There are to main areas in the lifestyle that make a relationship possible, the first being communication, and the second would be Trust. Without either of those two there is noway to move forward, and if you do it will never work.

A good example you meet a new prospective Dominant, and your having dinner , you have spent time chatting and talking on the phone, but when you finely meet face to face and you start thinking something is just not right, or you may catch him in a little white lie or a huge lie, you know right then you cannot trust him.

However many times and I am sure some of you have done this, you went ahead and moved forward with the meeting and perhaps more.

The internet has just blown up in the last five years, and like the bottom of the sea much of it is still unexplored. You can find anything you want legal and illegal all you have to do is start typing.

You cannot spend time chatting or on the phone and be able to make a wise decision about trusting someone. On the internet we can be who and what we want to be.

Trust only comes from face to face communication, open communication and both parties have to be completely honest. Both parties  have to be willing to lay all their cards on the table, and be truthful.

This is what kills me and then I will drop it. Yea the Married man who is Dominant when he is not home. The first thing a Dominant tells you, is to always be honest and always tell me the truth. You have heard this before. Well fuck me running with a chain saw, If he starts out the relationship with a fucking lie, what in the world makes you think he is going to be truthful with you.

If you start out with a lie and I know you have to be thinking really did he just say this?

Okay I borrow my friends car once a week once every two weeks once a month. I take it spend all day with it, bring it back no gas hand him the keys and say thank you. He continues to let me do this, then one day his car breaks down, I don’t care because I have nothing invested, only my time, it has cost me nothing.

You cost your married Dom nothing. You can be broke, you can be paying all the bills but your not going to say anything because he is just stringing you along until you break down.

Trust is built through time you have to become the best of friends, you have to know each other inside and out, you have to know what the other is thinking or at least care what they are thinking.

Trust is knowing every word that comes out of your partners mouth is the truth. Trust is knowing your partner has your back, Trust is knowing if you call at 3am your Dom will pick up the phone.

Trust you meet a new Dominant and you decide after dinner to get a room, or he did because he wants to start your training, Your training consist of being tied to a bed blindfolded and fucked in every hole. He gets his nut he is done unties you kisses your forehead and says bye. You may or may not hear from him. Now the trusting part you do not know this man from adam and you allow him to tie you up blindfold you and gag you. That is like asking for a death sentence when you have done nothing wrong, because once your in that position you are fair game little girl, and you have to lay there and take it, you are the one who will have to live with that. If you wake the next morning.

I wish someone could explain to me how going to a motel room and allowing yourself to be used is part of any training. Doing so does not make you a HOE, it does not make you a SLUT, it makes you LOOK STUPID, and that is exactly what he is thinking. Ive got this stupid cunt, and I am going to fuck her brands out. I know I have called many stupid cunts.

Your married Daddy or Dominant tells you I am here for you, but you can only call or text me at this time, so the rest of the time your on your own. One thing you fail to understand, you are not experiencing something that is meant to be so great, you are not experiencing the true meaning of a D’s or M’s relationship, and once you get tired of all the lies, and you decide you have had enough he will not care he will just find someone else. You will not even be a memory, not even a passing thought.  If he  lies to his wife, what makes you think he is going to tell you the truth, your not really that stupid. If you think your the only one he is fucking then you are lying to yourself, if you think he is going to leave his wife, you are lying to yourself, and you cannot live your life on false hopes.

I believe many of you are much better than you give yourself credit for.

Man Ive met bitches and getting my cock sucked 20 minutes after meeting them, its not hard and many new to the lifestyle makes it so easy. How is that part of training?

Ive got 20 years as a Dominant under my belt, well prove it mother fucker, show me. Tell me how you have 20 years and your only 30. Prove it. You have rights before you enter a relationship

There is no way you could possibly trust someone enough on the first meeting to let them fuck you like a piece of meat, because it could be the last time you get fucked.

Trust is the core of any relationship and once it is broken it may be reparable or it may not be. Even if you are forgiving your really not because it is always in the back of your thoughts.

Trust, do what you say your going to do and say what you mean. If you tell me something I will take your word until you prove me wrong. If I do not trust you I will tell you upfront.

Arianna and I spend hours upon hours talking, we talk about anything and everything. I want to know whats going through her mind, what she is thinking.  We have built trust in our relationship, we have built something we value.

Without trust your always second guessing, you have these doubts in the back of your mind, and then there are times when you know he is not telling the truth you still go along with him

A human lies when they have something to gain, the bad thing is they have to tell another lie to cover up the first, then another, then they forget, that is how they get caught.

The submissive or slave should be the main focus. The bubble thing again you both step into your bubble and nothing can come between you. Your focused one one thing and one thing only your partner.Because in the end, your partner will be the only one who has your back.

Trust takes time, building a relationship takes time. While it can be true you can click on the first meeting, you can like each other on the first meeting, but the trust is still not there

You can feel compassion you can feel love, you can feel these things by the way your being held, and the KISS the KISS tells all. Your heart can feel the trust, but do not get confused because your brain may be telling you hey this jerk is not telling the truth, sometimes your heart can mislead you, your heart and emotions will try to over ride your brain, you just have to be strong enough to stand frim.

You always go with your first instinct always because if you question yourself and you go against it you will get fucked up.

Trust, I love choking while having sex, you place your hand right above the adams apple and squeeze, as I am watching Ariannas face turn a deep red, then her legs start trembling I let go. She gets off on that, I can feel her getting wetter every time I do it, but she has enough trust in me not to fight back, she has enough trust to know I will not harm her.

You build trust like your building a home, you both sit down and you design your perfect home, room by room, door by door, then furniture in every room. You build trust in the same fashion one room at a time, from there you can even remodel some of the rooms to make them bigger and better. You can do the same with trust, and as long as you have the open communication, you know you will always have that one you can depend on, because you trust them.


There you go right there you can begin your journey , you hold the key to your life, you control the choice and consequences.


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  1. Your message cannot be repeated enough my friend.

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