What you own

In our lifestyle we tend to look over so much. We as Dominants,  Masters , and Owners must cherish our property.

To have someone who will give without question follow without knowing and never second guess. Someone who is humble enough to kneel in total submission and all they ask for is your total devotion , to be loved , cared for and understood.

That is not much when you open your eyes and look at the world.

What could be more valuable.



11 Responses to “What you own”

  1. littleannab Says:

    Reblogged this on Diamond Eyes and commented:
    Very good advice

  2. Well said. Too often forgotten. There must be give and take in both directions. This is what separates a Master from a selfish bully. Gratitude is not a sign of weakness, nor is compassion. If you do not treat your property with respect, you disrespect yourself. If you do not love yourself, nothing will ever satisfy you, and it will be reflected in all that surrounds you.
    Thank you.
    We should all aspire, Masters and Subs alike, to give a little more than we take. Both positions are privileged for those who understand.

  3. Hear, hear…
    We tend to take things for granted like clean and drinkable tap water, electricity and so on. Worse is when we take those whom we love for granted. That really is unforgivable.

  4. Simply… perfect.

  5. I love learning about you and Arianna so I am nominating both of you!!!!

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