My Book Is Coming Soon I believe The Release Will Be Sometime In November

This is going to be awesome, and it will be much different from what is out there on the market today. Although there will be some sex , sex will not be the base of the book.

Also we are working on Arianna adding two maybe three chapters as well.

As we all know I am totally against any type of abuse, be it verbal , physical , or mental.

I want to walk you through the process from the start to the end. I want to give you the ammunition you need when you are searching for a Dominant partner. I will cover the safety , the importance of being part of the local community. The people you meet will be of your growing.

I believe in Mentors and in most cases a female submissive or slave should have a Mentor who is of the same sex. There are exceptions to that rule. I have two I am mentoring now, a Submissive and a Slave. I can tell you the subject of sex has not come up. My interest is helping and nothing more……

I wish I could Title the Book The Real Fifty Shades.




11 Responses to “My Book Is Coming Soon I believe The Release Will Be Sometime In November”

  1. You are a goof man with a big heart . Thank you for sharing. Love Katie

  2. lisazee Says:

    Wow, when you decide to do something you don’t waste time. You should see some of the books I read after I read Fifty Shades. That actually did have a storyline and they were two troubled people who did find happiness in the end, had two kids. And still kept their kink. But whoa the other books I read were nothing but sex and the submissive being pushed past boundries that if it was real life I think would do damage.

  3. This is great news sir! Please continue to keep all of us here posted. Do you know how long yr book is going to be, this would be yr life story Vile?

  4. So, any signed copies for Friends?

  5. Congrats!

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