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Lets Talk Porn

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Porn is a Billion Dollar Industry and it continues to grow every year. Today with the net at your finger tips you can find anything you may be interested in, and probably a lot your not interested in.

Probably the most taboo is Bestiality, and there is a ton of it out there. Incest which the Russians are huge makers of the taboo subject. Brothers and sisters having sex, daddy and daughter, and the most popular mom and son.

It was not long ago I was googling rough sex or something and the search came up and it was snuff films, they were not real , but to watch I myself found it pretty disturbing, but hey to each their own.

I did not go running off to the web host and report them , I just clicked on the X and I was gone.

The kinky world of vile, it is a pretty catchy name, and when you see the name there is noway in the world you would think you are about to click on a Disney site. The name says it all.

We are targeted though, because we are taboo, we are different, we are disturbed, we need help.

You know even when I tried in the past to explain my relationship , no matter how I explained it, they still considered it abuse.

Okay so my relationship is not perfect, after all we have never had an argument, we communicate on all levels, sex when I want, and yest it is on my terms, so maybe that is abuse. We do not scream at each other or call each other names. We enjoy spending time with each other. I can get my kink on when ever I want. I have never left a mark or bruise on Arianna. So where is the abuse ?

Max Hardcore one of my favorites in the porn industry. Famous for his face fucking, and ass pounding videos. A ton of humiliation, and in fact many seasoned porn actresses refused to work with him, just because of how rough and degrading he was. Despite how gross people thought his videos were Max made millions. The federal Government chased him for years, and finely in 2007 he was raided, and was sentenced to 46 months in prison.

So if you find this type of porn disgusting, Don’t watch it, better don’t buy it.

Titty Bars where ever you live there is a Titty Bar, I have not been to one in sometime , but at one time it was a relaxing hole for me. I sat at the bar and I would enjoy a few drinks.

I love the female body , no particular color, shape or size, I just love the female body.
People want them shut down, and the city and county will spend millions of your tax dollars in trying to do just that. If they fail they will continue most of the time until the funds run dry.

You cant see inside the windows driving by, and the kicker is if you do not approve of such a place, you do not have to go in. So you the complainer really has no clue as to what goes on inside, you only assume.

While in Germany prostitution was legal. Whore house were set up like Motels, and the ladies of the night clocked in and clocked out. They were paid and they paid taxes. In order to work they had to go to the health clinic and get a checkup once a week in order to keep working

In Korea while it was not legal, the profession was over looked, and the same the girls had to have a medical card, and it was updated weekly or they could not work.

Back in the day prostitution was a way to make money , today it is to make money but most are drug addicts.

I am not agreeing that prostitution is right but we spend millions a year trying to stop something that is impossible to bring to an end.

We want to spend our time telling others how they should live, we want to spend time telling others what they can eat, watch and drink and even dress.

These are the people who stand on the street corners waving the Bible telling you how fucked up you are. How you need to repent, you need to be saved, or you will burn in hell.

If you have the need to worry about me and my little blog, you need to step outside and have a look around, or maybe turn CNN on, because there are a lot worse things going on than the kinky world of vile.

Who I Think Reported Me

So I was trying to picture the person who reported me. I am guessing a mother who is divorced, living in a trailer with 5 kids each kid has a different father. She draws a check every month from our Government. She gets a crap load of food stamps. Because she does not get child support, and the dead beat dad is never around.
Sits on the couch eating chocolate hoe hoes while watching Jerry Springer.

Or the Pissed off fake Dominant who is married to the woman who lives in the trailer with 5 kids, and spends his time preying on submissive women.
Because now the Chocolate eating hoe hoe wife will no longer give up the pussy because you wont work, or you only get pussy on payday.

Or maybe just maybe you are a successful business man , but your wife is as cold as Phylis Diller, and could not get wet with a bottle of lube, because in her mind your a coward, and a worthless piece of shit.
So you step outside of your marriage and you give yourself a Title. You play Daddy Dom for a couple of hours a month, when your cold wife will let you out for a couple of hours.

While you may find my blog offensive, I find your whining to be offensive. I find it offensive you cannot run your own home, and you prey on girls 20 yrs younger than you because they are gullible. While you have no rights at home, I have what is called the First Amendment on my side.

So my final words are. Fuck You I won. To Be The Man, You Have To Beat The Man.



Free Speech Is Not Really Free Speech

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I want to thank wordpress for working with me. I did find the staff to be very nice. They communicated well with me, and I corrected what they saw as a problem.

The problem being some of the pictures I used in my post. What some see as pornography , I see as art.Some Pictures are seen as Pornography I see as being erotic.

Free speech is not really free speech. Free speech is interpreted different from person to person. Okay I get it, but if someone complained about my blog why not come to the source ? Why not come to me and say hey Vile this is something we do not like can you please take it down ?

WordPress could of emailed me and said hey we have a problem would you please correct it ? Sure in a heart beat I would of, but they have the power to just flip a switch.

I do not make any money on wordpress, however wordpress does profit off of me and the amount of traffic I draw, and my numbers are increasing daily.

I would imagine if I were allowed to advertise on wordpress, I would not have to work anymore, and my ass could just sit at home.

My blog does state this blog is for adults if you are under the age of 18 Leave. It also states it is not safe to read at work.

A blog is a blog but at the end of the blog a picture can tell a thousand words. Remember we are visual.

My good friend Teena stepped up to the plate. I did not know how to export everything, nor did I know how to upload onto another site, and she worked hard for hours doing so.

Has anyone ever heard of Tom Leykis ? He is a radio DJ Blow Me Up Tom, popular on the west coast.
While listening one night a female caller called in who had been waiting on hold for over an hour, just to tell him how much he sucked and she would never listen again.

Wow well there are people who perv my blog who tell me the same thing, probably one of the ones who reported me. Okay if you don’t like my blog then why visit everyday. So you sit there waiting on an email just so I can be your topic of conversation for the hour.

Okay maybe I did step over wordpresses guidelines , but it was not intentional, it was not something I did just to be doing. What I posted truly went with a story.

Mr Wolf called me last night and said Vile this is not fair. I am expecting a call from SouthernSir later today.
Mr Wolf said Vile we need to get your word out there, people need to hear your voice.

I will keep wordpress, but I am also going to do a Dot com venture as well. See my blog was never about making money. My blog is about me sharing my life. My blog is about safety in the BDSM Lifestyle.

So I will watch what I post as far as images go from now on.

Much Love to everyone, and thank everyone who contacted me for support..


I Am Back

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Whew close call

This is a must read…I got it off tumblr

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More signs of abuse. It is wise to read this and make notes

Check Out My New Short Story. The Breaking Of Sabrina.

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Check this out. It is the steps I would take if I were going to Break A Slave


This is a very short story, it is the first of three more books.
The second one will continue with Sabrina and a few more girls and it will be much longer.
You will get to see what my thoughts are when it comes to breaking a Slave who is unwilling

Smashwords (for all but Kindle users):


Coming soon to B&N, iBooks, KOBO and other retailers


Yes that is My beautiful wife and slave Arianna.

Much Love


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I have Been Busy, 4 More Awesome Interviews on The Way

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We have been really busy here, but good things are coming.

I have 4 more interviews coming up, with the hopes of doing more.
This lets others take a different look into someone’s life.

Coming up is a Dominant, a Slave from Serbia, yes Serbia, not Siberia , Serbia, did I say Serbia where the weather is not as cold as it is in Siberia.

I have a Daddy Dom and His Baby Girl who will be interviewed together, and a Baby Girl.

Arianna’s Dad is not doing well at all, and will probably not be with us very much longer, so lets show her some love. The past month has been really hard.

Much Love

Keep Kink Alive


This Woman Can Suck A Mean Dick

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Lord help us all, she is a keeper. Lock her in the bedroom , chain her to the bed.
She can suck the chrome off of a Trailer Hitch..