Who Is Vile

First let me say I am against abuse in any form when it comes to a woman. Many of you are being abused and you do not even have a clue. If you are being abuse be it physical or mental, even verbally then get out and seek help.


My relationship with my wife and slave is purely consensual , it is a lifestyle Arianna longs and lives for.  As each day passes our love continues to grow stronger . Arianna has a craving for submission, she would be the happiest living in total solitude.

I live a strictly M’s lifestyle , there is no negotiations, none. I run a very strict home. I have rules and protocols that are followed.  The rules that are in place are not sexual, and I highly disagree with those Dominants who use rules in a sexual manner. Rules are meant to help, rules are meant to provide structure, security, and help with everyday living. I have tried to lives a D’s lifestyle more than once and neither worked out. A submissive submits on their terms, in my house it is on my terms. Above, I spoke about anger issues when I was younger. Anger issues or a temper has no place in the lifestyle. I have never raised my voice towards Arianna nor have I ever left a mark. As Far as the M’s part goes, I am more into the Discipline part . In my life I need structure. I need to have a plan, a daily plan. We, Arianna and I, live a drama free life. We have no problems. I take care of things before they become problems.

I was in Germany when I met Gretchen she was 19 long blonde hair, one night after fucking, she said I was gemein and when translated you get the word Vile. Gretchen had this goth look about her, corsets, micro mini skirts and boots that kiss would wear. I just wanted to share where I got the name Vile. I will probably ramble on a bit before I get into anything.

In the past I have posted a little about who I am but I never have gotten into any great detail. I have been into the lifestyle for longer than I can remember, dating back into my teens, before I even knew what BDSM was all about. Even in my teens, I had the need to be in control.

I grew up in a very small town in Northern Georgia. My 8th grade class had 23 people in our graduation. Going into high school it was somewhat bigger with only about a thousand kids in the but 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade combined. So, compared to today’s school it was small. I played baseball in elementary and high school. I was a relief pitcher. I was only good for 2 or 3 innings due to my side arm throw.  At the age of 16, I was throwing 86 MPH so after a few innings my elbow would swell.

I was popular with most of the guys, but I cannot say the same about the girls , due to my sexual behavior. At that age I enjoyed bondage, face fucking, and anal. I was game for pretty much anything. It was a control thing. This was about the time I was fucking Beverly, our school whore. I cannot really say she was a whore. She just liked to fuck, and she would let you fuck any hole.

I caught onto life pretty fast as I grew up in an abusive home. Both parents were addicted to pain medications and, of course, alcohol. The one thing I learned on a daily basis is that I was not going to be like them. To this day I could never figure out why they argued. My real mother has since past but my father is still living and we have somewhat of a good relationship. I have one brother who just turned 46, and by the way, I am 51. Him and I talk often but have only seen each other maybe 3 or 4 times in the past 15 years.

I have never really been into drugs although as a teen I tried to smoke all the pot in the world but they just grew more, so I lost that battle. I have never done any hard drugs such as cocaine.  I am not big on pills but I do have a drink from time to time. Every now and then I will get sideways but that is far and few.

I learned about the lifestyle shortly after I joined the Army and was stationed in Korea, and even then I just happened to stumble into it. I was introduced to an old man named Kim who lived with 5 slaves. I met Kim through a korean solider whose name was Kim as well. In Korea they are called Katusas. There they were paid what was then about six dollars a month and they sent half of that home. So I would help Kim out with smokes and take him out for beers. In time, we grew really close. One night he invited me out and we went to a small theater. There were about 100 seats, maybe less. It was an actual BDSM show live on stage.  I was then hooked, something just clicked.

There is a huge difference in the lifestyle in Korea than in the US. In Korea, a Slave would have nothing to do with a Dominant or a Master unless she knew who trained you. Since the lifestyle in Asia is so underground, it is probably still the same. There are no submissives or baby girls. There were Slaves. The older Kim taught me a lot, how to communicate, how to control my temper through meditation, how to listen, but more so, how to read people. Reading people is truly an art. That short time I spent in Korea I learned more than I truly knew, and it would take only a short time to put the things I learned to good use.

Once back in the states, I was still young and dumb, but I had a couple of things on my side. I no longer had a temper. I was very calm and I knew how to get into someones head. All of the sex, face fucking, and ass fucking meant nothing but now I had a weapon that was very effective.

So for many years I spent most of my time just using people. I would get what I wanted and just toss to the side and look for the next. This went on for a number of years. To me a long term relationship was a three day weekend, much more past that and I became bored.

One thing I did learn from an early age, and it can be good and bad,  was learning to speak my mind. If I thought it, I said it. Another thing I learned was to observe people. I am a people watcher. What I learned from watching people is how I did not want to live.

So I have had several long term relationships but have only been in what I would call love, maybe 3 times in my 51 years. That is not a very good track record. In between, up until a couple of years ago, there were a couple of times I settled for less than what I needed and wanted, knowing it was not going to work but I am human. All I cared about was having a steady piece of ass when I wanted it.

How you see me here, is me. I do not change. I am the same at home, in public, at work or at a local munch. I am me and I never try to be someone I am not. I live by the truth and the truth only.

I remember several years ago, and this is what hit me, I was at a Chinese buffet with a friend, Animel, and another friend showed up with a date.  When he said, “Hey Vile, whats up?, I asked them to sit down and join us. His date was just staring at me. When she finally asked if I use to live in such and such apartments,  I said yes. She actually started trembling and told her date she wanted to leave. She was truly scared of me. On my way home Animel and I were laughing at her, but once home I mixed a jack and coke and I stood outside on the river bank, where I started thinking. Wow, if she was scared of me, just how many more feel the same way. Then it hit me, being feared is nothing to be proud of. That was not what I wanted to be known as. So, I put a plan together and I was going on a Vile clean up campaign. I was going to be my own public relations manger. I was going to clean the story of Vile up.

I became more active in the community. I started doing a lot of speaking, dating more, changing up my way of playing, putting my sadistic nature to the side, and before I knew it I was back in the game. I was back in the hunt. I was no longer feared, I was very respected in the community, and today even more so.  So a year later, standing outside looking over the river, drinking a jack and coke, I thought to myself, well done Vile you did the impossible.

I was still missing something though, and I could not put my finger on it. Then one day, I was at Bush Gardens and I saw all of these families walking by with kids and I said, that is it man, you need a wife and a kid. So off I went, 3 months later I was married and a short time after she was pregnant. We lost our first son to a heart transplant at the young age of 18 days. By this time, I had enough of the vanilla life and I had to get back to being me, and then, wow she was pregnant again. So I stuck it out for another 5.5 years then I finally had to come clean about who and what I was.

Now I was married for nine years to the most vanilla woman in the world, the sex was horrible, she could not suck a dick to save her life, and no ass fucking. I said, you are killing me here. So after I came clean, she agreed to let me move a Slave in, yea baby , but she was only an in service slave, NO SEX. My ex-wife was a horrible house keeper, she could not cook and clutter was everywhere. So, I moved this bitch in and immediately she went to work. A week later and there was a spotless house, meals cooked every night, my lunch packed and kids off to school.  This was the life. So my ex gets jealous and says you both have to go. Let me think, okay I am out of here. I told the slave, hey its been nice, love ya now go back home.

I have a very good relationship with my Ex wife, there is no drama, Arianna and her get along good, my son also likes Arianna. So now, life is good.

So here i am, I am me, this is who I am. If I were to try and be something different, what would people who read this think of me. I tell the truth , I live by the truth.

Many have asked for advice and when I tell them what they do not want to hear, most get mad. If I told everyone what they wanted to hear where would that get you ? I do not want you to agree with everything I write, or the way I believe, or the way I think. My writing is subjective and I want to make you think.

Much of my writing is about safety, okay so Ive had a change of heart over the past several years. I speak on safety because you, as a submissive or slave, can get fucked up. You can get hurt and hurt bad. Most do not think before entering a relationship, more so the new who are entering the lifestyle. You do not listen until it is to late. You want what you want and you want it now. It does not work that way.

So the next morning when you wake up and your bruised from head to toe, or something is broken, you can think back, yea Vile told me, and I did not listen. Bondage is no game and if you get some dude that does not have a clue to what he is doing, you just may not wake up the next morning.

Most new Doms are into hard impact play. Again, if he does not know what he is doing he could break something, or even worse while spanking, he hits to high and to hard, you could lose a kidney. BDSM is not a game, you can get fucked up. In Bondage there are many no’s. You can damage tendons if tied to tight. Remember that when you meet a Dom for the first time and he brings his little travel bag and he is totally clueless about what he is going to do. Yea take his word when he says, “oh, I have been in the lifestyle for 20 years”. Are you really going to take his word ?

The first thing I did when Arianna and I agreed to enter a relationship, was to introduce her to people I knew in the lifestyle. People I had known for years. There is nothing like the feeling of being safe. Keeping your girls safe is what the majority of my writing is about, it is up to you if you listen or not. Again, why do you think that over 95% of the 440+ followers of my blog are women and there are so few men? I am not here to put other Doms or Masters down. I am not here to say I am better than your Master, because I am not. We all have our own way of living.

Being a Submissive or Slave is not about being on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor, doing laundry , cooking or cleaning house. Being a Slave is not about being passed around like a dog, unless that is your kink, if so, then go with the flow. Being a Slave does not mean your stupid or you cannot think on your own. You are human, but a Human with different needs. Slaves are needy for the most as with those who are submissive. You should not have to change who you are. I like needy myself, I like my Bitch to hang all over me. If your Master excepted you the way you were then he should not try and change you.

I share things because I want you to see what kind of relationship you can have, a relationship filled with love and respect. A relationship where you are cared for. A relationship filled with communication, then you add all of the kink. You do not have to put up with drama, you do not have to put up with lies , you do not have to put up with abuse or arguing. The list goes on and on. Before a Slave or Submissive, you are a human. You have feelings. You have needs and they should be met. If they are no,t speak your mind and if things do not change, fucking leave.

Why would a Master argue with his Slave? Who is in charge at this point? Why would you allow a Master to Slap you around, degrade you, humiliate you in anger, call you names out of anger. Why would you allow such things? You as a slave or submissive have the right to be happy and treated with respect. You do not need someones drama brought into your life nor should you bring your drama with you.

I put a lot of work into my relationship, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 366 days a year. I take care of mine and only mine. I am there through good and bad. I am there when Arianna gets emotional . My time is dedicated to her and only her. I am not looking to add to my house. Because I get anything I want when I want.  She would never think of saying NO. Be it sucking my cock, fucking , anal anything. Why ? Because I go above and beyond to insure she is taking care of. She knows that not matter what she comes first. That is the way it should be.

Be who and what you are, and make sure your Master does the same.



16 Responses to “Who Is Vile”

  1. Your Awesome.

    I like the way your name is written there.

  2. Do you think you are a better Master because of Ariana and how submissive she is? Do you believe that her level of submission feeds your ability to control or do you think it’s more your control that feeds her submission? I’m fascinated by your dynamic as a couple. I suppose sometimes people are just absolutely perfect for each other!

    • I think a little of each but I’ve grown as well. Age a little wiser. Yes at times people are perfect for each other.

    • I do also feel the level of her submission feeds me as well

      • Sir, I wonder how much of it do you think comes from her? I know you were in the lifestyle before, for years, and are undoubtedly a naturally Dominant man. But is it ludicrous to think that a submissive woman can actually “lead” a vanilla guy toward more Dominance? I’m personally working on this theory that if a woman devotes herself to submitting to her spouse in every way possible, putting her trust in him completely, respecting every decision he makes and every thing he does, and shows her appreciation by praising, complimenting, anticipating his needs and being available for every desire, she can actually build him up and make him feel his own innate role of Dominant partner in the relationship. You’ve told me in the past that you don’t think it’s possible to turn a regular guy into a Dominant. And I’ve operated for a long time under that notion. But I wonder if it mostly fails because wives try to change their husband’s instead of bringing out the best in them. I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this, Sir.

      • I will email more tomorrow

      • Thank you, Sir. I will check out that book.

      • I am not a negative man , I am just telling you what I have seen in 20 plus years.
        It is not that your partner does not love you, he just may not want that kind of lifestyle, or that much of that kind of responsibility.
        You can still be submissive to him though

      • You don’t have to call me Sir. Vile is Fine but thank you

      • I appreciate your insight. Thank you.

    • Mel
      It is not the changing part. It would depend if the male wanted that much responsibility.
      There is where your problem will lay.
      Communication making your needs known.
      Arianna has always been a slave she was just never under the right hand.
      Read the surrendered wife.
      Parts of it is manipulation but it works.

  3. Great article, I admire your honesty and self-knowledge. One thing though, and I’m sure we both agree on this, let us be against all kinds of abuse, not only against women.
    I am happy for you both, having the kind of relationship and all you have.
    Enjoy your weekend.

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