Vile Radio And More

I have been really busy here lately, been home a lot more but all is good….  New job next week so that is good 40 hrs a week sweet.

This will also free up more time for projects I would like to complete.

One thing that is very important is finely starting up a MasT group here. A few months back I spoke with MasT international and they were open to the idea so that is something I am very passionate about.

My radio station which is going to be awesome, has been put on hold for about a month.  Due mainly to computer issues, we do have a new Laptop but I fucking hate windows 8. Windows 8 is a pain in the ass. So I do have a Desk top I have been tuning up, I prefer a desk top over a laptop any day..

We added a total of 3 new fish in the past two days. Two we had to order. One is really really cool.

Okay we have the Elephant nose fish his name is Josie, it was Jose named after a friend at work but we are in America so it is Josie. Then we have our Baby Whales which are cool as fuck, Hobo and Gerald. Before we got Hobo and Jerald Josie would stay in his cave all day and never come out, I did feel bad for him, once we added Hobo and Jerald ,  Josie was out and running, well swimming. Now the three are out all day playing, well except feeding time. I feed twice a day Brine shrimp and Blood worms.

So the three new fish we added are really fucking cool , The first well his name is Freddy Prince I have not got a real pic of him yet, it will take a couple of days before her feels at home… Once full grown he will grow as much as 12 inchs.

Freddy Prince is what is known as a Black Ghost knife Fish.
black fish

The next is Bubba the upside down cat fish, he is just cool

Then we have the Clown Loach His name is The Terminator. We bought him for the snail problem we have, and he has been on the job. We opted for the Loach instead of any medications to kill the snails. The Elephant Nose and the Baby Whales have no scales, so we cannot use most meds.

I have a more interesting subject coming up tomorrow….

I Wanted to thank everyone who stops by and reads what I have to say. I have met a few in the last few days who have said they follow my advice…
I may not know everything, and you do not have to agree , but if you just use a small portion I promise things will be much better.
Much Love


11 Responses to “Vile Radio And More”

  1. Hi Vile,
    I so enjoyed this post of yours. First, I love all the pics of the fishes the both of u hv. Beautiful. I used to keep goldfishes, the ones with the big heads, lion gold fishes, that it, no pun intended. LOL. but tht was when i was in school.
    yrs are salt-water? anyway, i do agree on the windows 8, drives my husband bonkers, to say the least- a stream of complaints – ugh!
    So what’s this about yr radio show? can i hear it in california? do tell, sir, your pal, mayh.

  2. I like Freddy Prince 🙂 I don’t like Windows 8 either and for my laptop I’ve switched to Linux. My main machine a 27″ iMac so I cannot complain.
    Great to learn you have a new job Vile. Wish you good luck.

  3. I had a bubba, the plecko smashed him as he is huge…now just the plecko remains:(. Cool blog, looking forward to exploring more;)

    • Thank you. Yea pleckos take some room.
      I picked fish people said could not survive very long.
      I like unique , different , elephant nose almost 3 months now baby whales over a month now and doing good. Now the black ghost which is awesome.
      Thank you for stopping by

      • Vile you must have a professional you can consult for all of your fish selection and compatibility issues 🙂

      • No BoPeep Arianna and I do a lot of research on fish before buying.

        You know fish like to have buddies they can hang with, I know that seems kinda nutty but its true.

        So when I bought the elephant nose he would never come out of his cave only to eat and then back in so we never got to really see him.

        I started doing some research on tank mates and found the baby whales, now they are all out playing all day.
        Arianna wanted the Black Ghost so we ordered one and I had wanted the upside down cat fish.

        Adding new plants can cause a snail explosion and that’s what happened.

        The elephant nose and baby whales are scale less, as with the black ghost, so adding any medications that has copper in it is out of the question.

        So our next move was to find a fish that eats snails and that would be the clown loach.
        There are assassin snails but they only eat one a day. We would of had to of bought 20 at 3.99 each.

        We wont know for about a week if the Black Ghost will take or not. Our water is nearly perfect though with all the live plants.
        The others are doing well so the Black ghost should as well.
        The clown loach is busy having a feast

  4. You’ll be needing a bigger tank!

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