I Hate Fake People Mentors That Is

Ive been mentoring a submissive for almost a year now. It has not been easy being she is some 6.000 miles away, but in the last year she has improved 100% and continues to get better everyday. She had been out out work due to depression and anxiety, but is now able to possibly step back into the work force again.

So finding a mentor close to her, now Ive blogged about this a little but I did not go into much detail. So where this submissive lives there is a huge community, Dominants growing like wold flowers. So you would think someone would be willing to step up to the plate. Not.

So this submissive has had me contact a couple of Dominants she thought would be a good mentor, yea she thought and there was one who I was really disappointed in a leader in the community. A leader of a local MasT group. Masters And Slaves Together.

Now to become a leader of a MasT chapter it is a very long process, I know, because I have been strumming the idea for a while now, starting a local chapter that is. I have been in contact with the regional office for sometime now. MasT is world wide, with members numbering in the thousands.

So I was in contact with such a leader a pillar of the community, someone who is respected because of his knowledge, his wisdom, well fuck who would make a better mentor. So after my first contact and I explained what this submissive needed , he agreed to help. Then I dropped the bomb. The submissive was not interested in sex, well at this point in her life. I explained that sex caused anxiety , it made her nervous, I am going to guess because of past relationships, I would not know because we have not talked about SEX.

So she contacts him, and fuck me the first thing he wants to know was her sexual fantasies she had as a child. Get the fuck out, really? Then he proceeded to tell her I had to be out of the picture because no mentor would want to take her on because of me, again really?

So I contacted another, and again I made it clear there was to be no sex, just a mentor, a friend someone she could talk to, someone who could guide her in the right direction, but you take the pussy out of the picture and helping a submissive is no longer worth it. No pussy no mentor.

A man who thinks like this is no leader because he is weak. Someone who is weak minded cannot lead, someone who thinks like this is a predator and nothing more. Using his position in the community to get laid.

Wanting me out of the picture, and I will tell you why. Once this submissive explained the amount of respect she had for me, I was a threat. I was a threat because she was still going to continue to listen to me. It goes as far as the other dominant would have to speak to me before punishing her. This was not my choice, it was not something I said, it was something she felt needed to be in pace, because I had earned her trust.

If either Dominant had stepped up to the plate and they were who they claimed to be, you never know what might of happened. If you don’t give up the pussy I am not going to help you. If you don’t suck my cock I am not going to be there for you.

This is a news flash gentleman. Pussy is not in shortage, there is plenty to go around, and there will always be plenty to go around. It is those who are fakes who believe their is a shortage.

Ahh she suffers from depression, she suffers from anxiety, I do not want to get involved with that mess. Well the truth is it really is not a mess, if you are who you say you are. It gets to a point to where you don’t even really notice it , because you take the time to get to know the person, face to face not while she is on her back.

I said yesterday BDSM is not about sex, and I find it really hard that someone who has been in the lifestyle for 20 years or more still looks at it a weakness.

I get gratification from helping others, I get a good feeling when I help others, even more so when I see someone move on and they have been able to improve their life. I have taken submissives in before and helped them get back on their feet, and I never once asked for anything in return. I never thought about fucking any of them. That was not the connection I wanted and it surely was not going to help.

There should be an Oath we as Dominants should have to take. There should be standards we as Dominants should have to uphold , if your going to boast about who and what you are in public you should be held accountable for your actions. I am guessing these guys carry self proclaimed titles. They have appointed themselves leaders.

Sure I will help you, but first you got to suck my cock then we will talk about your needs, and what your trying to achieve. Wow that just kills me, 20 plus years in the lifestyle and most still think like a twenty year old.

These are the dudes who are single by the way. These are the dues who are married and their wife wont suck cock but you will. These are the dues with all the drama in their life, all the problems, the dudes who have a secret life, your hidden away, your kept in a closet until your needed.

So when the next Dominant tells you hes been in the lifestyle for twenty years and he is demanding you call him Sir, or tells you that your training starts by sucking his cock, you tell him to go fuck himself with a chainsaw , train his self. Or go back home to his wife and make her suck his cock.

Don’t be played by a dumb ass, because you are being laughed at, I know I use to laugh a lot..



22 Responses to “I Hate Fake People Mentors That Is”

  1. Sounds like a couple of Assholes

  2. The only problem with the Oath idea… politicians don’t follow theirs either… at least not the way they were supposed to?

  3. Being respected as a woman is really hard, Vile. You add submissive to the mix, and it gets even more difficult.

    If only you could clone yourself, sir. I sure have not meet many men, D or V, who are willing to guide a woman without the bribe of pussy.

  4. lisazee Says:

    I also have problems with depression and anxiety and am attempting to get back to work. There are no resources available to help and I am almost out of money. So there is no choice but to give it a try. I am stressed beyond belief.

  5. Agreed Vile. In the beginning of our D/s Journey, Mynx wanted to call me Sir or Master. I said no. I wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t think she was either. I felt, even though I loved this woman without end, I didn’t deserve to be called Sir or Master. I wasn’t either, yet. As we grew, “Sir” seemed fitting and appropriate. Master doesn’t fit. And you know something, maybe one day it will, when we both have the experience and appreciation for why it is what it is. But not now, and why? Because it isn’t a necessary piece of us- and to your point Vile- it isn’t a necessary piece of what your sub-miss friend is seeking either. The behavior of these two is predatory, repacious, thieving, and uncalled for given the circumstances here-in.

    You’re a true crusader Vile, and I hope your sub-miss friend receives the guidance she seeks.

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

  6. lisazee Says:

    I am trying to find a job. I’m actually waiting for a disability appeal hearing as I have a bunch of health problems. I did finally get medical help because I was low on money. They won’t help until you are nearly broke and I am close now. Then of course if you manage to earn a decent amount the med help is taken away. And there is no way I can afford all the meds I take on regular paycheck.
    It is so frustrating. I’d give anything to be healthy.

  7. lisazee Says:

    Oh, wanted to mention that I’ve been reading your blog for several months (Arianna’s too) and your relationship is amazing. No matter how many people might not approve the only thing that matters is if the 2 involved are happy. Easy for me to say, I care way to much what people think. I know you don’t have that problem though. 😉

  8. lisazee Says:

    I’m from PA. Missed that question.

  9. This was a great post. I think there are many good, respectable, and true Dominants and submissives out there, and even more who are working hard to be better or the best they can, but as much as I like to be optimistic and believe in the goodness of others, I also have to be a realist with the full knowledge that there are others who are fake, untrustworthy, and don’t have a clue despite their “years of experience”. Your first hand account displays that all too well. I love to help others too so I know that itself can be its own reward. Kudos go out to you for all the help you give, and a specific finger for the D – bags who are entirely too selfish.

  10. lisazee Says:

    This past winter was terrible. Too much snow and sooo cold. Much money spent on oil. Can I email you about the single part? I think your blog is interesting, informative and at times entertaining.

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