I made Up A Story

A couple of weeks before I quit my job, and Don’t get me wrong I loved my job and most of the people I worked for, but when a system is broking and you cannot fix it, although you can succeed it is a constant uphill struggle. You never win but you know you put up one hell of a fight.

The hours were killing me, and family time was next to nothing, Arianna means the world to me, and I value our time together. Sometimes money is not everything, although we do need it to survive and enjoy life.

This happens more so when a GM is banging a new sales girl, never sold cars in her life and 30 days on the sales floor 17 cars out. Well it did not take Vile long to do the math. The two leaving together, wearing skimpy dresses to work, I am guessing commando. You can believe me if Vile did not want to hit it, it was not worth going there, I really found her to be repulsive.

So anyway I walk into the sales tower oh look our GM Mr, No Cock, so I get my spoon out, the fire is lit and I start to stir the pot, and the shit is getting real thick, so I am adding water to it as I begin to speak.

Yea I had a friend come over last night,he had a girl with him. I asked him where kim was that was my friends wife. He said she was at home sleeping he was out just chilling. So I made the statement I would not let him in my house, he needed to go home to his wife and kids.

Another guy asked me if he was my friend why would I not let him in?

So I said let me explain something, I do have morals maybe not many, but I do have and I also have what is called standards. So while looking at my GM in the eyes I begin to explain.

A man who fucks around on his wife while she does not work, and takes care of their home and children, has no back bone. A man who would take a chance on messing up something his wife has worked so hard to build is scum, and deserves to have his dick cut off. A man who would mess around with something far less that what he has at home is just desperate A man who has to cheat has no back bone.  More so a man who claims to be religious and walks with God, is the biggest hypocrite in the world.

So his wife can no longer please him, but he makes to much money to divorce her, I just lost all respect for him.

All the GM could do was just sit there and look at me, he could not say a word. I could see his eyes boiling, and the veins in his neck, and the little hoe could not say a word.

So I said well I have stirred enough so I need to make some calls, and I walked out with a grin the size of Texas, and a Major hard on.angry


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