To title or not to title: the ultimate question

This was my beautiful wife and slaves thought for the day.

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Dear readers.
What are titles?  I believe they are compartmentalizations. They are defining words that keep us in check unbeknownst to us or not. Are they limiting?
That depends on your perception of yourself.
We grow in and out of titles and add and subtract them according to life circumstances. Do we need them?

What do we need to thrive?  Direction?
Guidance?  Or the freedom of undefinable expression? 
Some of us need the safety that titles give us. While some find themselves to be restricted by them. Which category do you fall into?  Well isn’t that a title in and of itself? 

So how does one become free of titles if one wants to? I don’t think that there’s a recipe that fits all but I do believe we are not who we think we are. Because who is it that thinks?  Isn’t there an intellectual being behind the thoughts? …

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