Arianna Brought Up The Triad Again

Something I over looked during this slow process was what Arianna wanted, I mean I knew the third but I did not take into account on who she could get along with. Who she would want to hangout with.

So last night she was on Fetlife and she had shown interest in a girl and she asked for permission to write her, she had liked a couple of her pics as well, so I looked and wow very pretty a lil chunky which is good.

I like an average build to a little chunky. Okay I really have no preference it depends on how they carry themselves . Attitude and personality go a very long way with me.

Arianna and I have talked to a couple of women but Arianna just did not click with them, and it was not that there was anything wrong, it was just personality.

So Arianna started describing who she could see herself hanging with. First it is someone younger. Arianna was talking about someone younger than she is. You will have to ask Arianna her age I am 14 years older than Arianna by the way .

Arianna was talking about how if you bring someone in who is the same age or older she thinks they would have their own agenda, could be true or not.  Meaning wanting to be number one.

We have talked a lot about  bringing someone else into our home. Recently  while at a MasT I was speaking with the Slave who runs it and she was explaining their Poly and how it worked. When I brought up the subject of a Triad, she made the statement you cannot do that because there would be no Alpha, bot would be equal. Well that is not true maybe in a vanilla setting it may be true, but this is my house my rules. That is one of the cool benefits of being a Master I get to make my own rules.

If I meet someone , they will not even be introduced to Arianna until I get to know them. They must get my approval first. No Drama, that is one of the deal breakers. There is really not that much, ahh I know Arianna does not want any children in the house right now.

Once I get to know you, if I feel there is some compatibility then I would introduce the two. Arianna is focused on one thing and that would be me. She does not want to take any time away from me, I am number one just as she is number one.

I have seen Triads work, I have seen some polys work, I think it depends on the Dominant and how he runs his house. Just as I explained the third would have to sit face to face and we would all have to talk. Arianna does not want to be the Alpha female and that would work as well, but the other would still take direction from her. Arianna is to slavish to be in charge, and that is not a bad thing.

One thing I do want to point out we are not looking for another slave. That would put to much on me. The submissive or lets say Baby girl would not have the same rules as Arianna, but would still have to respect Ariannas position. Although I am strict I am fair I am not one to just sit around and hope you break a rule. The truth is I hate to have to punish, but will if and when it is needed. I have said this before I have punished Arianna one time in the two years we have been together.

I was a sadist at one time, when I first entered the lifestyle, my first slave was a masochist, a true pain slut, but as I grew older I found out that being a sadist was just not me. To this day I have never left a Mark on Arianna. I fully understand her limits and I respect them.

The whole Triad thing is not for me, because I get anything I want and need, and more, sex is plentiful ,again when I want and how I want.

Although a third would be nice for Arianna , there is no one who could ever fill her shoes, there is no one who could replace her. I am not wired that way, nor am I that weak.

I had really stopped looking sometime ago, the words fuck it came to mind, because it is not a need for me, although the thought of waking up next to two women is pretty hot.

A submissive could not really ask for much more. A stable home, no problems, zero drama, loved and cared for. Being part of a strong family. Being part of everything we do , going out to eat, the movies, Karaoke when Arianna gets the urge, vacations. We have so much to offer to the right one. Those are the key words the Right One.

I believe many are truly afraid of me for what ever reason, maybe the name Vile, or maybe you dwell to much on what I have blogged about when it comes to my past. The truth be known if you are in my circle, you are part of me, you are safer than you will ever be someplace else. Just ask Arianna how she is treated. When she is emailing someone or texting, Arianna loves to text, that is her free time, I rarely ever look at her text, it has been months since I have looked at her email. I am not insecure, I do not have an ego problem.

I do have Arianna’s passwords to everything, but she wanted me to have them, and I have never used. It is not to say I never will, but as of now I have not.  Ask Arianna how she is treated if you have followed my blog or read hers you will see she is loved, and cared for.

I hope everyone is having a kick ass weekend, filled with nothing but kink..

Much love to everyone who stops by. I do try to visit other blogs daily and I will get to yours soon..


8 Responses to “Arianna Brought Up The Triad Again”

  1. littleannab Says:

    I think you are a very honest, true and kind dom. Why anyone would be scared is beyond me. I read all you write. You are very wise Sir. I hope you have a fantastic weekend

  2. Interesting post Vile and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect match. I love reading how much you care for Arianna.

  3. You are both committed to the triad. I think you will find someone that fits your dynamic. You will both have to love her how she loves you.

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