What If Something Happened To Me

We were invited to a MasT meeting and as I was speaking I made the comment I do not know what would happen to Arianna if something happened to me. Another Master who was running that evenings MasT asked me if I had made any provisions as of yet, and several Masters were looking at me, kind of awkward because I do always speak the truth and it was about to come out.

I do live by the truth and I will tell you the truth be it good or bad. Everyone who attends The MasT knows how deep our relationship runs, they know but they cannot figure out how we do it, or how we maintain that level of M’s without any complications.

So as I am looking around the room, trying to figure out how my next statement was going to sound, and I could feel this huge knot in my throat because I knew I was fixing to offend a lot of Dominants or Masters.

I said you know , fuck I could feel all these eyes on me, I wanted to take a draw off of my ecig something bad. I said you know Arianna and I have talked about this topic and the truth is I do not know anyone who could step up to the plate, or someone who is willing to take on that much responsibility . The room was just silent , I could feel eyes just cutting through me. So you ask a question you get an answer.

On the way home as weird as it was Arianna and I were talking and out of the blue I said you know this is weird but the only Master I would even consider is Master S, and he has never even been in a 24/7 M’s relationship, he has never owned a Slave, but our ideas are much the same, the way we look at M’s are much the same, even the part with being consensual and non-consensual. , and Arianna replied I know. I never expected those words either because in the past she had talked about how far out in the universe he was, but in the right situation he could fill the bill.

So Ive stopped smoking, I have not had a cigarette since January 1st, okay well I am still on the ecig thingy. When I first started out I was on 36 milligrams of nicotine Arianna bought 12 milligrams yesterday. I have started eating better. I am not in bad health As far as that goes I am in good health.

Next week I am going to take out an insurance policy so if something does happen down the road Arianna will be taken care of for the rest of her life. She will have no worries.

Even in a Vanilla relationship we should make sure our partners have the best when we are gone.

What I was getting at , and I have said this before, it was not that long ago , a Master would have hand picked another to take care of his Slave is something happened…

So once home I emailed master S because I would like for him to come over and help me out with somethings, and I had mentioned to him that if I was going to pick someone to take care of Arianna he would be the kind of Dominant I would pick. Bam Master S jumped all over that idea. Yea I have not finished reading his response as of yet.

The only thing that would stop me from such a thing is, he has never lived an M’s relationship. In many ways he is insecure. That stems from past relationships, and not having that type of responsibility , but as I stated his thoughts and ideas are there, and in the mind they look good, but when your implementing them that is a total different story.

So Ive stopped smoking, I am eating healthier , well when I don’t sneak to McDonalds, by the way McDonalds and Taco Bell are the only two fast food places that do not add pink slim to their beef, you can google that. I am moving towards being in better shape, so this is good.

I was listening to Paul Stanley of KISS the other day he was talking about getting old, and he has had both rotator cuffs replaced, both knees replaced and a hip. So yea I am doing pretty good.

I think there is a huge Difference when it comes to a Dominant and a Master Submissive and Slave. I believe those who live a D’s relationship do not understand an M’s relationship, just as Arianna does not understand those who are submissive. Arianna does not understand how someone could only submit on their terms and only when they wanted to. Of course if she had started out as a submissive then moved into a M’s relationship which is possible to do she may of had a different outlook

If you were in a long term D’s or M’s relationship would you have any trouble adjusting?

I hope you yall get what I was trying to say I did ramble a lot…..

Much Love to all… To those who do stop by and read it is really appreciated



21 Responses to “What If Something Happened To Me”

  1. Thank fuck for Master S

  2. littleannab Says:

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    A must read

  3. It is always good to be prepared as we never know when are time is up.

  4. It can come a lot sooner than you think. I know from my own experience. Trust me. I did not see myself with a stent and a IED that also works as a pacemaker at 45. Totally got me blindsided. But then again, it could have been much worse, too. Point is, we all need to be prepared. As scary as this sounds. Personally, I don’t want my luna to be totally lost once I’m out. The sad thing is, there is not too much of a D/s community up here in the far North east…

  5. Great points Vile. Yes, life insurance will take care of the ‘things’ in life belonging to us today, should anything happen to either of us. I also think you underestimate our ability to comprehend your relationship. We understand it and get it’s precepts as I I believe you do ours. The difference, just as in what house you buy, where it is, the job you do and the car which takes you there are all personal choices. None are wrong. In this discussion, your choice is to live the life of M/s. Our choice is D/s. The common denominator is love, trust and communication; on these we are 100% in sync. Where it differs is how you choose to execute those same things. It’s what satisfies our inner soul. I look no differently at someone living D/d bedroom lives, Domestic Discipline, or M/s. Each has there own points of interest which keeps invested in pursuing the relationship.

    A final thought- each form of the dynamic is a choice. Arianna as much chose you as you her. Kudos to you both again for making that choice as it seems very fruitful for you as you celebrate your collaring marriage anniversary. You are termed a Master not only because of your beliefs but also how you conduct yourself, it’s truly part of your DNA. Arianna is termed a slave because of her beliefs and desire to serve you in that capacity, it’s in her DNA as well.

    For me, I wasn’t comfortable at first with Sir or Dominant, though in retrospect, it’s been part of my DNA too. Upon realization of that, I sought to understand the difference between domineering and dominance. Domineering is just a bossy asshole who doesn’t appreciate the submissive gift he’s been given. Dominant is the extended form of who I am by day without having to exude my presence over others by belittling them, they want to help and submit and enjoy doing so because of how they feel after their task has been appreciated.

    The sub-miss too is wired for just that, submission to her chosen Dominant. Yes, it is a choice for my Mynx to hand over that power to me, but only after I have proven I can be trusted with her life, and for the decisions of my family. She can certainly safe-word during a scene to signal she’s reached tolerance for whatever is administered, and, in the beginning as I was taking off my training wheels, there were two times she stopped play, and frankly one other she should have stopped play. But now she knows that I know I can push her limits further and trusts that I’ll be watching for the signs of her sub-space limits.

    In other words, as we venture further into this TTWD, her limits are being tested, and perhaps one day she and I may decide we have reached the definition of M/s and we’ll make the transition into that. But for today, this is who we are, this is what works for us, and we do understand the potentials before us but choose not to entertain them in our current capacities.

    We get you Vile, and appreciate your wisdom as we hope you do us. Thanks for ‘listening’ Vile…

    Much respect and love…

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

  6. I know you can’t stand my Daddy but I’m glad you’re looking out (yet again like always) for someone who is gonna protect Arianna after (God willing it never has to happen) something happens. I can’t imagine what a Dom goes through to wonder about the “what happens if” moments. I know one day Daddy will release me and I hope that He finds someone just as wonderful as He is 🙂

    • Wow its not that I don’t like him. I cannot respect him. He’s not a real dominant. No real Dom would ever go behind their spouses back. He will do the same with you and your alpha it’s just a matter of time.
      I feel bad because your losing out on so much life you just don’t see it. You will look back one day and say wow vile was right.
      His wife is a bitch because he told you she was.
      Why don’t you introduce yourself to her after all she gave him permission that’s what he said.
      Ask her how she feels. Ask her if she knows he’s bedding two women well really just one.
      Wow the bad thing is karma is bad real bad

    • I like you I can’t respect you and I never will but I do like you.
      It’s not like you need or care about my approval

  7. I think your choice of a replacement for Arrianna might just be a good training choice for the beginning of yr poly desires. You could mentor him through observation and he could learn to serve Arriana while learning mastery.

  8. I don’t think I would want another Master, at least not exactly in the same way as I truly don’t think I could have this kind of love with another. But from a submissive perspective I can very much see the value in having something in place. When you are so dependent on someone for guidance, structure, and care, to lose them doesn’t just mean you lose the love of your life, you lose everything. I wouldn’t want another ‘loving M/s relationship’ but I’d be lying if I didn’t add it would be nice to know there would be someone there to keep my structure in place, push me to get out of my misery (which it would surely be) and help guide me back into life without a Master. The deeper Master and I get in this journey the more of a ‘drop-off’ it would be. I get it and hope whatever you work out for you and Arianna is the right fit.

  9. Interesting post, as this is something we teach about when we teach about Health Issues and disabilities – the need for the paperwork and estate planning.

    I’m not going to plan for slave angie to have a replacement Master if I happen to kick the bucket before her – mainly because that’s not going to be the point of what she’ll need. She’ll have what she needs – the financial security and legalities in place, the support of our friends and our community to help her. She and I have both spoken to folks and we know they’ll be there for us.

    Each dynamic is different and I’m not sure it would be fair to either party to try to set that up.

    But that’s me… so I guess the point is that if you don’t have a “Master-in-waiting” plan, that’s OK. As long as whatever you have in place “feels” right to you, then I would say you’re on the right track.

    Now if she goes first, I’m going up in the hills and holing up for a damn good long time… took too damn long to break her into actually laughing at my jokes, dammit.

    • You are correct and I do see your side of it. I am not sure what your relationship is like.
      I do believe ours runs pretty deep, many in the community say we are unique. I do not see it that way maybe I am not looking at the whole picture.

      Some would even say our relationship is unhealthy, maybe , maybe not. Lets say for a minute I told Arianna you know this is not for me.
      She already had it set in her mind what type of relationship she needed, so If it had not been me, then I am sure someone else would of stepped in, and the outcome may not have been so good.
      Am I right or am I wrong ?
      I do not believe there is a correct answer

      • Our relationship is a very deep M/s relationship – down to earth, but we also explore the spiritual. We are very firm in our commitment to a relationship of authority transfer/surrender, and all that entails.

        You two (or three, or however many involved) can only define the correct answer for what works for your relationship, assuming all the other kindergarten rules and common sense. Right or wrong, it’s up to you guys to define what kind of care and support that should be set up for the type of relationship you have. Definitely one size does not fit all, but I always try doing the responsible thing to take care of the people that have entrusted their authority to me, or for whom I’m responsible for.

      • Again I agree with you 100 %.
        I am sure I will be around for sometime.
        I have taking the steps to insure that.
        I’ve stopped smoking good diet and more.
        Thank you

      • There are only two we have thought of adding a third but it would not be beneficial.
        I do take care of my own.
        From 3.40 am until bed.
        I work 60 plus hrs a week 3 weeks ago I hit almost 75 hrs.
        I still make time.
        I am committed to my slave and wife more than you could imagine.
        This is not my first relationship in the lifestyle.

      • That’s awesome! Congratulations.

      • I am not sure where the kindergarten rule part comes in at though.
        No one has to agree with me on everything.
        I was more less speaking on a hypothetical situation or thought .
        The question was asked at a Mast and I gave a truthful answer.

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