Where Does Our Problems End

As we grow into adults we are suppose to set the example , show the way, we are suppose to lead the younger generation coming up.  We something somewhere went wrong, because you can just look around and say WTF is going on.

We are quick to judge others on the way they are living, we are quick to criticize others, we are quick to judge other Dominants, submissive’s and Slaves. Although we do not understand we still judge, we make fun of, we laugh at others. While our own backyard is so full of clutter you cannot walk without stepping on some of your own problems.

Okay I have been guilty of the same thing, well to an extent. The reason I say to an extent is because I handle things before they become problems, I keep drama out of my life , I simply do not allow negativity inside our bubble. In my home I am king I have that right

Now the reason I can live this way is because I live by the truth, and the truth only. This way I do not have to stop when asked a question and try to remember the lie I told. So if you really want to ask me a question make sure you want an answer.

I have judged in the past well not judged well okay I have. Someone just walked up and knocked on the door, I opened it and I forget his name but the only time he came over was to borrow something. Most of the time it was three cigarettes, one for him, one for his wife, and one for his mother inlaw. 

So he wanted to know if he could cook some frozen pizza’s in my oven, and I looked and said why whats wrong with your stove. Well my power was cut off, and it wont be back on for three more days. I said NO. Okay he looked at me baffled and I said it again NO.

Here was my thoughts behind my NO. He was on Disability drawing 900 a month, his wife was drawing 650 a month, then his mother inlaw was on SSI, 4 kids and almost 1200 a month in food stamps. They did not pay their bill. Not my problem.  This was the same guy I made the comment I didn’t know you could draw a check from being dumb, and his answer was yup.

90% of our problems are self inflicting maybe a little higher, I suppose mainly because we try to sweep things under the rug in hopes the problem will go away. The problem is it never does. 5% is okay I was not expecting that then the other 5% is a what the fuck happened. I am out of that 90% range and have been for a very long time

Even being a Dominant there are rules I have to follow and some of them are stupid. I am told what to do at work, no matter how much I disagree with anything I still have to comply. We have to follow rules our government has put in place , federal and local. We have laws and rules we have to follow.

I strum through some of the blogs on here and I just shake my head. I am not judging anyone of you because most are young and have not learned. Some you will have to hit rock bottom before you finely get that kick in the ass.

I have not heard from my Dominant in a week, or my Daddy. My Daddy never answers my text. My Dominant always cancels. Well he is married, you know this but you have for what ever reason excepted it, so now you fall under the 90%, not the two 5%’s the whole 90% is on your shoulders because it could of been prevented from the start. Okay so your left alone 95% of the time, you may get a few hours a month maybe a night, then he is back home fucking his wife, that he has no plans on leaving

Now you have just opened your front door with a Drama welcome banner, and not only do you have all of this drama, you now have to take on your Dominants drama. Who in the fuck wants this kind of life.

Some have been lied to and you did not know he was married, then you caught him. So now its the pity party. Poor me my wife is such a bad wife, she never pays any attention to me, she does not understand me, she has no interest in what I like doing, its all about her. We never have sex, she just rejects me.

Now does this sound like a Dom? Does this sound like a man in control? Is this the type of man you want controlling your life? Have you not thought of the what if he leaves his wife and we move in together will he cheat on me? Sure he will in a heart beat.

So what do you do ? You fix it . How do you fix it ? You make demands and you stick by your demands. Okay I want a date your moving out and we are moving in together. You have that right, you have the right to speak your mind, you have the right to communicate, at least that is what you were told when you first met. The one thing you were told was. You always have to be honest, you must always tell the truth. This comes from a man who can do neither. If his wife was the mean bitch from the north, he would of already left.

You have to handle your problems before they become problems, you have to keep all the drama out of your life.

You can make change happen for the better….. Where do you want to be 5 years from now.



7 Responses to “Where Does Our Problems End”

  1. I must say you sir are extraordinary… i hope to find someone like you and i wish you all the best with your love Arianna.
    I think the same way ,my age is middle 20 and the second i smell a bad personality i just leave, never in my life ever met someone who is that honest and pure and thinks the same as me.
    Hope you wont take this in a wrong way i dont hit on married man i simply see you as a person who can be a good friend to talk too. its like you are writing my thoughts.

  2. missagathaarmstrong Says:

    I agree whole heartedly ….

  3. Choices > consequences. Making good choices is something we learn. Good lessons here.

  4. Excellent points throughout. I have missed reading your posts!

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