If Your Dominant Is Married

Ok I am on a rolling rant this am, it is now 7.30am eastern time and Ive been up since 3.40am. I get up with Arianna every morning so we can have coffee together and just talk.

I was in a miserable Marriage for 9 long fucking years, wow what the fuck was I thinking. I wanted the Leave it to Beaver thing. The house the kids the dog, the fence. Get the fuck out. The worst sex I ever had, could not suck a dick to save the ark from sinking, and fucking was like dead weight. She lied to me all the time, even if the truth was adventitious to her. She spent money faster than the government. So I finely came clean about who and what I was, and I was told to move. I left with a duffel bag  and my motorcycle. I left her the house, the dog and over a 100.000 dollars in the bank. I think I may of had a 1000 dollars on me. Who gives a fuck, I did not because I was now free. Nine Miserable years and I remained loyal. I never stepped out of my marriage. I was a bigger man than that.

Okay I had met Beatrice on yahoo six months before I moved out, but Bea had the 6 month thing going on. She refused to meet anyone until she had known them for 6 months, so was that really cheating? Maybe, but I never asked her for any nudes, nor did we talk about sex. It was not long after I had moved into a beachfront apartment that she moved in, and I was finely in a good place.

If he cannot run his own home, if he has no control over his own home, how in the fuck can he control you.

If your seeing a married man, you will always be on the back burner, you will never be number one, and if you think for one minute he is going to leave his wife, you need to take a stupid pill. He is seeing you for one thing and one thing only SEX. His wife wont let him spank her, or she will not take it up the ass, but you will. You have the wild thought he is going to leave everything the two of them have built and just up and leave.

If you think about this, if you think real hard he would of already left, but he has not because he knows she will take him to the bank, she will clean his clock.

Now your seeing a married Dominant but most who are married and cheating are Daddy Doms, the biggest pussy’s on earth. Baby Girls are easy prey, they are more needy, they need more attention, but your not going to get that, your going to get a bag of broken promises and nothing more.

Now if your a submissive with any kind of a heart, if you have a conscious of any kind, if you have any feelings of any kind. Why would you come between something his wife has spent years building. They have had children together, they have bought a house together, cars, gone on vacations, family reunions , they have the jones over for cookouts. Why would you want to hurt her? What has his wife done to you?

Now your only getting one side of the story. His. Your only getting his side, how bad of a wife she is, how she does not care about him, how she wants to fight all the time, she makes him feel smothered. She makes his life miserable. Well if his life was so bad he would leave. He would pack up just like I did and say See ya, adios, I am out of here, you can have it, I am done. Think about it.

Nooo you sit by your cell phone waiting for a text, waiting for an email, your just waiting. but you never get it, and when you text it could be hours or days before you hear back.

If you think your the only other one he is fucking you are some kind of dumb, but you cant see it,all you know is you have found the one, the one you have been searching for your whole life. Please do not think for a minute if he does happen to leave his wife and you get lucky that he will not fuck around on you. He fucked around on his wife and his kids, why would he not fuck around on you.

You have got to think, don’t be responsible for wrecking what his wife has worked so hard to build , because no matter how big of a dirt bag he is she has stuck by him, she did nothing to you.


22 Responses to “If Your Dominant Is Married”

  1. Reblogged this on Ties That Bind Us and commented:
    In fairness in my opinion, Dom’s should be just as careful and leave married sub’s out.

  2. Overall, I think you are exactly right. But I also think you cannot generalize that point too much. Do I think this would never happen? Oh of course it will more often than not, for sure. I am almost certain that 29 percent of situations like this end bad for, really, everyone involved. But that also does not mean that there may be a guy or two that really follows through and does up and leave his family. Then however, your making the right point, that makes him more apt to do it again, as well. All in all… bad sticky situation for everyone involved…

  3. Kathy Lewis Says:

    That was an excellent blog. I have come across married subs that have a Sir as well as a husband. Would you give these subs similar advice. It seems their partner is not giving them what they need. Wouldn’t this be like the selfish Dom that has a wife but is seeing subs as well.

    Again, thanks for your insight.


    • Most of the time when that happens it is a lack of communication on the females part.
      If she has communicated her needs and they are ignored then she should woman up and leave.
      Today you can catch stuff you can’t take a shot for.

  4. Well, Sir. As usual, you teach the best lessons!

  5. Rubber Bound Princess Says:

    In any lifestyle choice cheating is just wrong, I believe relationships like we enjoy are based on a deep underlying trust and I really cannot understand why you would want either a married sub or married dom….i even asked my Master and his opinion it two words f#@k that x

  6. I met a Dom 4 years ago. He is local and turned out to be married. He was honest from the start what I was for and that leaving her was never an option. I respected his honesty and agreed to just be his toy. He had a heart attack and after he got out of the hospital I saw them in a store together. They are both in their 60s and the way she doted over him was just so sweet. From that day on I made it clear I would talk to him and be friends but I would never climb into a bed with him. I wasn’t about to ruin a marriage like that. She may not have enjoyed kink but she made up for what she lacked in how much she cared. Now I don’t even talk to him. He met someone else willing to play his game.

  7. aedmonds315 Says:

    Reblogged this on SEX w/ Annie, Let's Talk about Sex! and commented:
    If you’re seeing a married man think about his wife. There are two sides to every story. If she was that bad he would have left a long time ago.

  8. I am a married woman and I love my husband. Upon return from my last deployment in 2012, I came home different. I have since retired and currently do not work. I have tried explaining to my husband my need of structure, understanding, even acceptance. I want nothing more than for us to live a D/s lifestyle but he wants the woman in uniform back and sees my submissive desire as a weakness. Any advice would be appreciated.

  9. Lauran Kralj Says:

    Thank you so much for this! I have just started my journey and I have been “playing” with someone who is married. All that you have said is identical to the situation. It’s so hard when you think He’s the one, giving you what you need. But in reality how can he possibly? Thank you.

  10. Thank you for this….

  11. Thank you for your posts. I love reading you.
    What about the situation that is in between though ? Meaning by that you are in a relationship where you do not have this part you craving for (dominant-submissive) but the rest is good. No arguments, fun, laugh, a companion you can rely on and so on. You have built something with this other person, have kids. You are content but you still missing that part. You spoke about it, opened the communication but it is just not in your partner to be dominant (or submissive). Maybe they will try to please you but when it is not in you is hard.
    So then what have you left ?
    Either you woman up/man up and leave ? What about the kids ? Seeing them everyday is completely different than seeing them once in a while. What about all you built around with your partner ? You can love someone but not be in phase with that aspect so what then
    Either you just take it and put these thoughts deep inside you. And try to forget about it ?
    Cannot we develop feelings and a relation with another person without denying our first partner?

    • All very good and valid points , remember we are human and as humans we have needs. I suppose there are those who can bury something very deep but then are you truly happy?
      Leaving for me was much better than being pinned down and being someone I was not. Even after communicating my needs , my needs did not matter.
      I will respond with more
      Thank you for stopping by

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