet all men think the same or maybe women do as well, but while your talking, I have this vivid picture in my mind what you would look like on your knees with a mouth full of dick, or what you would look like spread eagle on my bed while I am pumping you.

I remember some 25 yrs ago I had a friend who owned a store and I would help out every now and then, if he needed help. There was this fine looking bitch named Sarah who would come in and buy one beer every night. I mean this girl could stop the clock. Her stock was way up in the 6 digits. So a couple of months went buy and I didn’t work then one Friday night I was working and she walked in and I was thinking man, what I would give to face fuck her right here, but I was thinking man there is something different about her as she paid for her beer and walked out I followed her, once she was in her car I walked up leaned on the door with my arms crossed and I said wow you got a boob job, they look awesome. The skirt she was wearing was way up to her waist and her legs were spread neon pink panties and she did not bother to hide anything. She then made the comment yes I know they look good, but you will never have to worry because you would never get any of this anyway. So I closed my eyes and I made a little grunt and then a breath of fresh air. Sarah said what was that for? I said well Sarah I have a very vivid imagination and I just pictured myself fucking you and to be honest it was the worst piece of ass I have ever had, so if you were to offer I would have to decline because ive already been there.She started her car and drove off flipping me the bird, shrugs, see what I get for being honest.

I just wanted to share That story. I was at work the other day and shared it and he spit out his coffee.

What I am getting at the longer you hold out, the longer you keep what you have to offer, the more your going to be wanted, and your stock will rise, and could very well break a dow record.

You want the Dominant interested in you as a person, not how well you can suck cock, or how tight you are. That is the cake, you want to feed him but you want to hold out on the desert.

A few warning questions to you new subs. You just met a new Dom probably on line, ten or fifteen minutes into the conversation, the first question is what are your limits ? The second is you may call me Sir or you will call me Sir. He has not earned that right as of yet. Maybe a week or two maybe longer.  You know when a question is asked and it seems to personal you can put a stop to it right then and there.

You want to become a need not a want, you want to keep him wondering, you want to keep him guessing. You should have a set of protocols in place for meeting and dating a new Dominant. I myself have protocols in place for when I met a new slave, if they did not meet my standards, I thanked them for a nice dinner and we parted ways. If I had no interest in her I surely was not going to let her suck my cock. Okay so I blew 50 bucks so what, I got to have dinner with someone.

If your asked for head on the first meet and you say no, he will probably blow up, and say things like your not submissive, or now your not his type, who fucking cares?

So where do you want your stock to be penny stock or maybe around 500 dollars a share.

Just some wacky thoughts.



28 Responses to “Your Body Is A Commodity”

  1. mrmodigliani Says:

    Vile, how about “Your Body is a Blue Chip Stock” or something like that? Commodity can mean an undifferentiated product in wide supply.

  2. I’ll be keeping this in mind when and if I start looking again. :-p

  3. No sucky sucky? what a waisty of precious daddy commodity. Sorry uncle vile, love, katie

  4. Yes, sooooo right! I had two different “Doms” introduce themselves on Twitter yesterday and within 10 lines of conversation, were requesting a meet up on Skype and asking me to be their sub…..really?!? Whether it’s a D/s or straight relationship, I’d like the opportunity to at least get to know the person before I start removing my clothes for crying out loud….do I look like an idiot? I don’t think so…beware of the predators! xo

  5. I love how crass your language is- it makes me smile. I am a sub but I never allow people to treat me poorly. Dom or not. And you gotta earn my trust. Once you lose it however, it’s gone for a long time.

  6. So what You’re saying is if I don’t give Daddy my body for weeks on end that I will earn more hunger points???? 😉 Hmmmmm I don’t know if I can last that long this girls been waiting too long :p

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