Arianna’s Rules

Some two years ago I spent about a month or so just observing Arianna. I knew a few things before we really stepped in deep. One I already knew what her name would be. Two I knew we would be together a very long time. Three I knew Arianna was a Slave .

It takes time before you can give out any real rules, because you have to know ones short comings if there should be any. Rules are meant to bring structure into their life, feel secure, and wanted. Wanted means the submissive or slave knows you are on the watch.

There are three instances a submissive will break a rule or rules that I can think of. Either it was a mistake , not getting enough attention, or you have a rebellion one your hands and your ship is sinking. The sinking ship is when you have lost control of your relationship. So you dust your pants off and you move on.

The worst punishment for a submissive is knowing they have broken a rule. I cannot even begin to imagine how bad one would feel knowing they have broken a rule.  So most of the time a good talking to will fix everything. In two years I have spanked or punished Arianna one time.

I am not at the point where I want to share her rules, because I believe rules are meant to be personal. Rules are speacial, and they are not meant to be shared. This is only my opinion.

So two things you will never see, a list of Arianna’s rules, nor will you see any nudity. Most if not all that I have seen here on wordpress is done very tasteful, which I consider art. I am speaking of course of those who follow me and those I follow, there is a difference so please do not take my words wrong.

So no rules, no nudity not going to happen. Now if I wanted to I would post anything I felt like posting, but I have to much respect for Arianna.

Okay so what am I getting at here? Last night Arianna was reading her rules as she does every night before bed, unless it has been a late night karaoke and she is hammered , but every night before bed she reads her rules.

So after she finished she said Master, when ever I read my rules my pussy twitches and I get horny. True story and the reason is, every time she reads it reminds her of just how much control she has giving to me.

Rules are meant to benefit someone, they are meant to give someone structure, protocols . You will worship my cock is not a rule, the only one that benefits is the dumb ass who said that.

Just sharing some.


One Response to “Arianna’s Rules”

  1. Hi Vile,
    I’m confused. Collaring a submissive, takes the sub to a slave level? can the slave level here be restricted just to sex?

    can a slave turn n to the Master and say, “I don’t want to be a slave”. thank you sir, May

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