6/25/2014 A Submissive Sent Me An Email Last Year. I just Got It Today

I felt like a total ass, to say the least, but hers one one of several I found today in my spam folder on Facebook. Who fucking knew?

I had a couple of emails asking me to be a guest blogger, then a couple of local emails, but one caught my eye. A very long email, I had to take a break and get something to drink.

This was some eight months ago, as I read it I was just amazed at her story. She is not from this country. grew up in a very strict family, and family values, and morals.

I am not speaking bad of anyone so don’t take it wrong, once you find out the general area she is from you will know why.

It is like a story if I was talking to the boys they would be like get the fuck out Vile.


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