Living M’s Comes Natural

Both parties being in the right frame of mind. Both wanting the same thing out of a relationship, both needing the same thing out of a relationship, both needing that close communication, being able to communicate on all levels, with no fear or being judged.

You do not need the Basic 128 rules to make your relationship work. I bet there is not a Dominant out there than can tell you he has them memorized , if he cannot why should you have to.

Arainna has a handful of rules she has to follow, I have a handful of protocols in place that she follows and without question

You can overload a submissive or slave. You can bring the feeling of being overwhelmed , and you set them up for failure. As a Dominant this is not our goal. We take care of our own. We are there for our own.

Okay fuck the outside world. What is happening around the world or around the corner from where you live does not effect you. So the cost of fuel has gone up, or the cost of food. That still does not effect what you have or are building together. Nothing on the outside world is going to have any effect when you turn the light off at night.

My only goal in life is to make sure Arianna and I are taken care of. Okay we have had ups and downs, and I am not speaking between us, I am speaking about everyday life. I take care of things, when something happens I am there and I am there until the problem is gone.

After the initial training you have general maintenance you have upkeep . This is done by being consistent, consistency is the key to your D’s or M’s relationship. If you expect something make it clear and stand by it. If you have rules or protocols then enforce them, this does not mean your going to just sit and wait watching hoping a rule is going to be broken. The last thing a submissive or slave wants to do is break a rule. If you pile to much horse shit on a paper towel it will give way.

What makes you think a submissive or slave is not the same way, 128 rules and you must follow everyone or else. Your whole life is about 128 rules you have no time for anything else.

If you are who you say you are, you mean what you say, you do what you say your going to do. They will follow, and if you think about it, that is really not that much work…

Letting others into your bubble is disrupting your way of life. You cannot let someone who has an over load of problems or drama into your home. A mistake or problem on their part does not make an emergency on your end. You are not the cause of what ever happened. If you so choose to give any advice chances are they are not going to use anything you have said, they already have their mind made up. What they are looking for is someone to agree with them, if you disagree then you were no help at all.

Construction of your bubble is like building a log cabin. , each log has to be cut just right, because it has to fit just right. Remember legos ?  Once your construction is complete you have made that safe haven for you and yours.. No one can disrupt anything unless you allow them to.

Be who you told your submissive you were, do what you told your submissive you would do, most of all be truthful. If you are not truthful then you cannot expect the same. Remain loyal again if you do not, you cannot expect the same.

I was talking to a Master not long ago who is Poly, he has several slaves. I asked the question if his slave could see other Dominants, the answer was a very fast not no but hell no. How is this fair? To each their own everyone is different and each of his slaves was okay with the plan in place. Although I do know it does not works because he has a revolving door like Macy’s has.  If one goes into a relationship knowing what to expect and you agree then all is good.

Living D;s or M’s is really not that complicated, most of the time it is us who make things complicated . It is us who makes things stressful, it is us who allows drama and others into our life. We all need friends but we need good friends, and a good friend is not very easy to come by..

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