My oral reward

My slaves thoughts on oral sex

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The intoxicating smell. I can breathe in its aroma.  The sweetness that only he can bring. The thought of what’s coming consumes me. The scent is like no other.  Rarely do I receive such a treat. I must have been good to get such a Precious reward.

Now the sight. As my sense of smell is at overload the sight is even better. Almost indescribable. The form.  The shape.  The largeness. The oozing of its juices is such a tease.

Master may I? My mouth begins to water as permission is granted.  My hands are able to feel the rigidness but at the same time,  the softness of this mass before me.  My tongue flicks lightly over its texture and saliva begins to build. My mouth can barely contain both my wetness and it’s fullness.  I find that my drool just increases its flavor. God it tastes sooo good.  The…

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One Response to “My oral reward”

  1. Dear Vile,
    I must say I Loved where Arianna took me in her writing this post.

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