When Your Submission Grows

I was on Kayla Lords blog the other day and she was speaking about submission.


She has just moved in with her Daddy Dominant, but had never lived with him 24/7.

Your life takes such a drastic turn, the events that will unfold will knock you down. I have said this before if you are not living a D’s or M’s relationship 24/7 you are not getting the full experience. . The weekend warrior Dom with a hand bag is not even close.

Once you make that move and you are living 24/7 your feelings can change over night, and you really have no control. The only hope you can have is that you are in the right hands, and you know what ever the outcome , your Dom will be there for you.

I have said this before to many who said well I am a little girl, I need a Daddy Dom, well you truly do not know because you have not lived the Daddy and Baby Girl, Many have said well I am not a slave I am a submissive, again until you walk through that door and you kneel you have no idea what your inside is going to tell you.

You are who you are because you find a certain term appealing , or some online Dom or Daddy tells you that you have the personality of a Baby Girl, or a Submissive, even a Slave.

Okay so lets take all of the labels out of the picture. No Dominants , and no submissive’s , no masters, no slaves, no Daddy’s no Baby Girls.

You all have one thing in common, you are all Submissive. Okay one more thing, you like to have someone in control.  Another you like being able to follow, and know that you have a good leader. You need to know you are going to be taking care of.  Remember now no labels.

You are all submissive, you all want structure, you all want someone who is going to run the house, you all want rules. You need the authority figure in your life, someone who is not abusive or going to take advantage of you.

If you know nothing of the lifestyle, and we are talking I give you a label, and I give a half way decent explanation , guess what? You are going to believe it.

If you are not living 24/7 you are not getting any of the benefits of just how awesome the lifestyle can be. You are getting the moment, the couple of hours, maybe spend the night once a month, you are being taking down a false road of hope. You will catch on but it will take time.

So in Kayla lords statement she was now somewhat confused if I read it right, she was no longer sure what her role was or how she felt.  Southern Sir and her did not want a 24/7 M’s relationship, but now living with him she has mixed feelings.

There is not really that much Difference between a D’s Couple and an M’s Couple, very little difference. If you read the definition of a Daddy Dominant there is very little difference between a D’s Couple and a Daddy and Baby Girl couple. Most of the baby girls though are fed a line of shit a mile long. The Baby girl is always thinking man there has to be more to it than this…

Once you make that move as Kayla Lords did, you are stepping into new territory , you are stepping into the land of the unknown. Okay so you fight it, because you do not want to be a submissive, you sure as hell don’t want to be a slave. Where is fighting something like your feelings going to get you. Stress, confusion, even scared ?

I made it clear to Arianna before she moved in, her life would change. Her life would be nothing like it was with the two prior Dick Heads. Her life did change, we talked about it, so Arianna knew what to somewhat expect.

If you do not fight your feelings because of a label your life will be so much easier. The only possible danger you have is giving into your feelings and you don’t have a Dominant who is willing or can step up to the plate. If you do happen to have that Dominant who can step up, and be there and guide you, your life will grow and it will continue to grow, and so will your submission.kneeling62

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