Our Search For A Third , Our Bubble Our World

First I want to say I have been cigarette free since January 1st, okay sort of, I am still using the ecig thing. Second I have to wait until October for the Walking Dead to come back on. I am addicted to that show. Now I have to wait almost seven months, and it is killing me.


Well it is almost 6am eastern time , I am up as I am every morning. I wake at 3.40 am with Arianna we sit in the dinning room and have our morning coffee and we talk. Then around 4.30am I walk her out to the car and see her off to work, then our morning drive talk. Sometimes we talk about nothing, then at times like this am we have a deep conversation, and the conversation did get pretty deep and personal, mainly about our life.

The one word that comes to mind is simplified , our life is very simple, but I have made it that way. I have made our life simple and drama free, not a worry in the world, why or how is that ? Vile has made it that way. We live in a very controlled environment. It is almost like walking into a clean room in a hospital, you dawn your little paper suit, your paper boots and your mask, then you enter Vile and Arianna’s bubble our own little world.

The world of a Slave, the surroundings of a Slave, the thoughts of a Slave. What I have done it taken someone and I have molded them , I had a perception of what I needed out of a Slave. I had a picture of my own little bubble, I had a clear picture of how I saw my life.

When I first met Arianna she was way out of control, her life was in total shambles, a life with no direction. This was not her fault not in any way. Once she found out who and what she was she needed guidance she needed a teacher, someone to step in that really cared about her well being. What she found was men who thought they were Dominants or who thought they were Masters who were controlling and lived their life with their cocks. One thing on their mind and one thing only PUSSY.

The sad part is many of you out there have been through the same thing and many still are but you feel you have no place to go, or you think okay I am here I just might as well stick it out, better to have someone than have no one.

Now this can be a little scary and some will think there is no way, but when I say train a Slave that is just what I mean. Having this ability does not come over night, nor does it always work. One you have to be true to yourself, two you have to have the need to own, three you have to be willing to step up to the plate, four you have to have someone who is in need and also willing. It is kinda like okay my way is not working you do what you need to do.

So I open my world, you can step into my bubble , I will share what is so precious to me. In my world you will find no problems, you will find no stress, you will find no drama. Welcome to Vile’s world.

I am very much in control of my life and I let very few people into my world. When I invite someone over which is very seldom, even then I do not allow them into my bubble, I unzip and I step out, once they are gone I step back in.

Arianna was talking about how much she has changed, and how she missed somethings, it was like she did not care about anything or anyone any more.

Then I began to explain, I talked about the local news the other day she said I want to change this it is so depressing. The thing is none of that effects us. The problems around the world does not effect us, the cost of food going up, the price of gas going up, the problems the people next door have, all of the killing going on around us the everyday problems around us, none of that effects us, because I do not allow it to. Mainly because of our own little bubble. I handle things before they become problems, many times I handle things without Arianna even knowing. She will bring something up and I will say its already done. There was a problem from her past that came up and it had a huge effect on her. All along I told her I had a plan and when the time came I would take care of it, and sure enough I did. It is not something that will happen over night there are steps we have to take, but I am doing the stepping, Arianna just has to follow. It was a huge load off of her shoulders, and once it is finished there will be a great relief.

The bottom line is I will not let anyone or anything disrupt our way of life, our bubble our world. I am in full control and I will continue to be in control. Sure even I have rules, I have rules that come with daily life. I may or may not like them but they are there, sometimes they have a meaning and sometimes they do not but they are there, I follow the process because I do not want to disrupt what I have.

So I met Arianna and we hit it off , but after we had met I had a lot of thinking to do because it was really the first someone had laid out to me what they fully needed. It was now me who had to decide if I wanted that much responsibility. If I wanted to take on such a task. The I had to stop and think wait a minute you are Vile, there is nothing you cannot do. The one thing I learned long ago is, you never tell someone you cannot do something even if you do not know how, you say yes I can then you learn how to do it.

Okay so Arianna needs this and this and this, Arianna needs to be micromanaged, she needs daily structure, she needs rules, she gets pleasure out of being used, so I just had to come up with a plan. I was about to venture a total new training process. I called several Doms who I consider friends not close friends but friends, and everyone gave me the same answer. DUDE FUCK THAT, THAT IS WAY TO MUCH WORK. I can tell you the first time I walked Arianna into a munch and I saw Jaws dropping open, I was thinking yea mother fucker eat your hearts out, this is my bitch. You can look and then go home and jack off thinking about her.

So I had a plan it was a plan I had to sit down and put on paper, and once I was done I knew I had to stick to it. Although she was a slave and she had needs it was her who had to adapt to my ways, she had to adapt to my way of living, my thoughts and needs, it was her who would crawl to me.

A month into the training, I remember eating Dinner,Arianna was chained to the kitchen table and I was feeding her, I knew then the Adapting process was well underway, or when I chained her to the couch. Then when she asked for permission to go to the bathroom, I knew I was on the right path.

So our search for a third, it has been on and it has been off. The need for another Slave was not something I brought up, it was Arianna who brought up the subject. This was after attending a few MasT meetings and then we had a Dom invite us to lunch because he wanted to drill us about our life and how it worked. We get that a lot people want a peak into our little world, people seem so amazed when we talk about the way we live. We are really no different I do not think. Either you are Master and Slave or your not.

I am very protective of Arianna , I keep a close eye on her, while at home and even while at work. While I am in control, while she is my slave, it is her who comes first. I make sure her needs are met before mine. Why? Because she gives so much, even when she does not see what she gives. She does not see how she has changed mainly because she lives her life daily, I keep everything in check. I keep the two of us in our own little world…

So in the past couple of months I have emailed, spoke with and text several slaves, and I have nixed all of them with the exception of one we have been in contact with now for about a month. We talk on the phone and Arianna and her are in consistent contact with each other during the day, and soon she will fly out to visit.

When her and I first started talking I explained to her that is was not me she had to win over it was Arianna. Her and Arianna had to become friends, because well on my end, I know everything would just fall into place.

There are things that have to be understood and after reading this she may very well change her mind, but I cannot bend from our way of life. It is the Slave who will have to adapt to our way of life, my rules, my protocols , then she may enter our world our bubble.

The third will not be micromanaged which is obvious , I have no room for that. She will not have to follow the same rules Arianna does, she will not have the same task Arianna does. She will have to understand Arianna’s way, the way she is treated, she will have to understand her rules, her protocols, and be willing to except them. Arianna does have a cage, it is Ariannas cage and only her cage. That is her special place, she goes there to let everything go, to relax, she feels safe from the outside world. The slave will have to adapt to our way of life, our surroundings. The slave will have to fulfill our needs. Although Arianna does not fit into that normal Alpha position the third will still have to be the beta. The slave is there for Arianna.The slave will serve the home, the slave will help with the upkeep of the home. The slave will become part of the family, and except the way things are ran.

My first thoughts when thinking of adding a third was someone who is docile, and introvert, someone who is quite. This slave is some of those things but I think will be able to adapt.

We had thought about a Baby Girl in the recent past but I decided against that  because it would disrupt our process, it would disrupt our way of living. I think Arianna might be willing to except someone with one child, we spoke a little about it the other day and she said something about needing a three bedroom, that was the end of the conversation.

The slave the third would have different rules as I have stated, different task, but most important be willing to except Ariannas way of life, and not make any judgements one way or the other. Arianna is in a very happy place right now, Arianna is in a very safe place right now.

I have not brought up the extra flavor yet. This is what most Doms or Master say their reason is for needing another Slave. You know I get everything I need from Arianna. The word no has never come out of her mouth. I get my cock sucked when ever I want, I fuck when I want, I get the ass when ever I want. Sometime I just pull out of her pussy and slide it right into her ass without a though. I can do pretty much anything I want . Arianna does really not have any limits, that in itself is not easy to find, with the only exception she is not into pain.

So while sex would come up , that is not our main reason for adding a third. The third has to bring something to the home, the third has to be able to add to the home and to help continue to build a solid foundation.

Another thing I have to keep in mind Arianna will pretty much go along with anything, so I have to be careful with some decisions I make, things I do, again it is her who will need to benefit from such a relationship.

With the right Slave a Third could be good.




32 Responses to “Our Search For A Third , Our Bubble Our World”

  1. I hope everything works out for the two of you.
    May there be no unseen thorns to scratch the bubble.

  2. I thoroughly understand and enjoy how protective you are. I need that. I need our bubble. I appreciate all your time and effort in creating and stabilizing that bubble. I trust that you will continue to do everything to keep our unit safe. I truly love and adore you. I need you. Your guidance and understanding have been Paramount in my continued happiness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Always yours

  3. Double Leo Says:

    I have made no secret that I think you are both AWESOME and an inspiration to the rest of us. The love and dedication that you have for Arianna Vile is what I so many of us hope to find and you are proof that it can be found when its right with the right person. I hope that all goes with the visit and that it only gets better from here for both of you!

  4. Dear Vile,
    🎉Congratulations 🎉 on being “Cigarette” free! If anyone should quit is Me since I have Lung disease. So shame on me…
    I myself am seeking a third, although we don’t live the same lifestyle. For me it’s important that I’m Respected and its Understood that I’m the Alpha Bitch and they clearly understand their role within our relationship.
    Great Post!
    Anastasia 😊

    • Wow I love your attitude you go girl.
      You would feel so much better if you went and bought an ecig.
      I am breathing so much better and I’ve actually started dreaming again.
      Thank you for your positive comment

      • Dear V,
        I know I need to stop. It feels like hot coals in my chest when I breathe. You would think That would be a sign, or clue as I turn around and light another cigarette. What is your suggestion to the best way to purchase the E-cig. I can’t remember the last time I woke up and recalled any dreams.
        ps. If I should connect with a third I’ll keep you posted.

  5. LittleBoPeep Says:

    Vile, you have given this so much careful thought and consideration, especially for Arianna’s need, I have no doubt that you will eventually find the right person for this role. Much love to you both 🙂

    • Thank you but if and when it happens the first bad sign it’s done.
      Because no one can replace Arianna.

      • LittleBoPeep Says:

        I think as long as that is understood and the third is honest about her needs, it will work out. I have given this some thought, based on your posts. I know I could be a third, for a time, but not long term. I would not be happy unless I was an alpha female,

      • There has to be an alpha and the other has to know this and respect her just as much as she does the dominant.

  6. The amount of respect you have for Arianna is beautiful, Sir. A third will be lucky to even witness that, much less be an addition to that.

  7. yeahhhh Vile good job….clean 75 days for me today!!!!!

  8. shewhoserves Says:

    Very lucky girl indeed if she is even being considered.

  9. shewhoserves Says:

    No questions here Sir. Kajiri do not question. Was simply a true statment that she is a very lucky girl to be considered at all.

  10. […] planning to just focus on my career for now.  It’s funny because I started my day reading Vile’s latest blog and thinking how AWESOME it would be to have a Daddy Dom who loved me SO MUCH he created a bubble […]

  11. I wish the best for You and for Arianna!!! I know for me it’s been a blessing having my Daddy and my sweet alpha in my life. I hope Your potential slave loves You both as much as I love my Daddy and alpha too.

    • It will be good because I will pick the right one.
      I may interview as many as 30 or more before I find the right one

      • Wonderful!!! I’m excited for you both 🙂 honestly, I’m really glad you’re being protective and considerate of Arianna. I’ve read so many little girls and subs in general who’s Daddies didn’t even consider them when finding a beta. That “flavor” was all they really cared about. :,( I think that’s selfish and does more harm than cheating on someone. Because the “alpha” sub just looks back at them doing their thing and realizes in this situation, she isn’t the apple of her Daddies eye. I would hate to ever come between that in my bubble. I sometimes get lonely but I know for me, what I have with Daddy and my alpha is just what I need right now. Stability and the freedom to grow and the right people to guide me in this most loving way. I love being the beta. Pleasing my Daddy and my alpha makes me happy and I want most to make them happy. Arianna is lucky to have You. And You are lucky to have her!! I wish the best of luck to both of you in finding your beta. ❤

  12. […] planning to just focus on my career for now.  It’s funny because I started my day reading Vile’s latest blog and thinking how AWESOME it would be to have a Daddy Dom who loved me SO MUCH he created a bubble […]

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