I Found An Email

You know sometimes you have to change your mind , and I did about this particular post, and I will explain why. Again I do feel like an ass because I respond to everyone who contact me, it may take a couple of days maybe a week, unless you give me a heads up, but I respond to everyone.

I have a very huge heart when it comes to women, more so to those who are submissive or in the lifestyle. I truly do enjoy helping and givingĀ  what I would hope be good advice.

I re-read the email and it stated she wanted to contact me privately. Sometimes I post my email and at times I give my FB link but she did not have my private email so she went to facebook ..

Thus the spam folder I knew nothing about. I read it three times, and I was truly amazed at just how strong of a young woman she is. She is not from the US , and grew up in a very strict home. Left her country as a young teen came to the US and perused her education.

She has put her education first which I truly admire, although I do not know her she seems very strong, and very smart.

She also follows my blog and it seems she has followed some of my advice when it comes to finding a Dominant, but I do see her struggles and after reading her email I really had no clear answer.

I did give her what advice I could , but being smart she has been somewhat looking now for over a year. She has not settled for just anyone, and I do not think she will.

If you sent me an email and you said it was private I would not share any information, that falls under trust. If you send me an email and I see that my response may help someone else then I will not mention you but maybe some of the details.

Where this young woman is from I have much respect because I would imagine being a female is not very easy, very strict up bringing , I just wish her the best of luck and many many years of happiness …



2 Responses to “I Found An Email”

  1. It shows, your huge heart, in every post you make Vile. I do appreciate you for this very, very much.

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