I do Have A Temper

I do get angry, and yes I do have a temper. Arianna has never seen that side, and she never will. Once I walk out the door my life as Vile for the most stays home.

The downside to it staying home google is alive and well, and all really someone has to do is google my name. I have since taken steps to start cleaning a lot up. I will never be able to get rid of everything, but some.

One of my down falls or maybe its not I speak my mind, and if you cross me the wrong way, I can get sideways. Again Arianna has never seen this side of me, and there is no need.

Once I leave work, I pull out of the parking lot, that is where work stays. There is no need to bring any stupidity home.

Remember I was talking about our Bubble. The Bubble is our world, we do take the trash out on a daily basis, but we bring no trash home.

So I was at work last week and I was being talked to about a form that was not filled out correctly . Okay I had made the same mistake more than once, my bad. Then it came to a point I was being talked to like a child, and I sit there and I listened, and I listened, I then took the paper from her, I rolled it up, and I folded over the end and I handed it to her and told her it would fit much better now.

Yea that did not go over to well, so you know what the next step was. Yup Vile packed up, and when I walked out the door, I felt this great weight being lifted off my shoulders. I just wanted to yell FUCK YOU.

The 50 to 55 hours a week were killing me, and I do mean it was taking a toll on me, physically and Mentally and Arianna was starting to feel the effects as far as being away from each other so much.

Life is good and will always be good. Keep a positive attitude and good things will flow your way.

One thing I always preach about and no this is not about Married men. It is about doing things by the book. Even a Dominant , Daddy and Master has rules we have to follow on a daily basis. If you follow the rules and you do everything by the book, nothing will get in your way and everything will go your way. This is all Dominants , Daddy’s , Masters and Owners. Slave , those who are submissive and yes even Baby Girls.

Life is good so make it fun.



10 Responses to “I do Have A Temper”

  1. Whoooya! Something else will be along soon, it was just meant to be and I love your nerve because you were very brave. (Laughing)

  2. Vile, I take it that it still wasn’t quite the correct size and still wouldn’t fit for your former boss, LOL?!

    Truly, I hope you’re able to land something even better, and quickly.

    You have no idea how badly I’d love to say that to my boss, so, on behalf of everyone in the work force being forceabley fucked, great job for your moment of turning that around. I do believe we might have start calling you Super Vile?! šŸ˜‰

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

    • Everyone needs a job, I could of bit my lip but it had gone on for way to long.
      I have something now I have a few choices. We are not rich but we are not poor either.
      We should all plan for things like this or least try.
      I am not going to work anyplace where someone is going to disrespect me…..

      • Here here! I’m sort of in that boat at the moment, held slave involuntarily by my paycheck and the fact that there are a lot of people in my field currently unemployed. I think some are unemployable, but I won’t judge them, it could be me next, LOL… Glad to hear you’ve rebounded quickly!

      • I am more sorry your in that position. We had a little put back, hold us over maybe a month or so.
        We do not have that many bills both car payments are 600 a month together,besides rent and normal stuff thats about it

  3. Work/Life balance is a very important thing for everyone. I am glad you got out of what sounds like a very toxic workplace. I’m sure finding something just as good if not better is just around the corner.

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