The Craziest Items Inserted into a #Rectum – Accidentally? You tell me.

You never know what people will stick up their ass

Christina Mandara


Ten of the Craziest Items inserted into a Rectum:

1. Keys:

Don’t forget to check your bum if you have already searched high and low for your car keys but can’t find them?

2. Vibrator And Salad Tongs:

It doesn’t take rocket science to crack this case. As if getting a vibrator stuck in his bum wasn’t enough to send this man to the Emergency Room he simply attempted to remove the stuck object by using a pair of salad tongs and the tongs got stuck, too!

3. Live Ammunition:

According to a London World War 2 veteran, he was suffering from terrible hemorrhoids, which he used to reduce with a live artillery shell. One day, he pushed the shell too far into the rectum. The shell became stuck in his rectum, and when he went to the Emergency Room to get it removed, he admitted that the shell was live and…

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7 Responses to “The Craziest Items Inserted into a #Rectum – Accidentally? You tell me.”

  1. Yikes!

  2. Major ouch. I know a few people in the medical field and one patient got squash stuck and it had to be sugerically removed. This happened not just once, (you would think he would learn after the first time, but nope it happened multiple times. I would think the surgery would be painful enough the first time.

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