Why Do Some Master’s Share Their Slave’s

Last year I was introduced to a Dominant who lives in Ocala Fla. We never met in person which was fine because after talking to him for about five minutes he was living proof that After Birth Does live.

He told me his Slave was begging to come back home, and as I was listening to him rant and complain, I am thinking Vile just hang up man, but I wanted to continue listening because perhaps I had just met the stupidest man on earth, and I found it rather amusing.

So I said well are you going to let her come back? He said well she has a few new rules she will have to follow. I asked what are those ?

He said she will have to fuck anyone I want her to, anyplace I want her to. I will take her to a bar here in town and I will make her go through a gang bang. I want twenty guys to fill her up with cum and make her walk around the bar dripping cum out of her pussy.

So now meeting the dumbest man on earth has gone from perhaps to I know he is without a doubt. So my question was after he was finished ranting was why? Why would you want to do this to someone you care for ? His answer was because I am her owner

Some twenty years ago I was invited to a swingers party to speak about I think the topic was mind fucks. So I knock on the door and the madam answered and asked me for 25.00 dollars and I told her I was there to speak and she just turned and walked away.  So I am walking through the house and the smell of funk was heavy. I did not want to touch anything, as I am walking I am looking at some of the people, and most looked homeless , my only thoughts was WOW.

I found the madam again and asked her where the bathroom was she told me upstairs , as I reached the top of the stairs there were several doors, so I started opening each door in hopes of finding the pisser. One door that caught my eye there were several dudes standing at the door. I was thinking that has to be the pisser, so I walked up without speaking opened the door, and I saw a young woman on her back and five dudes on the bed just going to town.

I just there for maybe 30 seconds looking and I could see a tears coming from her eyes, and this dork looked at me and said no watching get in line. I closed the door, and proceeded down the hall to the last door. Okay this has to be the bathroom, I started to open it then I looked at my hand and I un-tucked my shirt and used it to open the door. I used my foot to lift the lid not wanting to touch it and I was thinking Vile what the fuck are you doing her.

Walking back down the hall looking at these dudes waiting for their turn, as I walked past the door I stopped turned around I opened the door and the same dude says hey wait your turn. I looked at him and I said the turns are over. I grabbed the dude fucking her, by his hair and I told him he was done, I reached over grabbed her by the hair of her head pulling her up and I told her to get dressed.

Then her Master steps forward, and starts yelling at me telling me hes going to kick my ass. I took my index finger and touched my lips and he stopped talking, I said in a very calm voice. If you do not back up and shut your cock sucker up something bad is going to happen. I can see his fist are clinched and as I am looking I see a wedding band. I say look I am taking her home, or I can call the cops because what I saw looked like rape, now even if it was not rape, you will still have to explain to the cops why twenty dudes were banging this girl, and chances are your wife will find out.

As we walked down stairs the Madam walked up and said where are you going with daisy? I said I am taking her home, she then asked about the demo I was going to talk about, and I said you have just been mind fucked.

As we drive off I ask Daisy where she lives and the word Tampa comes out of her mouth. I said not tonight your crashing on my couch, I will take you home tomorrow.

What I do not understand if you truly love someone, you truly care about someone ? Why would you want to pass your submissive around or your slave?

Okay it is true some women do enjoy being used, some women do enjoy being passed around. Some women enjoy gang bangs. Looking back no when I saw Daisy’s Master standing there nude, I can understand why he would want someone else to do his deed.

So I now wonder if this is a group of low self esteem Dominants who are part of the pinky dick club. I will have to do more research on this to find out.

Thanks for reading, by the way this is a true story.



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34 Responses to “Why Do Some Master’s Share Their Slave’s”

  1. Somehow I doubt he would let any of those dudes take his car out for a joyride…

  2. Reading that it sounds like a bad bad dream.

    To want it and to have it is one thing. To be forced is another. Good for you for taking her out.

  3. With all due respect, Mr. Vile, the writing did not answer the starting point question: why some doms are sharing their sub?…

  4. It made me sad, so fucking sad reading what you wrote about Daisy. That was all I could think of… the cruelty. I wish hell was a real place for shitheads like her “Dom”.

    • You know it my friend

    • donna l masters Says:

      I agree, I was so incredibly sad..Some are young and new to the lifestyle and trust the wrong people. If Dom’s are married, they are probably not as likely to care for you. Please keep writing and informing people..it helps keep this lifestyle wonderful and safe.

  5. I really felt for Daisy and honestly wished to know more. I hope you include her in your book. Showing people the aftermath, or your interpretation of it. I agree with Franco Bolli. Eye for an eye would be nice. 😉

  6. I don’t know how forcing a sub to be shared encourages their growth and emotional well being. In my mind, it is an abuse of the gift granted to the Dom. Very sad.

  7. Wow, that is seriously fucked up. I don’t know what else to say. Even if it was meant as some form of cruel&unusual punishment, I still think it’s fucked up.

  8. There are a lot of messed up people out there and unfortunately just as many poor souls to mess around with.
    Just because you are a slave or submissive doesn’t meant you should be treated in an unhumane way.
    Thank goodness you were there and had the balls to stop it.

  9. That other Dominant did not seem to be a real D/ sound more like he was into Kinky with a fetish for cuckoid. If you got 5 guys and 1 girl in the same bed at the same time, chances are they are all into recreational sex with each other. Regardless, abuse is abuse, submissive or not.

  10. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:

    A new blog is coming

  11. missagathaarmstrong Says:

    I’m glad you decided her and I’m glad that she never went back x

      • missagathaarmstrong Says:

        You are welcome …

      • missagathaarmstrong Says:

        may i also say, how desperate and sad it makes me to think that there actually girls out there, mostly probably young, but some older ones too, that think so very little of themselves. i have a delicious tumblr blog, but there is a master (please note the little m) out there that speaks so terribly to these creatures – and reading their responses hurts my heart. Maybe some are just fantasy responses, but some – some have such a want to be treated like door mats – is this their kink or … as i suspect think so little of themselves that they would do anything – just to feel something. if only there were more of You.

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