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Where Does Our Problems End

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As we grow into adults we are suppose to set the example , show the way, we are suppose to lead the younger generation coming up.  We something somewhere went wrong, because you can just look around and say WTF is going on.

We are quick to judge others on the way they are living, we are quick to criticize others, we are quick to judge other Dominants, submissive’s and Slaves. Although we do not understand we still judge, we make fun of, we laugh at others. While our own backyard is so full of clutter you cannot walk without stepping on some of your own problems.

Okay I have been guilty of the same thing, well to an extent. The reason I say to an extent is because I handle things before they become problems, I keep drama out of my life , I simply do not allow negativity inside our bubble. In my home I am king I have that right

Now the reason I can live this way is because I live by the truth, and the truth only. This way I do not have to stop when asked a question and try to remember the lie I told. So if you really want to ask me a question make sure you want an answer.

I have judged in the past well not judged well okay I have. Someone just walked up and knocked on the door, I opened it and I forget his name but the only time he came over was to borrow something. Most of the time it was three cigarettes, one for him, one for his wife, and one for his mother inlaw. 

So he wanted to know if he could cook some frozen pizza’s in my oven, and I looked and said why whats wrong with your stove. Well my power was cut off, and it wont be back on for three more days. I said NO. Okay he looked at me baffled and I said it again NO.

Here was my thoughts behind my NO. He was on Disability drawing 900 a month, his wife was drawing 650 a month, then his mother inlaw was on SSI, 4 kids and almost 1200 a month in food stamps. They did not pay their bill. Not my problem.  This was the same guy I made the comment I didn’t know you could draw a check from being dumb, and his answer was yup.

90% of our problems are self inflicting maybe a little higher, I suppose mainly because we try to sweep things under the rug in hopes the problem will go away. The problem is it never does. 5% is okay I was not expecting that then the other 5% is a what the fuck happened. I am out of that 90% range and have been for a very long time

Even being a Dominant there are rules I have to follow and some of them are stupid. I am told what to do at work, no matter how much I disagree with anything I still have to comply. We have to follow rules our government has put in place , federal and local. We have laws and rules we have to follow.

I strum through some of the blogs on here and I just shake my head. I am not judging anyone of you because most are young and have not learned. Some you will have to hit rock bottom before you finely get that kick in the ass.

I have not heard from my Dominant in a week, or my Daddy. My Daddy never answers my text. My Dominant always cancels. Well he is married, you know this but you have for what ever reason excepted it, so now you fall under the 90%, not the two 5%’s the whole 90% is on your shoulders because it could of been prevented from the start. Okay so your left alone 95% of the time, you may get a few hours a month maybe a night, then he is back home fucking his wife, that he has no plans on leaving

Now you have just opened your front door with a Drama welcome banner, and not only do you have all of this drama, you now have to take on your Dominants drama. Who in the fuck wants this kind of life.

Some have been lied to and you did not know he was married, then you caught him. So now its the pity party. Poor me my wife is such a bad wife, she never pays any attention to me, she does not understand me, she has no interest in what I like doing, its all about her. We never have sex, she just rejects me.

Now does this sound like a Dom? Does this sound like a man in control? Is this the type of man you want controlling your life? Have you not thought of the what if he leaves his wife and we move in together will he cheat on me? Sure he will in a heart beat.

So what do you do ? You fix it . How do you fix it ? You make demands and you stick by your demands. Okay I want a date your moving out and we are moving in together. You have that right, you have the right to speak your mind, you have the right to communicate, at least that is what you were told when you first met. The one thing you were told was. You always have to be honest, you must always tell the truth. This comes from a man who can do neither. If his wife was the mean bitch from the north, he would of already left.

You have to handle your problems before they become problems, you have to keep all the drama out of your life.

You can make change happen for the better….. Where do you want to be 5 years from now.



Masturbation Tuesday

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Okay Ladies you need to relieve some stress, so today is the day to Rub one out. You can be driving, at home, maybe your at work.So take a few minutes out of your busy day and Rub one out. Trust me you will feel so much better.

Get rough with it, spank it, prob it, you cant hurt it…..

I want to be able to walk outside and hear the words FUCK YEA

Image By the way this pic is HOT


If Your Dominant Is Married

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Ok I am on a rolling rant this am, it is now 7.30am eastern time and Ive been up since 3.40am. I get up with Arianna every morning so we can have coffee together and just talk.

I was in a miserable Marriage for 9 long fucking years, wow what the fuck was I thinking. I wanted the Leave it to Beaver thing. The house the kids the dog, the fence. Get the fuck out. The worst sex I ever had, could not suck a dick to save the ark from sinking, and fucking was like dead weight. She lied to me all the time, even if the truth was adventitious to her. She spent money faster than the government. So I finely came clean about who and what I was, and I was told to move. I left with a duffel bag  and my motorcycle. I left her the house, the dog and over a 100.000 dollars in the bank. I think I may of had a 1000 dollars on me. Who gives a fuck, I did not because I was now free. Nine Miserable years and I remained loyal. I never stepped out of my marriage. I was a bigger man than that.

Okay I had met Beatrice on yahoo six months before I moved out, but Bea had the 6 month thing going on. She refused to meet anyone until she had known them for 6 months, so was that really cheating? Maybe, but I never asked her for any nudes, nor did we talk about sex. It was not long after I had moved into a beachfront apartment that she moved in, and I was finely in a good place.

If he cannot run his own home, if he has no control over his own home, how in the fuck can he control you.

If your seeing a married man, you will always be on the back burner, you will never be number one, and if you think for one minute he is going to leave his wife, you need to take a stupid pill. He is seeing you for one thing and one thing only SEX. His wife wont let him spank her, or she will not take it up the ass, but you will. You have the wild thought he is going to leave everything the two of them have built and just up and leave.

If you think about this, if you think real hard he would of already left, but he has not because he knows she will take him to the bank, she will clean his clock.

Now your seeing a married Dominant but most who are married and cheating are Daddy Doms, the biggest pussy’s on earth. Baby Girls are easy prey, they are more needy, they need more attention, but your not going to get that, your going to get a bag of broken promises and nothing more.

Now if your a submissive with any kind of a heart, if you have a conscious of any kind, if you have any feelings of any kind. Why would you come between something his wife has spent years building. They have had children together, they have bought a house together, cars, gone on vacations, family reunions , they have the jones over for cookouts. Why would you want to hurt her? What has his wife done to you?

Now your only getting one side of the story. His. Your only getting his side, how bad of a wife she is, how she does not care about him, how she wants to fight all the time, she makes him feel smothered. She makes his life miserable. Well if his life was so bad he would leave. He would pack up just like I did and say See ya, adios, I am out of here, you can have it, I am done. Think about it.

Nooo you sit by your cell phone waiting for a text, waiting for an email, your just waiting. but you never get it, and when you text it could be hours or days before you hear back.

If you think your the only other one he is fucking you are some kind of dumb, but you cant see it,all you know is you have found the one, the one you have been searching for your whole life. Please do not think for a minute if he does happen to leave his wife and you get lucky that he will not fuck around on you. He fucked around on his wife and his kids, why would he not fuck around on you.

You have got to think, don’t be responsible for wrecking what his wife has worked so hard to build , because no matter how big of a dirt bag he is she has stuck by him, she did nothing to you.


I Hate Fake People Mentors That Is

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Ive been mentoring a submissive for almost a year now. It has not been easy being she is some 6.000 miles away, but in the last year she has improved 100% and continues to get better everyday. She had been out out work due to depression and anxiety, but is now able to possibly step back into the work force again.

So finding a mentor close to her, now Ive blogged about this a little but I did not go into much detail. So where this submissive lives there is a huge community, Dominants growing like wold flowers. So you would think someone would be willing to step up to the plate. Not.

So this submissive has had me contact a couple of Dominants she thought would be a good mentor, yea she thought and there was one who I was really disappointed in a leader in the community. A leader of a local MasT group. Masters And Slaves Together.

Now to become a leader of a MasT chapter it is a very long process, I know, because I have been strumming the idea for a while now, starting a local chapter that is. I have been in contact with the regional office for sometime now. MasT is world wide, with members numbering in the thousands.

So I was in contact with such a leader a pillar of the community, someone who is respected because of his knowledge, his wisdom, well fuck who would make a better mentor. So after my first contact and I explained what this submissive needed , he agreed to help. Then I dropped the bomb. The submissive was not interested in sex, well at this point in her life. I explained that sex caused anxiety , it made her nervous, I am going to guess because of past relationships, I would not know because we have not talked about SEX.

So she contacts him, and fuck me the first thing he wants to know was her sexual fantasies she had as a child. Get the fuck out, really? Then he proceeded to tell her I had to be out of the picture because no mentor would want to take her on because of me, again really?

So I contacted another, and again I made it clear there was to be no sex, just a mentor, a friend someone she could talk to, someone who could guide her in the right direction, but you take the pussy out of the picture and helping a submissive is no longer worth it. No pussy no mentor.

A man who thinks like this is no leader because he is weak. Someone who is weak minded cannot lead, someone who thinks like this is a predator and nothing more. Using his position in the community to get laid.

Wanting me out of the picture, and I will tell you why. Once this submissive explained the amount of respect she had for me, I was a threat. I was a threat because she was still going to continue to listen to me. It goes as far as the other dominant would have to speak to me before punishing her. This was not my choice, it was not something I said, it was something she felt needed to be in pace, because I had earned her trust.

If either Dominant had stepped up to the plate and they were who they claimed to be, you never know what might of happened. If you don’t give up the pussy I am not going to help you. If you don’t suck my cock I am not going to be there for you.

This is a news flash gentleman. Pussy is not in shortage, there is plenty to go around, and there will always be plenty to go around. It is those who are fakes who believe their is a shortage.

Ahh she suffers from depression, she suffers from anxiety, I do not want to get involved with that mess. Well the truth is it really is not a mess, if you are who you say you are. It gets to a point to where you don’t even really notice it , because you take the time to get to know the person, face to face not while she is on her back.

I said yesterday BDSM is not about sex, and I find it really hard that someone who has been in the lifestyle for 20 years or more still looks at it a weakness.

I get gratification from helping others, I get a good feeling when I help others, even more so when I see someone move on and they have been able to improve their life. I have taken submissives in before and helped them get back on their feet, and I never once asked for anything in return. I never thought about fucking any of them. That was not the connection I wanted and it surely was not going to help.

There should be an Oath we as Dominants should have to take. There should be standards we as Dominants should have to uphold , if your going to boast about who and what you are in public you should be held accountable for your actions. I am guessing these guys carry self proclaimed titles. They have appointed themselves leaders.

Sure I will help you, but first you got to suck my cock then we will talk about your needs, and what your trying to achieve. Wow that just kills me, 20 plus years in the lifestyle and most still think like a twenty year old.

These are the dudes who are single by the way. These are the dues who are married and their wife wont suck cock but you will. These are the dues with all the drama in their life, all the problems, the dudes who have a secret life, your hidden away, your kept in a closet until your needed.

So when the next Dominant tells you hes been in the lifestyle for twenty years and he is demanding you call him Sir, or tells you that your training starts by sucking his cock, you tell him to go fuck himself with a chainsaw , train his self. Or go back home to his wife and make her suck his cock.

Don’t be played by a dumb ass, because you are being laughed at, I know I use to laugh a lot..



My oral reward

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My slaves thoughts on oral sex

arianna's Blog

The intoxicating smell. I can breathe in its aroma.  The sweetness that only he can bring. The thought of what’s coming consumes me. The scent is like no other.  Rarely do I receive such a treat. I must have been good to get such a Precious reward.

Now the sight. As my sense of smell is at overload the sight is even better. Almost indescribable. The form.  The shape.  The largeness. The oozing of its juices is such a tease.

Master may I? My mouth begins to water as permission is granted.  My hands are able to feel the rigidness but at the same time,  the softness of this mass before me.  My tongue flicks lightly over its texture and saliva begins to build. My mouth can barely contain both my wetness and it’s fullness.  I find that my drool just increases its flavor. God it tastes sooo good.  The…

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BDSM Is Not About Sex

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I keep going back to this visual thing, how we as humans are visual , most of what we take in is through our eyes. If we just listen we only take in less than about 35% of what we actually hear.

Going back to the google thing if you google BDSM and click on images you see women being tied up, beaten, face fucked, anal sex just out right fucking.

If you google love  then click images you get the just that love. Nothing about beating submissives or slaves.


If you google BDSM a whole new world opens up to the eye.

Image This is where the visual comes in. Don’t get me wrong, I love bondage, I love fucking, I really get off on face fucking. I love the fact than any time I want anal sex it is there no questions asked.

If your doing a math problem but the problem is incomplete, there is noway you can finish it, the problem goes unsolved, so it is never completed.

If you enter the world of BDSM and you do not have the whole math problem your relationship will never be complete, and you spend most of your time if not all trying to figure it out.

The part of the math problem that most leave out, and this is more for the younger Dominants, the novice Dominants, but more so the fake Dominants. There are major parts of the problems that will never get solved, and in the end you will lose every time. The younger and novice Dominants in time the problem can be completed, but your talking years of trying to solve different problems.

The BDSM images leave out a lot of information. and it shows one side to the lifestyle, and one side only, and that is abuse.

What it does not show is the structure we as Dominants provide, the security we provide, the trust we provide, the rules and protocols we put in place. It does not show the communication we so much need or want.  The images do not show the stability we provide. Most important it does not show the love we have for ours.

It does not show the hours we put into training the day months we put into training. It does not show how we as Dominants take care of ours.

Our eyes can be very misleading..




You Can’t Fix Stupid

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You Can’t Fix Stupid.