We Are Master And Slave

I have never said I was better than anyone else, I do not roll like that.  In the lifestyle I have posted before about the BDSM Tree of life.

From Daddy Doms and Baby Girls, Dominants and Submissive , and to Master and Slave. Still we are all different, the depth of each relationship is different, and the responsibility we want to take on is different.

I have spoke about rules as well, how rules are suppose to benefit, to help provide stability, structure. Yet when I go to different profiles on fetlife, and some blogs on here I see most rules are sexual.  Again everyone is different, our needs are different.

Needy comes on different levels as well. Some Baby Girls, are not needy, the same with those who are submissive and even some who are Slaves. The needy factor changes from each individual

Okay so Arianna is needy, okay so Arianna is codependent I knew this going into the relationship. The fact is she is highly intelligent and has a degree.

We have a micromanaged relationship. That was something I had to mull over when she explained her needs. I had to really think it over and decide if I wanted to take on that much responsibility.

I decided that was a venture I would except, and for two years our life has be what I would like to call perfect. I have stated before we have zero Drama, we have zero Problems.

I am still no different than other Dominants we all handle things in a different manner. I am not better than any other Dominant. While I do not understand some you will never hear me talk badly of one, never fucking ever. I may disagree with some, just like some disagree with me.

I have had some Masters tell me I am being to strict with Arianna, I need to let up , give her some breathing room. Telling me how I should run my house. These are people who do not understand the dynamics of our relationship. These are the same who ask me how I do it. These are the same who asked me how I trained, but then when I start to explain and they find out it takes a little work the interest is gone pretty fast.

We were at a MasT meeting several months ago and the Moderator pointed us out, she said we were unique , I cannot see that but Okay maybe we are unique. In my mind your either Master and Slave or your not.

There are only two of us, I have spoke about our bubble, we have built something very strong, and we have mulled over the idea of bringing a third in, but nothing is set, as a matter of fact it was not even my idea.  Arianna brought up the idea after hearing several others speaking about poly at a MasT meeting. If we were going to do anything it would be a closed poly or a closed Triad. As of now we are doing very good.

We are Master and Slave 24/7. My day comes to an end when Arianna closes her eyes. Then I am able to kick back, blog or turn on the TV. I am up with her every morning at 3.40am we are sitting at the dinning room table with our morning coffee talking about the day. Then I spend 55 minutes with her on the phone, and my day starts at 8.30am and I work until 8pm , but that is going to change here real fast. During the day we are in constant contact.

Arianna also keeps a journal in the car and at home. We also are able to track each other on our phones, that was Ariannas idea as well it was her way of submitting more.

That is what I do I insure her needs are met, more so that is what I agreed to prior to entering the relationship. In the past two years Arianna has grown, she has evolved , her submission has grown, and I have been there through every step.

Arianna thrives to be perfect in two years she has been punished once and only once. Yet I have had Dominants tell me that is no way to live it would be to boring for them. I do not just sit and watch and hope she breaks a rule.

My back yard is clean, and I take care of my own.


8 Responses to “We Are Master And Slave”

  1. littleannab Says:

    Reblogged this on Diamond Eyes and commented:
    Wonderfully written. I agree

  2. Hear yee hear yee! do what works best for you and Arianna! Excellent post!- M

  3. Perfect. Plain and simple THAT what it’s all about from my point of view. To make the lifestyle fit for both involved. The RESULT HAS TO and WILL BE different, simply because we are not massmanufactured, everyone is different.

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