Your Nothing But A Dirty Little Secret And Nothing More

The other day I was on Facebook chatting with We were talking about submissive’s and Baby Girls on wordpress. I was telling Peep that I was going to stop ragging on married men because it was useless for me to waste my time on Pussy’s , Slime Balls.

The Definition of Slime Ball. A married man with no back bone, who cannot run his own house. His wife will not suck cock so he preys on those who will. Slime Ball

Many of you may not believe this, but I am an advocate against any form of abuse. Be it mental , physical , or verbal.  It is wrong and I wish more of you could stand up for yourself.

You Are A Dirty Little Secret and nothing more. Your Daddy is a married man with children. His wife is so bad, she does not understand him , she picks fights all the time, the sex is awful , she does not pay him any attention. She encourages him to go out and find someone. He hates his wife. You know if it was that bad he would of been gone long ago. I can also promise you that you are not your Daddy’s first and you will not be the last.

He loves you and when the time is right he will leave his wife, he will give up his house and pay child support every month, and in many cases even alimony. Yes he will just walk away from everything his bad wife has built. Okay so his wife wont suck cock, maybe she wont take it up the ass. He knew this before they got married. Nothing is a need until you tell a man he cannot have something, that is when it becomes a need.

You will never meet any of his friends , sometimes you may meet a few co-workers who know what your about, but you can forget Birthdays, Christmas, Vacations , Thanksgiving spent alone unless you have family. You have no idea where he lives he will not tell you. You can only call at certain times, if you text him he may answer you that day or it may be a week. You sit at home looking at your cell phone hope you get a sign.

This is while he is cooking out with the Smiths who lives next door, or taking his children to a movie with bad wife, or playing golf with his buddy’s. showing them the naked pictures you have been sending him, or the video.

I am telling you from a mans point of view, I do not have to lie. A man Lies when he has something to gain.

My wife said it was okay for me to find someone else. Okay well you should be able to hear it from the horses mouth, remember you are only getting one side of the story

Everything he has is because of who? His wife, his wife has built his kingdom, and if you think for one minute she is going to let you take what she has built, you are some kind of stupid. When she catches you, it is not if it is when you may not like the outcome. You try walking into a lions den when the mother has just had kittens. The wife will do what ever she has to, to make sure her grounds are protected.

Now she may know he fucks around and she may not care. All she knows is he will come home to her and you will be left alone. She knows he cannot afford to walk away because she will take him to the cleaners.

Now I am far from stupid, while I do not have a college education, I am street smart. I have ran a call center for the Largest Bank in the US, Okay I managed a Store for drug store chain. I ran a maintenance department for a industrial laundry service for 6 years, I have dabbled in music, and the sales so I am far from stupid. If you ask me if I can do something I will tell you yes, and if I don’t know I will learn how to do it….

It is sad there are predators they have been here since the beginning of time, and it will continue until the end of time, but you can be armed with the right information, and you can use it while in battle with the Slime.

He wants you to call him Daddy , he tells you to call him Daddy, this makes you feel wanted, needed , loved and secure. Once you speak those words you are hooked little girl.

If your lucky you may see your Dominant or Daddy once a month for a couple of hours, either at your place or a motel he has picked out, that is out of the way. Sometimes you even have to help flip the bill if not pay for it all. Remember he has to watch his money because he is married.

You have a tight budget , your barely making it, but he is not helping you any. The only benefit you get is being able to call him daddy, everything is going to be okay because he is going to leave his wife, but the time has to be right. Okay at what point would the time be right ? Today , tomorrow , next month, in six months ? When is it the right time? If his life was so fucking bad he would of already been gone just like I was and I gave everything up, House, cars , and a 160.000, and I pay child support.

Now you may very well be happy with your once a month or every other month 2 hour play time. You may want to settle for this type of relationship. If that is the case then you deserve what you get.

Now he is fucking around on his wife, the woman who gave birth to his children, and he does leave her. Do you really believe he will not fuck around on you?

My main question is. What did his wife the mother of his children do to you? Why would you want to wreck her world? Why would you want to wreck his children’s world ? Greed maybe, or maybe your just that selfish. Maybe he is the best you can do. Maybe you have to scrap the bottom of the septic tank. I would think you were better than that. What did his wife do to you?

So do you not want to be loved? Do you not want to be cared for?

The last thing it could be, you cannot get your own man this is the case at times, sometimes people do settle for seconds. I have been asked by men if I would left them fuck Arianna. Wow that takes big balls.

Now if his wife was to invite you into the home that would be a total different story, maybe live as a poly couple. You should be able to ask, after all she did say it was alright for him to fuck around.

Are you not worth more than the above ?

14 Responses to “Your Nothing But A Dirty Little Secret And Nothing More”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. All very factual points that I must say I agree with. I personally am not into the dom/sub world so I don’t have an opinion for it, but what you said applies to most married men having affairs. I know my blog very much says a different story at times. Me and my emotional, crazy life. But, I will say, that I agree you need to know what you’re getting and be ready to settle for that. Which probably is less than you deserve. Either way, great post. 🙂

  2. Well put Vile, actually both parties deserve better. The man is missing out on the deep connection as well, but for some it’s the count, not the connection.

  3. Oh and thanks for the link btw, I owe ya 😉

  4. Good read, and put words to something that has been running around in my head for a while. I’ve seen both sides of the dynamic first hand, and it’s not pretty at all, especially when you watch both sides slowly spiraling towards that slippery slope.

  5. I can only yell hear, hear. Let us not forget though the female gold diggers who seduce, fuck and marry (old) rich men only for their money and/or fame. And believe me, there are married women who play the same game your described in this post. Please do not forget that men can be abused too. In a documentary on abuse I saw some time ago the showed to clips. A man verbally and physically abusing his wife -> vivid reactions and interventions from bystanders. The same scene but she abusing him -> hilarious reactions from bystanders. It takes a lot of courage for an abused man to go to the police.

  6. Cinnamon Says:

    You know I wholeheartedly agree with this Vile. It breaks my heart to see them accept scraps when they deserve so much more.

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