MaST: Labels and (Possible) Evolutions.

This is good information. If you have a local MasT near you it is a good idea to check it out.
The protocols are a bit tighter and good learning experience as well
Every month is a new learning topic


So yesterday we went into the bigger city to the east of us for a MaST meeting. A first for both of us I believe.

I was rather off kilter heading in as I mentioned, but the Topic was something I REALLY wanted to be there for (more on that later). After signing the standard meeting NDA (regarding disclosing personal information) we had a few minutes to introduce ourselves and get comfortable. It was nice to finally put some faces to fetlife names, and meet some brand new to me people. I was marginally surprised that Dot and I were the only Dom/Sub Identified couple, however I got to meet and interact with a DD/lg, and M/s Dynamic and see them in action (kind of). I make it sound like a bit of a wildlife preserve walk about, but honestly as I have mentioned here in our City I am…

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8 Responses to “MaST: Labels and (Possible) Evolutions.”

  1. Vile, since I’m a newbie, is this a forum I can attend unescorted?

    • Sure it is and people will welcome you with open arms…

    • You need to go, seek out other Submissives there they will treat you like family I promise.
      When you introduce yourself let it be known your not interested in a relationship right now. In someway or another, or pass the word on the a submissive.
      This way you can get to know everyone.
      You will need to attend two or three to meet everyone I am sure..

      • Thanks Vile. I’ve found three munches in various parts of town. That’s a good place to start. Have great week and I can’t tell you how helpful your posts are. I used your list to field questions this weekend when contacted by a Dom. Thank you!

      • I like to hear that. That makes my day.

    • @miss SexyPea- you have made your way to the right blog. Mr Vile and his miss Arianna are lynch-pins in this community. You can trust his words, in fact, follow his advice and that of miss Arianna. Both have a tremendous amount of wisdom and experiences to support their given opinions. As a side note, I find your question very amazingly respectful, and hope that your travels bring you to someone who values what I see in your single questioning sentence.

      Much respect to you, miss SexyPea…

      -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

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