Online Dominants

This is something I have not covered before , and I want to share my thoughts on the subject. I myself have never seen the need or want to be an online Dominant. In the mid 80’s I gave it a whirl and it was just not something I could grasp, it was not something I could get into. I am a hands on man. I like to be able to look at, touch, smell, finger. I want to be able to pull hair, bend over and spank. I want to feel that warm mouth going up and down on my cock. I want to feel the pussy muscles get tight right before Arianna cums.  I want face to face conversation. I need to see your eyes, I need to see your reactions to my words. Most of all, the kiss. The Kiss tells the whole story. The way you are held or hugged tells the whole story.

Any male Dominant needs that type of interaction, but from my experience most of these online Dominants are merely out for online sexual adventures. I never understood sitting at a computer desk, typing with one hand and jacking off with the other.

Okay well they all cannot be bad , not everyone of them, there would have to be a few out there who truly care…. There have to be a few out there who truly want to help, you would think?

Maybe your just exploring, maybe your learning about the lifestyle, maybe you want to take a walk on the wild side before looking for an in person relationship.

You will call me Sir, You will call me Master, You will call me Daddy, You will respect me. Now come on you all have heard this bullshit before. You are going to submit to me , I am going to own you.

Then comes the demand for pictures, today it is videos. Why do pictures have to be nude. If you were to ever meet in person that takes all the excitement out. There is nothing left for the imagination , the cat is out of the bag. The videos of you masturbating, if and when you meet the Dominant has already seen everything.

If you have met and your in the process of moving to be with your Dominant let the camera click until its broken, but somewhere along the line the true meaning of BDSM has gotten way out of control.

The warning signs, demanding to be called Sir or Master. The conversation quickly turns to sex before even knowing your last name, which by the way is not a good idea to give out until you really know someone. Never give out your real email as well. Duh you email me I can google it and I have your whole life right in front of me.

Just like in person your looking for the same thing online. Your looking to grow, you want to feel secure, you want to TRUST, You want to let your submission grow, you need rules, you need structure, you want to feel needed, and you want to feel safe.

So now you have been searching and you found someone. Until you choose to submit you are in control of the conversation. You as the submissive, you need to explain your needs and what you hope to get out of the online relationship. The Dominant in turn needs to let you know of his experience.

Most online Dominants are online Dominants for a reason.  Most online Dominants are not even Dominants. Most are just out for sexual gratification and nothing more.

The minute you start making demands or you seem like you know what your talking about, you will get the delete button, the powerful X. Poof your gone.

In person or online the Dominant will want to get to know you as a person, as a submissive, not what kind of toys you have, or how many fingers can you get inside your pussy, or let me hear how wet you are. Come on really think about it.

Think with a clear head , think smart, your partner will come in time I promise.



10 Responses to “Online Dominants”

  1. Great piece! You already know how I feel about this…re: my Predation post. Thank you

  2. pageprincess Says:

    i think online is a great way to meet people…. MEET.

    If i want a relationship it isn’t going to happen online. There is no chemistry there.

    Online, the only feelings are what you are projecting.

    You don’t know a person’s motivations or truths unless you can see them in their eyes. Until then, it’s all a fantasy of your own mind with another person living their own fantasy and not knowing the real you either.

  3. Vile, lovely writing! What you say is pretty true but I’m on the other side of that. What about those who do provide online, errr distance domination/keyholding/T&D and run into the opposite. I, for one, am the take it slow, get to know my subby boy toys, make sure they fit my style Domme and sometimes I find the sub jumps the gun, straight to sex, sending pics and videos and calling me Mistress (which I don’t even go by!).

    So as much as you can find the Dominant out for the wrong thing you can find plenty of overeager subs. 🙂

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